Friday, October 4, 2013

A week of doing...

Happy Weekend everyone.. 

What perfectly beautiful weather we have had all week.. 
Beautiful fall days with warm temps and lovely breezes.. 
I guess we must be having our Indian Summer.. 
Like many other years before I think our Fall weather is better then the Summer was.. 

Kind of nice really because there is just so much to do.. 
Kind of overwhelming if I stop to think about it .. 

We made a little trip to St. Martins to do some more gathering of things we forgot.. 
I harvested some herbs and brought home several Rosemarys  and a large lavender that is all budded..I hope it survives the transfer... 
My parsley was huge for pesto and I have dried my sage... 

Terry picked our second crop of beans and I made some dill ones from my friend Judy's recipe... 

Then there were crab apples to do, too.. 
Spiced ones that is.. 
They turned out lovely and there was a jar of juice left which I saved for our family Christmas Dinner.. 
Last year everyone wanted to know what made the punch taste so different. 
It is just delicious and spicy, too.. 

Then on another day we went again to the farm in Prosser Brook.. 
Terry wanted to clean out the spring some more.. 

We just woke up and packed our stuff and left.. 
No coffee or anything.. 
Of course, we stopped at Tim Horton's for an extra large one and Terry went by the grocers and bought a frozen pizza.. 
We seldom do that but we were starving and kind of had brunch, I guess.. 
Everything tastes good up there for some reason.. 

He went outside to work and I made a batch of Prosser Brook Relish.. 

My cousin, Ann gave me the recipe.. 
I laughed and asked her why it was called that and she said our relatives from there called it that.. 
So.. I had to make it.. 

The day before I had prepared all the veggies and salted them overnite.. 
Then that morning we just took it all with us.. 
It is lovely and made 14 pints.. 
I told you I love cooking in Aunt Eva's old kitchen, eh? 

Terry was begging for bread, too.. 
I have not made it for a couple of weeks as we were 
hooking up the stove and such.. 
This recipe HERE..
I had noticed on Pinterest that someone made their bread in a small glass crock pot and as I had one there I decided to try it.. 
The boss says to make it in that from now on..
He thinks there is more.. grin.. 

I was talking to Shonda today and mentioned that I think my nerves are bad.. 
She wondered why.. 

I thought I should send her the pic of her father up that rickety ladder hanging off the flag pole that is as taller than the barn roof.. 

He couldn't get the old flag down as it was shredded into bits from the wind and caught there.. 
He comes down and carries up a full length 2x4 to poke at the top of the flagpole.. 
The old ladder was to one side and he was leaning back ...
Oh Lord...

Meanwhile, I am calling on the name of Jesus to protect this foolish man and he just tells me to watch and learn.. 

Then today he carried down a huge wood box of pickles that was at least 3 feet x 2 feet wide that he could hardly lift all the way downstairs.. 
Oh.. and did I mention about the fridge the other day?  
Yes, I think I did.. 

I guess the Lord needs me to intercede on his behalf.. 
Do you know what I mean??.. 
This man is not a spring chicken.. 

I know he climbed poles for a living but that was many moons ago.. 
Shonda just laughed and said the apple didn't fall far from the tree... 
What is that supposed to mean??

While I was standing with the truck keys in my hand on the step watching him (I might of had to go get help as there is no phone at the farm) I actually wondered if my kids did stuff like this that I didn't know about.. 

Obviously, they do as Shonda said not to ask her about the Christmas lights.. 
To tell you the truth I just don't want to know...

We ended up staying for supper and all I had was a few potatoes and such so I made a meal that my Gram would have served.. 
It was good, too, but probably not as healthy as it should have been.. 
What can I say? 
Monday .. 
Things are going to change around here.. 

Anyway, sweet ladies thanks so much for visiting and reading my crazy scribbling.. 
I have warned you before that this blog is nothing but tales of an old keeper of the home and the things that we are up to.. grin.. 

Love and appreciate you guys... 
Blessings from New Brunswick.. 


  1. You two are the cutest couple I ever did see. Just sweet!

  2. Autumn has definitely arrived by you Faye! You surely have been busy :-) Thank you so much for visiting the cottage... Have a blessed weekend! m.

  3. Oh my word!!! Never a dull moment...I think I would have let the wind finish taking care of that flag. Sure sounds like you've been busy. That bread looks yummy- I got some new yeast so maybe I could give it a try.

  4. Oh Faye, boys howdy! I like reading your posts!
    Sitting here with a grin on my face.
    Men and families like that are one of the reasons
    the good Lord said,"pray without ceasing!" grin, teasing!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your beautiful photos, Faye. That Terry and all the other men (including mine!) that do those death defying tricks! That's why we go grey and pray isn't it?!! Prosser Brook Relish. Sounds good. We used to drive through there a lot with my mother in the summer and fall. It is so pretty in there. She had a spot all picked out to build her little cottage on a brook with birch trees growing. I hope that's her spot in heaven as it never happened on earth. :) Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. I love reading your posts, Faye. Your writing style is such that I feel like we are sipping a cup of tea, and crocheting and just chit chatting and catching up with each other! Terry is used to hard work, and that won't change. I have to try your homemade bread recipe, and your Christmas punch sounds so good. xo

  7. I love sharing your life with you. You amaze me with all you accomplish. Both of you! The food looks delicious, as usual and I love that bread. Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. As always, I love reading your posts!
    You always make me smile.
    xx oo

  9. The trees are looking beautiful there! My nerves would be shot, too, if my hubby was climbing a tall rickety ladder! My husband has done it before and it really scares me. Yikes. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  10. You have indeed enjoyed a wonderful and bountiful week, Faye - well apart from Terry's antics up the flag pole!!!

  11. Faye, your blog posts are just the best...I love them.
    There's always such an array of good things happening. Your time at that house always sounds so lovely - you sound like you are at peace there.
    I get all stressed when my husband or the boys do things like Terry did/ Guess it's their jobs to 'do it' and our jobs to be 'unnerved' about it.

  12. Wonderful photos Faye ! Oh I know all to well , I cant stand seeing Papa up on a ladder . The part that gets me is when he gets up on the roof to clean the chimney YIKES ! that's scary to watch or to see him climb high in a tree to cut off branches . Oh your home made goodies always look and sound wonderful . Rainy weekend for us here in Ontario but the past week weather had been wonderful . Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful weekend !

  13. Men and ladders--the reason we have gray hair!! We have had Indian summer in the SE United States too and it has been quite warm. We are in the middle of an appliance upheaval also. My kitchen is a wreck and I may be calling in and driving 10 minutes for a pizza for our supper tonight. We can eat outside on the porch and ignore the mess in the kitchen. Tomorrow we have a 10 year celebration at our church with a catered lunch. So yeah! No cooking in my mess of a kitchen for Sunday dinner. Happy weekend!

  14. I enjoyed this post with the lovely photos. Oh my, your man up that ladder photo? What was he thinking? Glad he was safe, still going strong,which is good. My recent post you commented that our weather is different than yours, well probably. But with the weather we had from the 2 different storms systems off the coast (Pacific) made the evenings cold enough for a heavy coat and a stocking cap, knitted by a friend. Today it was beautiful out and I wore sandals. We were celebrating my mom's 90th birthday and had a good time with family. Near 80 degrees for a bit. But it's cool outside now. Did a bit of photo work with my gourds I bought yesterday. They are on side of our front door! Have a great weekend.

  15. Autumn is definitely here the colours are beautiful. You sound like you also have a busy happy life. Feel free to visit me in the orchard. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog.

  16. Enjoyed this post very much, Faye... thank you.
    So glad that you are there to watch over and pray for your sweet hubby.
    It's hard for them to remember that they are no longer 20 yrs. old; these men... sheesh!

    It's been a beautiful Fall, and I hope it is a long lasting Fall. I have so many things I still want to do.

    Enjoy this day, that the Lord has given us.


  17. Your pictures are beautiful! I love all your fall colors. Ours are starting to come out. I love fall. When I saw the picture of the man on the ladder on the flagpole, I thought, Lord please don't tell me that's her husband! I'm glad he is safely down. Mine would never do that as he cannot handle heights. He would have not hesitated though to carry the box down. Foolish sometimes ain't they! Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. You are such a wonderful bloger,a seet dear ladyI enjoy your post, beautiful picture's as alway's.
    As we get older we get in a heruy and just forget that there are things we can no longer do.
    At times a bad habit of mind...And I get almost falling or something.God Bless

  19. It's always wonderful seeing what you and your man have been up to. Your bread and relish look wonderful, also the spiced crab apples. Perhaps I should make those for my hubby next year. Our crabapple tree produces tons on crabapples!
    Bless you my friend, love Cindy

  20. Beautiful pictures, Faye.... um, well, except for the one of Terry on the ladder. *grin* I heard someone talking not too long ago about how this is why the women usually outlives the man... *giggle* I know I've seen some of the stuff James attempts and I just have to close my eyes to it. Oh well.... your relish looks good~ so does the pizza; now you've made me hungry!! :)

  21. ummmmmmmm yes.........and I surely did have to get my 80 year old hubby out of a tree not long ago. The ladder fell and he used his cell phone to call me (in the house) to come and stand the ladder back up........modern technology I tell you :^) He has since been banned from doing any acrobatics, unless I am THERE......His excuse was the broken limb was going to break the hummingbird feeders. Yeah...........right......
    Love your stories...guys are all alike even when they are several thousand miles apart!!