Thursday, July 21, 2011

Company and a Recycle Project for you...

Hello my friends...
How are you all?  I wonder what your weather was like today..
We were so blessed with cool temps... I was chatting with my sister up home and she said it was so hot she could hardly stand it.. I told her I had a heavy sweater on and had to close a couple of windows in the shop..
Can you imagine she is only an hour and a half away.. All day folks kept dropping by the shop and saying they had come to St. Martins to get cooled off because it was so hot just a couple of hours away but they all left their sweaters at home..
The wind is blowing and the rain is coming down here by the Bay tonight..I love it.... smile.. 
And guess what? 

We have some precious company.. They are all up in their clubhouse under the eves reading their books and listening to the rain pattering on the roof...
Two grandsons and their friend who calls me Grandma, too..
Isn't that sweet....
Oh, and they have their bowls of chips and Pepsi.. grin..
Isn't God good... Dear memories...

I wanted to share a little project that I made while waiting for my customers to come.. smile..
I saw the idea on pinterest...
I could not quite remember what it looked like so I did my own version...
A recycled doilie runner...

Here it is on our old cottage dining table..
The table needs redone so please excuse..
It is a great way to use up the doilies you may have in your linen drawers..
Here is a closer pic..
It is not perfect...

But you get the idea...
The one on PINTEREST  (click on to the word to see)   used big doilies...
You could make it as long as you would like..
I had just bought these small ones at an auction and decided that they would do...
This is the old tin light over the table...
I picked it up at a flee market a few years ago for just a few dollars and Shonda twisted the prim garland around the wire...

This is another room in this olde cottage that probably should be redone but I am not holding my breath... smile..
This is what the table and light look like from the front door..
Cozy, eh?
Even if it is ancient and dusty...
Lord help me... smile..

We had a lot of lovely company today at the shop..
My youngest reader came through the door and saying in front of my customers...
Hey, Faye Henry.... I read your bwog.... lol..
She is only 5 I think and her Mom tells me they read my blog together every day... And she always calls me Faye Henry..
Then there were Jacob and Gabriel...
Such lovely old Bible names...
They are a few of my Keepers of the Home and are so looking forward to our SLEEPOVER in  a couple of weeks..
Well, sweet ladies ... have a lovely evening..
Thanks again for taking the time to stop by ...
I received so many emails from girls who wanted to leave a comment but could not..
If you want to I can copy it from the email to my site  if you like...
I have read a few blogs who are doing that..
Any which way I appreciate hearing from you all..
Shonda enjoyed your comments from the last posting she was telling me...
God bless you all until next time..
Love and Prayers...

Faye Henry... smile...


  1. Your table looks so lovely with the recycled runner. Thats a really neat idea. I sure would love some of the cool weather you're enjoying right now. All of our garden is completely gone now; the heat finally did it in. Maybe we'll plant some late summer peas to harvest this fall. Have a great weekend! Glad you're enjoying your grands.

  2. I love the table runner Faye... and the light... and the view from the front door... *sigh*..
    I can't believe you are in long sleeves~ we are having a meltdown here. *WHEW*
    I've got a great big grin on my face after your story about your young blog fan... *giggle* That is so cute.
    Have fun with your "company", dear...

  3. Wonderful runner idea, I really like it. Nothing like a gaggle of boys in the house! I'm still tripping over tennis shoes and golf clubs!

    Our weather is very hot, and humid, it feels hotter than it really is, the steamy south. We have had a tiny bit of rain, but not much, but are grateful for any we get. Having a bit of produce to do up, my friend gave us 12 ears of corn. I brought in a basket from the garden, filled with parsley, sage, lemon thyme, and chives, and 2 zucchini, am very thankful for all. Hoping you have a wonderful Friday & weekend. God bless.

  4. Oh Faye, Stop and thank the good Lord for your cool temps and the rain. We are so hot as so many other folks here in the states are. I visit Mother in the nursing home and come in exhasuted from the hot car, and just being out. Haven't done much junkin lately. Love the idea with the dollies. I might give that a try. I have so many. Enjoy the boys. And what a great night to be upstairs under the eves with the cool temps and rain. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Oh FAYE HENRY! I love your name. And your dear table runner. Most of all the fact you got to wear a sweater last night. Talk about simple joy.
    I love sweater weather.And granny kids shoes on the floor.
    Have a wonderful day Friend!

  6. Sooooo sweet are the simple joys of kids reading and tripping over their shoes!!!lol! and even just the warm glow of a light on to welcome us home! Love it!
    Blessings dear friend, Faye Henry!

  7. Good morning FAYE HENRY! Now that's taken from the 5 year old and I love it...I can just picture her so prim and proper. Too adorable.

    Wonderful how the grands can do 'small' things and make memories out of them.

    What an interesting project with the doilies - I have some of my grandmother's hand crocheted doilies and runners and just may have to come up with something to display them. Thanks for the idea.


  8. Hi, Faye Henry :) What a sweet little girl! I love your recycled doilie runner!

  9. dear Faye Henry,
    thank you for writing about me.
    love Lauryn

  10. Love your old tin light over the table Faye, that is my kind of thing, right up my street and a great thrift store find!

    My favorite picture has to be off your grandchidlren's shoes all lined up, how lovely is that!

    Enjoy the time with them Faye,
    Have a lovely weekend,


  11. Great Lamp, Adds great ambiance & decor to the Home.