Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Days of Fall...

Hello everyone.. 
A simply beautiful day here in Atlantic Canada.. 

The sun shone brightly and we had a real frost last night.. 
There was ice in Sammi's water dish out on the deck early this morning.. 

Then the day turned into an Autumn dream.. 

Drifting leaves and the scent of wood smoke in the air.. 
The sound of the neighbor's power saw and crows chattering to each other... 

Inside the smell of mustard pickles and baking bread.. 
We had quite a few large cucumbers from the garden and we just could not see them go to waste ... 
They are a favorite around here, too.. smile.. 

Putting away some apples...

Apple Crisps for the freezer and slices for the dehydrator.. 

Terry grew a wonderful crop of little pumpkins.. 
A few bigger size but a bunch of little ones.. 
Just lovely for setting here and there just to brighten up a few nooks and crannies.. smile.. 
And a bit of baking... 

I can't seem to help myself on these cool days.. smile..

I forgot to take a pic of the finished product.. 
Broiled Coconut Frosting.. 
Oh well... 

The loveliness of a Sunflower with a blue sky and maple leaves.. 
These spell Fall to me.. 
How about you?

And I am just about to say good bye to my pickle pot until next year...

Just a couple more batches of this of that.. 

I have been looking for a recipe that I lost... 

One of my dear friends had it and when I called her she was so kind and  gave it to me.. 
And then I lost it once more during the move home from the cottage.. 
So I called her AGAIN for it... 
Guess what? 
Yes... now she has lost it .. grin.. 
We are certainly two of a kind.. 

Oh my... 
Imagine what we will be like in a few years.. 

We probably won't recognize each other.. 
Oh well.. 
We can become new friends.. 
Yes, I read that somewhere... grin..

Does anyone have a recipe for mild hot mixed pickles???
She and I would appreciate it.. grin.. 

Well, it has been a lovely weekend thus far... 
Hope you are having one, too... 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day..

Let's enter his gates with thanksgiving and enter his courts with praise; give thanks to him and bless his name.. 
Psalms 100-4

Thank you so much for popping by my dears.. 
I am so glad you did... smile.

Hope there was something here to interest you...
I love your comments and do hope to hear from you.. 

God bless...


  1. A lovely post, Faye, and glad you survived the move home!

  2. Faye you are as busy as a bee all the time. Lovely pics of your pumpkins and sunflower. And lots of pickles. Yum. I haven't made a jar of pickles this year. I guess we don't eat them much. Did the wind nearly blow you away yesterday and today? We've had 2 frosts now and possibly flurries in the morning. The trees are looking pretty bare in spots now. Have a blessed Lord's day. Hugs, Pam

  3. lovely post, so good to hear from you again, love your photos.

  4. Wonderful post 1 There is always something interesting on your blog Faye ! Sounds like a lovely day there. We had rain all afternoon and this evening but the morning was lovely . This morning was our first frost not a hard frost either but pretty when it sparkled in the morning sunlight . Beautiful photos . Hope you get a pickle recipe cant help ya here we don't eat a lot of pickles if I happen to stumble on one I will send it your way ! Have a good day !

  5. Hello Dear Heart......Always happy to come to your wonderful blog and catch all the news about what you are doing! Sounds like a beautiful day there today. We got down to 24 degrees here last night!!! Too cold this early for me. But today was pretty nice and we went for an adventure about 40 miles south of here ....all on the back roads! What beauty! The trees are yellow, orange and a small amount of red. Yet, in some areas the leaves are all down. Glad you are getting to end of your canning. I know you feel so good when you have your shelves full of goodies.

    Peace -

  6. Hello Faye, lovely warm post....MMMM, fresh baked bread, my heavens, the smell....such a wonderful time of year....Blessings Francine.

  7. I love the sights and smells of autumn. Lovely pictures. Have a wonderful day.


  8. Fall has finally fallen in Oregon. We had fog on thurs a.m. but drove out of it soon on our way south for our little anniversary trip to Cottage Grove. Saw some leaves turning there and had our first rain of the season Fri even. Got to walk in real light rain, then rained a bit harder once we got into room. Walked to/from restaurant. I like making applesauce. Never made pickles but mom used. Did you hop to my blog and see our anniversary/love story? Have a great week and enjoy all your baked goodies!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful! I am sorry I do not have a recipe for mild hot mixed pickles. If I did I would gladly share. Perhaps when you find yours or your friend finds hers, you will share with us. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. Dear Faye,
    I love the Fall pics of this time of year. I don't like the fact that it is getting colder and that winter is soon approaching. But I find that this time of year is so beautiful for pictures.

    Love and Prayers,