Monday, July 25, 2011

An Olde Cottage Supper....

Hello everyone.. How are you all? 
I thought perhaps that I would share my late afternoon with you..
It's suppertime here in this little coastal village and the late afternoon sun is shining in the olde cottage kitchen windows..
Beautiful out there isn't it? 
There is a lovely breeze off the bay and this old kitchen feels like it probably did 100 years ago...
Except it is just me here... No little feet running around..
Oh... yes there is Sammi... smile..

The little sneak..
I put him in the front of the house and closed the gate so he wouldn't be under my feet.. smile..
He has discovered since the grandsons were here that he can go up the front stairs and go through to the back of the house and come down the back stairs and stare at me through the French door... What a brat... smile ... Worse than a kid as my Mom would say... giggle.. Oh, yes... I let him out...

Anyway... I am trying to think what I should have for supper..
It's Summer so I guess I will make salad.. eh?

Here's  a recipe in my favorite Lebanese book..
I bought some beets at the market yesterday.. They were only 79 cents... I told the girls that I wanted to make a salad..
Salad??? .... they said.. grin.. Yup...
The beets are on cooking..
Forgive my fancy pot... grin..
This is only a camp as my hubby likes to say..
Through that door on the left is the kitchen pantry..
No cupboards in this old place so forgive all the hanging stuff..
Here is where I keep some of my salad fixins..
I have kind of a copper thing going on here...

Old copper pots hanging which I am working away at cleaning..
I can't seem to get them all done.. Probably by the time we leave for home in September they will get finished..
Oh well...

There is the back door to the left there..
Such an old place... no counter top, either..
I use my table and hutch a lot and then as you can see I have that old fifties drop leaf under the window that comes in handy if I need more working space...

I think I will make a pasta salad, too..
It only takes a few minutes...
Slice up some cukes, tomato chunks, red onion slices and lots of garlic and basil...
Add some cooked pasta and a lemon juice and oil salad dressing..I just make my own.. 1 part lemon juice to 2 parts oil..
I use basil salt and freshly ground pepper..
I also put a wee dish of lemon slices on with these salads..
Looks like summer, eh?
Oh, I changed the beet salad recipe...
I changed the white onion to red onion.
And added lots of fresh purple basil and basil salt and pepper ...Oh and  I used lemon juice instead of vinegar this time..

It is really tasty and so summer pretty...
I think so anyway..

Only one more pic for you all..
Just one of the shop..
I sold 2 cupboards last week and so had to replace them and turn stuff around..
Lots of old prim candle holders to buy ..
This is an old music box cupboard..
I almost sold it too to some folks from Ontario..
Oh well, someone will want it..
Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season of the year..
We Canadians try to get every ounce of Summer that we can..
God will bless us with lots of cooler temps soon..

I was just thinking...
Isn't the Lord precious?   Isn't it wonderful just to feel His presence when you are all alone in an old kitchen someplace..
Just looking out the window and feeling  so thankful that one day He called you out of this old sinful world..
I will never be able to repay but He paid the debt He did not owe...
Now today in this old place it doesn't matter what comes or goes because I am in the palm of His hand and all is well..
God Bless you dear girls where ever you are on this lovely Summer's Eve...
Thanks for visiting...
Looking forward to hearing from you all..


  1. What a nice post. Your silly dog is actually happy he is with himself that he found a new way down the stairs. Your salads look so good. Love the prim candle holders. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  2. I like how your dog is smiling. That beet salad looks so good. I cooked some fresh beets up on Saturday for the first time this summer. They were so good!

  3. What a wonderful post! Your grinning dog is precious and the salads look yummy .Have a blessed night.Hugs,Jen

  4. Faye, there is something definitely missing in your kitchen,,,, all us ladies that would love to be there , have a bite of your wonderful salads, and chat awhile. Wouldn't that be fun? Great post, God is good and thanks for sharing.

  5. your music box looks nice with all those candle holders on it! I just new you'd find "the" spot for it in your shop!
    Ps- only 4 more sleeps :)

  6. I really think your dog is smiling! TOO cute!
    The salads look awesome. Thank You for a uplifting blog today...Love the photos..Makes me want a salad....

  7. I agree with your other friends, that dog sure is grinning at you! The view is lovely. I love your "old" kitchen, it feels like home just looking in. The salad looks wonderful. I need to try the lemon juice! The candle holders are great too. Thanks so much for letting us all visit. Peace to you and yours.

  8. What a wonderful visit to your cottage. Especially with you sweet furry boy greeter. He is so cute. I just love stopping by and visiting you friend. Lovely summer salad.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  9. The pictures are a nice peak into your cottage. That is so funny about the dog. Have a great day.


  10. Everthing looks delicious Faith! I love your country kitchen.. It's like stepping back in time!
    Wouldn't it be fun to see a cooking show from a kitchen like yours for a change?
    Great post!

  11. Your summer salads look so yummy! I love your cozy cottage kitchen :) It would be so much fun to visit your shop!

  12. Your cottage is so pretty. As I have said before, I love old things. Old houses have such character. You can almost feel the love they have held inside of them. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. I just love Sammi's sweet little smile, Faye... *grin*...
    Your kitchen is so cute and the salad looks so wonderful~ I agree with Angela, WE are the only things missing from the table!
    Yes, I do look out the window sometimes and ponder on God's goodness... sometimes I'm on the lawnmower and me and Him just chat, or I'll be at the barn and just feel such a wave of peace come over me... it is so wonderful to be in HIS family.