Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Keepers Harvest Meeting..

Hello there everyone.. 

I promised an update of our Keepers Meeting that we had on Saturday.. 

We were really blessed to have it at one of their homes.. 
Thank you, Stephanie..

When I arrived early there were two happy faces to meet me..
Michelle arrived even earlier than I did... 

The doorway was decorated so lovely for the Fall and coffee was all brewed... 

I had not been to Steph's new place yet and I fell in love with her prim decor.. 

Here is a little idea that I am going to copy.. 
(with her permission..)

I have an end cupboard like this and it is going to have a paint brush taken to it very soon.. smile..

The fire was lit and it was such a beautiful cool Fall day.. 
So cozy... 

Breakfast was delicious as always...

We had eggs, bacon, toast, avocado, tomatoes and such...

We mashed up the avocado with onion, lemon juice and salt and pepper and put it on our toast with tomatoes. fried egg and bacon... ymmmm..

Oh and they loved the recipe for apple muffins that I found 

I actually made 4 in the tin cans and wrapped with parchment.. 
They were fine but it was late so I finished the rest in a muffin tin.. 
It takes 30 minutes to cook the cans.. 

Make sure you use the flour they call for or at least whole wheat.. 
And the sauce cans are the 1 cup size... 
Also.. I substituted the cherries for fresh cranberries as dried cherries are very expensive here...

After breakfast we had our lesson which was on the kitchen.. 
I guess I will do a 2 part post as I do not have time to put it all in today as we have to leave for church again in a bit... 

For today I will do the crafts and a couple of the recipes and finish tomorrow night if possible or soon.. 

After the lesson the first thing we made was this
 Country Style Dried Fruit Garland...

This is what I was drying all of the fruit for...
The pear is in the middle...

Along with a bundle of bay leaves at the bottom and a homespun tie..

Then there is an orange on on side and an apple on the other...
Then a bundle of apples along with a another bundle of bay leaves...

Then a bundle of pear slices and a bundle of bay leaves...

Then these are all tied on a piece of jute with some branches at each end.. 
Not very complicated but takes time when you need to dry fruit.. 

Here are a few projects all finished..

Everyone enjoyed that one and then we did another craft but I will post that next time... smile.... 

I made preserves and took them so they could see and taste and perhaps win.. 

Here is a delicious apple preserve that I found 


Again I substituted fresh cranberries for cherries and it was still delicious.. 

I also found the idea for drying all of your peelings and apple cores for potpourris and for lining baskets..

This is a wonderful site if you like recipes and cool homemaking stuff... 

And... another recipe that I made up to share with the girls ... 

I found my Hot Mixed Pickle Recipe.. 
Thank you, dear Lord.. 
(It only took me a month) grin...

This made 11 quarts and I used half cider vinegar and half of my dandelion vinegar that I had made in the Spring..

I love the flavor of these and could eat quite a few at a sitting.. 
I will share that recipe tomorrow night, too.. 

Then I sliced up these zucchini ...

And sprinkled a bit of chive salt on them and dried them in the dehydrator...

Some of the girls loved them and a couple disliked them intensely.. grin.. 

They are a wonderful and go good with a homemade dip.. 

Much better for you then potato chips and you can buy a big package at Costco for a few dollars..

By the way...
I ate all of the Honey Crisp that I dehydrated... 
Simply delicious.. 

We are hoping to get to that market again and they have some bruised baskets of Honey Crisp on sale ..

They will make lovely gift pantry idea if I will just leave them alone.. grin..

After we arrived back home we had some sweet company.. 
Sammi sure liked them... 

Dustin and his Mom went wheeling with Terry and we stayed home and made Supper.. 

A truly blessed day.. 

I hope you come back and I will give you the rest of the recipes and go over the lesson a bit.. 

Praying you are having an awesome Lord's Day... 



  1. Awesome photos ! Looks and sounds like a wonderful day you all had ! I am glad you found your recipe . All looks wonderful Faye . We are getting that storm Sandy soon passing through . It has been cold and raining since Fri and is to continue through the week ! Southwestern Ontario has issued a flood warning till this storm has either passed or dissipated ! The house smells of my chili cooking in the slow cooker . Have a good day !

    1. Thanks Elaine.. We are supposed to get some of the storm tomorrow, I believe..
      Chili does sound so cozy.. smile. xo

  2. Her home is so beautiful! So good you could all get together. I loved the things you shared, like going visiting with a good friend. Sammi looks like he made a wonderful friend, I love his socks, in 2 colors! So good to hear from you!.
    Blessings from down south!

    1. Hi dear Ann.. Her home is lovely and we did have a blessed day..Yes, i thought his socks were cute, too.. He speaks perfect French or Thanks so much for your sweet comment... xo

  3. That sounds like a wonderful Keepers meeting Faye. I love your friend's stone fireplace. The breakfast and crafts sound wonderful. Wishing you a blessed week ahead. Pam

    1. Hi Pam... Thanks for your lovely comment and mind the storm tomorrow.. smile.. xo

  4. Faye, your blog is always so cozy & homey...seriously...

    it makes me half starved and want to curl up with a blanket.

    I LOVE that house that you showed on here! the lady has done such a grand job. I love the photo with the fire place crackling...and your breakfast sounds yum. The avocado part especially.

    Thanks for taking the time to share the recipes & the crafts too. Looking forward to hearing more.

    1. Oh Cheyenne... I love having you and wish you were here to curl up.. Her house is lovely and soooo big...
      Take care, my friend..xo

  5. Looks like you had a yummy day. Thanks for sharing your photos...Just became your newest follower...Blessings...Pam

    1. So glad to have you aboard Pam... I will be putting your blog on my blog roll,..xo

  6. I always consider visiting here a joy and pleasure...I'm never disapointed. Thank you for sharing your meeting with us...:)

    1. I always enjoy having you, Faith.. Take care, my friend..xo

  7. It looks like you had a lovely day. The fruit garland is so pretty. You always come up with such good ideas.


    1. We did have a lovely day, Laurie.. It would only been better if you had been there.. grin.. xo

  8. I always love keepers... somehow I managed to to have my mouth wide open in that picture ( I think I was talking to Emily). Thank you for all your hard work in putting together such an inspirational meeting. I look forward to whatever you have for us next time
    PS- Sorry to panic you, I wasn't in trouble yesterday :)

    1. Hello dear Lindsay... I am so glad you come to Keepers.. You keep me on my toes.. grin...
      Now you know that I do not panic.. Yeah.. right.. xo

  9. I love the entry way and that fireplace! So cozy. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. It's so nice to get together with the girls every once in a while :)

    1. Hi Tammy... I think it does all good to get together, too..
      Take care and have a great day..xo

  10. I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your meeting, Faye... I just wish you wouldn't show so many close-ups of all the yummy food. :)
    Stephanie's house is very pretty!
    I love the last picture... looks like Sammi isn't going to let his new little friend move anytime soon... *haha*

    1. Hello Paula my dear.. So nice for us to catch up..
      Yes, Sammi and Lily should meet, too.. grin..xo

  11. what a lovely group to share with!! good for you. your photos are delightful!!
    stay warm and safe and dry!! we are waiting for sandy here in Pa too..

  12. So glad you enjoyed the food and fellowship and in a wonderfully prim home!
    Thanks so much for sharing the garland and recipes too!
    God bless

  13. It looks like you had another really wonderful time with your ladies. Your craft looks fun! I love hot mixed pickles, I really need to make some of those.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Hi Faye, I had a great time Saturday and really enjoyed the meeting, both the lesson, food, craft and company! :) We are so lucky that you (and Terry) take the time to prepare and take out of your schedule for us. It means so much Faye. I just hope that I was half as talented as you. I am drying some apples to make a few more bottles of the popourri to have in my gift pantry (mine is just beginning). Have a great week Faye, God Bless you and your family. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

  15. It was such a wonderful day to have "keepers" over to my home.I so enjoyed every minute of the meeting.I always look forward to our meetings.Thank you Faye for all the effort and love you pour into us.Love you Steph xo


  16. Good company, good food, and wonderful home crafts.
    Looks like a wonderful time.
    Thank you for taking time to share pictures and recipes with us.

    Warm Fall Wishes..