Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Come in and have a cup of coffee....

Good Morning my dears... It is simply a beautiful morning here beside the Bay of Fundy... The sun is shining and it is quite early... I thought it would be so nice if we could have coffee together... so let's imagine that you are here.... Come on in... The coffee is on...
I have made several dear friends here in St. Martins... I met them in my shop... Such dear girls... Well one of them is Janelle and she gave me a little tip I thought you might like...
That is when you put your coffee in it's filter then just add a pinch of cinnamon.. It is really good.. I usually put salt to cut the bitterness but cinnamon works perfectly.
The other evening she had me over for a visit at her new treehouse as she calls it... Beautiful.. But anyway she served me coffee with whip cream and pumpkin spice sprinkled on top,  My, it was delicious!   We thought we were at Starbucks...LOL.   
Would you like some applesauce?  I make this in the fall and freeze it.. I will share the recipe with you later when apples are plentiful again..  It is so good and is made with real butter and vanilla... You can use my new cinnamon grinder..LOL.. It freezes wonderfully and we love it for breakfast...or whenever..
My mom always likes a boiled egg with her breakfast so I thought you might like one, too.
Terry always laughs at me because I tell him I like my egg with soldiers... When our grandsons come for a visit overnite I serve these to them... You just cook your eggs soft well  medium soft...
Then butter your toast and sprinkle salt and pepper on it... not much.. Then cut it into 4 thin slices.. These are the soldiers... We have enough egg cups of all of them... I like the old fashioned way of doing things...I guess... But the boys love having this... My aunt told me it is the English way... I will have to ask my friend Karen ..
So while you are here visiting I hope you excuse my craft room... It is being cleaned and organized .  It took me most of yesterday afternoon and is kind of spilling over into the dining room...
Oh well, hospitality is not about what things look like... it is about the fellowship we are having together... Oh ... Did you remember this morning that the LORD renews his mercy towards us each day when the sun comes up... Isn't that wonderful?..There is a scripture for you to find if you don't know where it is...
I hope you don't mind if I start the soup for lunch... Terry loves his soup and I found a neat little trick I thought you might enjoy,.. We love fresh herbs in everything as I love growing them as you know... But when you buy say parsley or lettuce it sometimes gets kind of wilted in the fridge...
Well, just put it in a bowl of really cold water....
Let it sit for a minute and  take it out and blot on a piece of paper towel and it is fresh as can be..
When I think of how many times I had thrown lettuce out before I knew this little tip...
Also... I  love using this product that you can buy at the grocers...
It is a salad dressing .. this one is sundried tomato and oregano but you can use your favorite.. It is a wonderful marinade especially for chicken breasts or pork tenderloin... Then just bake in the oven ... Or if I need a good flavoring in our tomato vegg soup.. 
I will squirt a bit in...
Well, girls... I really do need to get to work in reality as I hear my hubby stirring upstair...
Here is a dear little card I found somewhere on cyber space...
I hope you can read it... just click on and then click again... It will become large enough to read.,.
Isn't that so true even with our children... They are always and forever welcome back into mama's arms.... Right?
Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing these moments together...
Love and Prayers


  1. Thanks for the tips and your warm hospitality!
    It's always a pleasure to stop by!

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  3. Oh the coffee was great. Love the tips and I am so going to try the whip cream and pumpkin spice. It sounds so delicious. Have a great day see you soon. God Bless

  4. Faye- I'm imagining that my coffee with you was actually 1/2/ coffee & 1/2 hot chocolate. Drinking that stuff is like giving yourself a hug on the inside... Your soup looks lovely! See you Saturday...

  5. Wonderful tips on the parsley and lettuce, Very useful to know.
    I never thought of the salad dressing for a marinade, have to try that one!!!

    Love stopping in and reading your thoughts...

    My Best

  6. Evening my friend,
    Don't mind if I do have a cup of coffee, I'm very fond of my hazelnut creamer, I've layed off of it a lot but I still like to dip into it every now and again. I've used the cinnamon tip before when I've been out of my creamer, I don't use a drip maker anymore, I just use instant. I've got one of those Tassimo single cup brewers and I love it, but right now I have other things to spend my money on, the T-cups are quite expensive for it, I'll splurge on some one of these days, I love, love a great cup of coffee. I'll have to try the dressing marinade, one that I love is Catalina dressing on chicken breast, its wonderful.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me recently, I sure love visiting with you.

    Enjoyed the coffee, I'll be back to visit with you, you sure make a girl feel welcome.


  7. Lindsay, I love half coffee and half hot chocolate it is my favorite and that is what I get all the time...mmmmmm It is so good.