Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Autumn Day..

Good Evening dear hearts... 
I am glad you are here.. 

First of all I want to thank you sweet girls for leaving such lovely comments last post.. 
I hope you don't mind that I really did need to hear them.. 
Such an encouragement when you are in a slump or what have you.. 
And for all of your prayers.. 
As far as I know all is well with the old ticker and it is working fine.. 
Thank you, Jesus... 

Anyway... here I am again.. 
Hoping that I will have something interesting for you.. 

Terry and I worked around the house today for awhile and then we headed out to the old farm for the rest of the day.. 

The old barn up above is a fave of mine.. 
Especially, in the Fall... 

And of course my friend... 

Isn't he just delicious"-)
I would dearly love to have a donkey..  
That is all I will say.. grin..

Anyway... other shots along the old country road leading to the farm... 

They still use this church.. 

I caught this one trying to get over to the other side.. 
The grass must look greener, eh?  smile.. 
But do you know something?  
It isn't... 
So many people do the same thing, don't they?
Leave behind the important things.. 
And look to new things that really are not any better.. 
Just a different location.. 
That's all I will say about that, I guess.. smile.. 

Well, there is the driveway and there is ...

the farm.. 
Still there.. 

Would you look at those hills.... 

The beautiful belt of maples running up the centre... 
 God is just so creative, eh? 

Terry is taking the power saw and cutting some trees down that are growing along the brook that flows from the old spring.. 
And me.. 
Well, I am trying out a new recipe...

Another Zucchini Cake.. 
It is out of my Mennonite cookbook... 

Terry liked this.. 
It is a heavy European type cake.. 
It is a shame that the stove has no temperature guide on it.. 
It turned out a bit crisp on the edges..  
We just cut them off and Sammi loved them.. grin..

And now it is time to go back home..

The moon has come up and all is well... 
Another lovely day that God has blessed us with.. 
A sweet time together... 

Thanks for visiting ... 
And for your sweet comments.. 
I hope you know that I read and cherish each and every one.. 

How are you all enjoying your Fall days? 
Take care, now... 

My soul finds rest in God alone: my salvation comes from him.. 
Psalms 62:1


  1. Good Evening Faye...such a sweet farmhouse and the scenery so beautiful on the way there...He is so delicious, love Donkeys....MMM that bread looked yummy, may I have a slice, tee hee...Loving these Fall favorite time of year...Blessings Francine.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Francine..
      I have been trying to leave you a comment but cannot get past the word verification...
      I even tried to email you...
      Perhaps you can change your settings.. smile..
      Just a thought.. xo

  2. Here in Michigan the color is fading and the leaves are falling.
    Beautiful old church, I would like to visit there.


    1. Hi Carol.. So kind of you to leave a comment.. Some of our leaves are gone already, too.. xo

  3. Hi Faye-Thanks for sharing your pictures...sometimes just looking around and enjoying the simple things in life can fill us with inspiration and thankfulness.
    Wishing you blessings

  4. I enjoyed your country drive to the old farmhouse Faye. It is so beautiful on those hills. I love the old barn in the first photo and the donkey is pretty handsome. Have a great weekend. Blessings and hugs, Pam

    1. Yes, Pam.. That old donkey is always there when we drive by.. Along with one turkey and several goats.. smile.. xo

  5. Loved the drive to the farm, the photos are so beautiful!
    It seems like going home, never to a place I have been,
    But the feeling is the same. It calls to your heart,
    And welcomes you in.
    Our peak color is this week, have been out and about,
    Enjoying it all I can. The big craft's festival is this
    Weekend, and Homecoming at our church. Lots to enjoy.
    Hugs and blessings!

    1. I love your comment, Ann... You always have such a way with words...

  6. Our rain has returned to Oregon, as of last Friday. It's good to's raining cuz I can hear it tinkling on the skylight in the dining room. The leaves are starting to turn and have had to sweep our front step and walk to keep them out. Hoping it doesn't rain too much on the weekend since we are going to my nephew's 18th birthday and party is at the park. I am taking a potato salad. What's a BBQ without a homemade potato salad. Always your out and about photos. I have some last week but they are still in the camera!

    1. I love the sound of rain, Becky.. Hope you have a wonderful BBQ.. Potato salad is always my fave at a picnic...

  7. Beautiful
    Thank you for sharing.
    YOU are my gingerbread winner.
    Will mail off to you shortly.
    So happy tests went well.
    Love to you Sweet Friend

  8. Faye, I always love your posts. They are so comforting and peaceful. You have a blessed life! Your pictures are wonderful, as always. :-)

  9. Good morning Faye, as always I so love taking road trips with you. I just love seeing the countryside. Even more so now that my own car has died and now the mister has decided we will get another one as ours is older and he doesn't want to sink that much money into repairing it. And I HATE dealing with dealerships which is what we are going to be doing the weekend. I have been home lots more without a ride so going along with you was a special treat. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend

    1. Hi Angela.. So glad you dropped by and went along with us.. smile..
      Hope you get a great car at a great price..
      Enjoy your weekend..xo

  10. I love that first photo and any of old barns and foliage... the combination is superb.

    I was curious what the title of that Mennonite Cookbook is. You know I used to be a Conservative Mennonite and let me tell you, IT STILL runs deeps - those roots. :)

    I'm sitting here with my breakfast of a cup of coffee and bowl of Pumpkin Custard, taken out of one my Mennonite Cookbooks (a local one of our area) and nobody likes it but me and the baby. I just shake me head...

    1. Hello Bevy... The title of the cookbook is FOOD THAT REALLY SHMECKS...
      The book is from Ontario, Canada... I love it...
      Your custard sounds wonderful... xo

  11. Hi Faye;

    We were in California for two weeks as my husband had a work thing in L.A. We had a great time and our daughter joined us for the second week.

    I missed you and your blog. We need to get together for a visit.


    1. Hello my friend..
      So glad you arrived back home safe and sound.. So nice that your daughter joined you..
      I missed you, too and yes we will have to get together..

  12. Such a beautiful photo of the old barn! Lovely. Your zucchini cake looks delicious!

    Thanks for following my blog. I'm here to return the favor :) Love what I'm seeing so far!

    1. Hello.. Thanks for dropping by and following.. I loved the look of your blog, also and am looking forward to getting to know you..

  13. I was showing LAuryn the pictures and when we got to the donkey... I started to make crazy animal noises...she laughed at me (strange kid!) what a beautiful day we had that day the other day

    1. Hi dear.. Lauryn is so cute.. Just like her Mama.. It was a beautiful day but it sure is a rainy one today.. xo

  14. faye, your posts are always enlightening about the area you live. and this season is so beautiful, it's wonderful you have the time to spend seeing it in person! i always love to see what you're cooking or baking! the mennonites/amish are some of the BEST cooks, aren't they?!!
    ^)^ linda

    1. Thank you dear Linda.. Glad you enjoy and thanks for letting me know..xo

  15. Faye...loved your pictures as always; in particular the one of the road and the hills...and of course the old country church...not many left that are in use. Do you or have you ever spent Christmas at the farm? Thinking it would be awesome! Looking forward to your next post... (glad your health is fine)
    Cheryl from F'ton

    1. Hi Cheryl.. So glad to hear from you.. We have thought about going to the farm but our kids want it here where they all grew up so what can ya do.. grin..
      Maybe Terry and I will go for a couple of days over the holiday.. That would be fun, too.. The Keepers are always wanting an invite out there, too.. xo