Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so this is Summer....

Hi... How are you all?  Terry and I went home for a few days so I have not been on the computer.. You can only be hooked up to the internet in only one place on our plan so for the summer that is here..
It was nice to go home, though as I had not been there for a couple of weeks.. Terry goes back and forth but with the shop I am here more or less. 
I did many loads of laundry.. The bedding on the spare beds all had to go and be done freshly before we have company and then Terry picked strawberries early on Monday morning.. I did 48 jars of jam and still have more to do.. smile.. 
Also, my poor sister broke her shoulder  so we dropped over there for a minute... We are praying for her.. She and I are so accident prone..
Oh my...
Anyway, these are a few pics I snapped here on Sunday before we left for home..
a tabletop of birdhouses and wild parsnip...
See the butterfly...

It did a wee dance just for me..

So lovely and dainty..

Where did it go..

Over in the wood pile?

Oh.. there it is...
Summer, gotta love it...

I hope you have all had a good week..
We have had a couple of wild storms while we were home..
Thunder and lightning...
Poor Sammi... He hates it..

Take care my dears and I will be back soon..
Lord willing..
Thanks so much for stopping by and as you know I love to hear from you..
God Bless....


  1. Hi Faye,
    I missed you!!!! I thought perhaps you had gone home for a bit. Your 48 plus jars of jam will be so good this winter. I love home made jam. Love your butterfly pictures!

    Sorry to hear about your sister's shoulder. That sure does not sound pleasant at all! I will add her to my prayers each night. I hope she has a quick recovery.


  2. Hoping and asking help for your sister.

    Nothing tastes like summer in the cold of winter like good jam. MMMMM. Enjoy the butterflies, gossamer wings, such fragile things!

    Picking blueberries, making pickles and crocheting a baby afghan for a new Mommie to be, down this way! A friend gave me a footed sugar bowl with the lid today, with pink flowers around the sides. Thought of you and all your dishes when she did!

    Blessings be upon thee!

  3. What lovely pictures of the butterfly. Wow! 48 jars of jam. At my high point a few years ago I got 40 jars of strawberry jam. I haven't made any this year, yet. My girls froze the strawberries while I was gone and I will make some this fall.

    I hope that your sister is doing okay.

    Have a great day.


  4. Faye!!
    You have been missed by me too..Sorry to hear about your sister.
    Lovely photos. Sweet flowers and butterfy.
    I too have been canning. Cukes,squash and zukes.
    48 jars of jam. yum!
    Hugs Friend

  5. Are some of those bottles of jam for sale?? i'll have to buy one! I ate (and froze) my strawberries- I made freezer jam once and it sat in the freezer for 5 years (i guess it wasn't that good!)

  6. You are a busy little butterfly!

  7. Oh Faye~ your butterfly pictures are wonderful!
    So sorry to hear about your sister.. hope she heals quickly. *ouch*
    We have been having some of those bad storms here too... we had one the first of the week and I couldn't find Lily anywhere... finally after about 30 minutes of looking I found her- under the bed! (Smart girl! *grin*)

  8. such beautiful pics......
    our wild parsnip is all dried up and very poisonous--worse than poison ivy! And it blooms yellow. I see cornflower mixed in with it. Your parsnip looks like what we call Queen Anne's Lace.It is quite prolific and grows en masse along roadsides. And it invades home gardens, like mine. we cut it and put it in water with food coloring. the blooms soak up the color. it is amazing..... love your garden!