Friday, July 22, 2011

The Old Back Stairwell and Grandsons....

Happy Weekend everyone..
Just a very short post tonight.. The shop was very busy today.. Old Home Week is winding down.. Tomorrow is the parade and then it is basically over..

Here are a couple of pics of this old cottage..
Hope you are enjoying seeing these as I seem to be short on inspiration the last few days.. Sorry..
Next week should be a bit more normal... smile..

This is the old back stairwell ...
This is the back way up to the boy's clubhouse..
They all slept up there last night... smile..
One decided to roll out of bed.. oh oh...
I didn't hear a thing..
Don't tell their mother.. grin..

Love the color of the treads and floor boards...
Old crocks...

An old doll that I made back in the
And another bird nest gift from our son many years ago..
And yes that is sand or dirt from the beach...
It may as well stay there till they are gone.. eh?

I wonder what they are up to?  giggle..
They have found Gramps' secret hideaway upstairs in the front hall..
They are just watching the Discovery Channel...
And pretending to be sleeping.. smile..

I am downstairs doing this and they are just up the stairs laughing their heads off at some antics of little kids... grin.. 
Bless them, dear Lord and let them always be so happy... 

Have a great evening sweet ladies and thanks for visiting..
(yours, too little Loren..)
God bless and keep you all in His Precious Care..
Faye Henry


  1. What is it with boys & piles? Seems you never just see one of either. Loving them in this picture! Hugs for your weekend!

  2. Another wonderful post!Your post always seem to make me smile.The boys are so blessed to have such a warm and welcoming place in which to escape!Love the precious doll ,she is wonderful!Have a blessed weekend my dear!Hugs,Jen

  3. So glad the kids and their friend are having a good time. I'm sure you are the best Grandma! I love the old back stairs to the clubhouse!... So quaint and cozy. Love all of your posts, Faye. God bless and have a good night ....don't let the boys keep you up all night!!!!!LOL!

  4. It must be lovely to have grandchildren visiting. I guess I'm going to have to go and find your shop all by myself, I don't know what Connie is up to these days!

  5. It's so neat having a set of backsteps to the upstairs! How wonderful the boys are having such a great time with the two of you! Have a great weekend! Hugs!!!!

  6. I'd have loved to have a 'secret' set of back stairs to run up and have all sorts of adventures!!! I'm sure the boys are having the time of their lives there - it's a wonderful place!

  7. Grandchildren are such a blessing! I am glad they can come and visit with you. I love the pictures of your cottage. They allow me to envison more about you and your life. I wanted to let you know, Hubby sting is so much better this morning after using the aloe. I am letting the girls sleep in a little this morning so I am not sure about Grace's sting yet. Thanks again and God bless.

  8. Morning Faye,
    Hope your weekend sales were up!

    I sure hope you never forget the picture of those three boys on that bed...too cute.


  9. I love your cozy cottage. Such a fun place for little boys!

  10. good times!! I can't wait to come back down! I have a pic of my first (hopefully, of many) sewing machine project to show you next time I see you :)

  11. Oh I love it! I remember the back stairway at my Granny's house, when I was just a little one. They eventually closed it off, when the little bedroom up there had to be torn off the main house. I wish I had a small room with a back stairway to go up there. :)

  12. I love the stairway. How fun to have your grandkids spend time with you.

    Have a great evening.


  13. Hi there; I don't stop to comment often, but I wanted to you know how much I LOVE your blog. Even more now that you have combined them! :)

    I love that you are a "older keeper" like me and still have that "fire in your belly" for all things hearth and home.

    You are a favourite of my "blogs I love" list! :) I hope to get down to your shop someday soon!

    Blessings, Carolee

  14. Always a joy to visit, Faye! What treasured memories your grandsons are making!

    Blessings for your week!