Monday, October 22, 2012

Announcing the Keepers Meeting and such....

Hello everyone.. 
How art thou?  

Just sharing a few pics with you tonight.. 
Just pics of the ordinary... 

The first pic is of a little mason ring pumpkin..
I found it on the Internet and then when I went on Google to get the link for you I found many... 

There were some that were painted orange and some that were rusted and such... 

So ... 
I decided not to bother with the link... 

All you do is tie at least 16 rings together with wire or string and then glue in cinnamon stick or some used 3 sticks and I used bay leaves but they mostly used felt or fabric.. 

Whatever turns your crank.. 
I loved the rusted one but I did not have time to rust them so voila.. 
At least it gives you an idea for you table or what have you... 

The next pic is of an old pine tree we see every 
time we go to Sussex.. 
Isn't the view fabulous?  

And then I finally started cleaning and organizing my Sun Room and such... 

Will I ever get the house all in order at the same time?? 
Please Lord.. smile...

I mostly wanted to post to thank you sweet ladies for all your dear comments last post.. 
You guys are wonderful and dear... 
I appreciate each and every one of you... 
Thank you... xo 

Just a reminder that there is a Keepers Meeting (finally) this Saturday at 9  am.. 
Please email me for details..

I am calling it Harvest Day at Keepers..

We will learn some things we can do with apples not only to eat but to smell and a prim tip with them ... 
Also a treat with zucchini and a harvest salad recipe.. 
And a prim harvest garland, too...

The kitchen will be the room we focus on for our lesson.. 
Well..  come and find out.. smile.. 

For the details you know where to find me.. 

That's all for tonight..
Take care, dear hearts.. 
Hope to hear from you.. 


  1. I love the jar ring pumpkin, very cute. The view is marvellous, and your dining room is lovely. I love your French doors there. I have a room something like that, it is on the other side of the living room, but it would make a great dining room, though. One day, I would like to do that, I would so love to entertain and have room for people to eat in my home. God knows.
    I hope your smile and joy is back, dear heart.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

    1. Hi dear Cindy.. Yes, this house is perfect for entertaining and my goal is to do much more then I have here.. We did have friends over last night for Banana Cake.. grin.. Good times..
      I try to always keep my smile with God's grace, my love... xo

  2. Good evening Faye. It's getting late and I'm going to climb the wooden stairs as soon as I finish this. :) A beautiful view indeed. Look at all the colours. I love your dining room. A lovely old dining set and dough bowl and lots of china goodies too. I hope your Keepers have a nice meeting on Saturday. This is the weekend of our Bible school 'girls' reunion at my house so I am busy preparing for it. Cleaning like crazy!! I think there are 14 coming and half may stay overnight with me. It'll be a fun time as always. Have a blessed week. Pam

    1. I hope you have a perfectly wonderful time, Pam.. Which Bible school did you go to? The same one as your pastor? smile..

  3. Oh Faye, your Harvest Time Keepers of the Home meeting sounds wonderful, I wish I could join you! Will you be sharing your recipes and crafts on your blog? I do hope so. I wish we could somehow participate online, that would be fun. xo

    1. Hi dear ... Thanks for your sweet comment... Yes, I will be sharing ALL.. smile.. The kitchen part is a part of the journal we all started ages ago..
      Circumstances made it hard to do each month but we will just keep building on it.. Were you a part of that? I forget ...

    2. No Faye, I wish I was. I think I need to start a journal of my own. xo

  4. Hi Faye,

    Sorry I have not been able to comment lately. I have stopped by to see how you are doing. :)

    I love that jar ring pumpkin. And the view is amazing, don't you just love God's creations?

    I too hope you will be sharing your Harvest Time recipes and crafts on your blog.

    Have a wonderful week and a great Keepers meeting..Take care, Janet W

    1. Hi Janet..
      So good to hear from you.. Yes, I will try and record everything and put it on my post after...
      God bless... xo

  5. Nice photos! I really like the pumpkin ring. Very creative!

    1. He Tammy... So nice to have you and thanks for taking the time to comment.. As you know that means so much.. Your pictures on your blog are very creative... xo

  6. I know it would be such a blessing to fellowship with you all. Your home looks lovely as is!
    Please if you can, share the crafts on your blog!
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi dear Christine.. Yes, I so wish we could fellowship with you, too..
      At least we have this way.. Such a blessing, eh?
      I will be sure to post the crafts.. smile.. xo

  7. Whatever turns your crank..
    I loved the rusted one but I did not have time to rust them so voila..
    At least it gives you an idea for you table or what have you...

    You saying that cracked me up.

    I got to thinking - I wished I wouldn't have thrown all of the MAJORLY rusty ones away last season - I still have some - but these rings were O-ol-l-d. They didn't keep the seal tight... anyway. Yes!!! I've made a few of these pumpkins myself and it's fun to see everyone's take on them or addition to their creativity.
    I'm using a bunch of them for a family gathering this coming Saturday and there is no glue involved - because I'll be needing to take them apart,soon, for applesauce. ;)

    1. Hello my friend.. I didn't glue them together, either as they don't pull apart unless you move them.. smile..
      Thanks for your sweet visit.. xo

  8. Oh, how I wish Tennessee wasn't so far away, because I would so love to be at the Keepers Meeting! It sounds like a wonderful time of encouragement, learning, and fellowship.

    As always I enjoy your post, it's like visiting a friend and enjoying a chat over a cup of tea.

    1. Thank you, Laura... I certainly enjoyed having you.. xo

  9. Hi Faye..
    Love your version of the canning ring pumpkin... perfect with the cinnamon and bay leaf.
    Love all your pictures!
    Hope you have a wonderful meeting, and enjoy each others friendship.

    Smile :)

  10. Such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing it with us. The ladies are blessed to have you and you them....
    Have a great time on Saturday!

  11. Can't wait for Saturday :) My friend is coming with me :) Should we bring your homework journals?

    1. Oh, I am glad she is coming... Yes, bring your journals.. I will be emailing you all later today.. xo

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting and you comment my dear.. xo

  13. What a beautiful view! And I love your home! AND, the pumpkin is awesome! I love it! I have seen them on the internet, but I love your leaves and cinnamon stick top! Are those bay leaves?

    Awww, I want to come to the meeting! I love that you are journaling and learning... Sounds like teacher fun to me! Have a blessed time! I will definitely be looking for the follow-up post!

    Blessings, Love, and Hugs Back to You, Dear Friend!
    The Marm

    1. Hi Heather.. You make me smile...Yes, those are bay leaves..
      I wish you could come, too..
      I will try to post later after the meeting.. perhaps Saturday evening..
      We shall see..
      Thanks for the sweet visit my friend..xo