Monday, October 28, 2013

Just a little bit of decor...

Hello there everyone.. 

Another lovely Monday has arrived .. 
Hope you all had a great weekend.. 

Fall is here and the nesting instincts have clicked on.. grin.. 

We all love our homes clean but also attractive.. 
But we do have different tastes, though
I have loved primitive but find my home evolving on a little different road lately.. smile.. 

I shall probably always be country but I find I like things a little more farmhouse style lately.. 
You can check my Farmhouse Board on Pinterest HERE..

Oh well.. 
So long as you love what you live with.. 

So many times we try to do what is current rather then what we ourselves love, eh?

Styles come and go but at my great age I am trying to get rid of excess and keep only the things that bring me joy in my home..

Getting rid of excess is a much greater chore then one can imagine.. 
I am desperately trying not to bring any more in but just take it out.. 
I plan on going through each drawer and cupboard and being merciless... grin.. 
Pray for me, please!! 
If I could just rid of a few of my sentimental bones.. 
We went out to lunch last night with some friends and the remark was made that one of us didn't have a sentimental bone in their body.. 
Let's just say they were not talking about me.. 
I think it is something to be admired at this phase in my life but a day at a time is all I can promise anyone.. smile.. 

Do you girls have a problem with getting rid of stuff? 
Do you decorate the way you love 
or are you trendy? 
Perhaps what is trendy is the style you love.. 
I must say that I do love so much about Primitive and Country.. 
So warm and loving, really.. 

When I did the craft shows and had open house here I remember being frustrated so often because I could not keep something out that did not jive with what I was trying to sell. 

Thank the Lord, that does not pertain anymore and I can do just the style that attracts me...

Well, that is all for tonight my dears.. 
We had some lovely company over the weekend... 
So enjoyed them all.

Thank you so much for visiting and I love your sweet comments.. 

May the Lord bless and keep you until we chat again.. 


  1. Your home looks beautiful with your fall touches and primitive and country decor Faye. It's so homey. I do like the farmhouse look and cottage style too and I think I feel more at home than ever with my decor these days. I don't go for trends or fads at all and I really love to decorate with my old antiques and vintage things that were handed down to me. I noticed you have a bead board backsplash in your kitchen. Do you have any problem with keeping it clean or even dry around the sink area? Did you use a finish that is more waterproof like a varnish over the paint? Just wondering. I would like it for our kitchen which still doesn't have a backsplash after 2 years! I keep putting it off. Thanks for your help. I hope you have a really nice week. Hugs, Pam

  2. Faye, your decorating is so warm and welcoming and you hit the nail on the head as we should love what we live with. And the warmth and homeliness of primitive decorating even drew me in!
    Love that picture taken looking out the window on the fall trees.
    God bless

  3. What a warm beautiful home you have.
    I decorate with a mix..So I guess you can say I use what I love.
    I love deeper warm colors.
    I so have to much stuff too.
    Warm Woolie Blessings

  4. I can hardly part with a thing. Being an antique dealer myself, I find I keep the less perfect pieces because they have character. Sell the best, keep the "junk" - for small inventory anyway. I do love primitive cupboards - I keep them around for a while before I sell them. I mean "if" I sell them. I Love you spinning wheel - does it work? I have 2 - I've tried to spin. I need to try again. I am so uncoordinated, as I can't have my feet and hands doing all of those things. Have a blessed day.

  5. Morning Faye, love all the decorating around your cozy warm home. I also seem to have way to much but love my collections and enjoy seeing them throughout the home. Sweet little stitched stars, love them so, Blessings Francine.

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  7. Morning Faye , I do love your kitchen and that beautiful large window over the sink , your house is so cozy looking . I love the farm house/ country/ antique things I am one to mix my love of all three basically I go with what makes me feel happy Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  8. Everything looks so warm and inviting! I decorate with what I like. I try to stay somewhat "in" but the farm house/country/primitive look will forever more remain in my kitchen. I grew up with both grandmother's having large coumtey kitchens and they were the best ;)

  9. all your fall touches! I like your big kitchen and the wood flooring; I have hardwood in my kitchen as well but much lighter and my kitchen is narrow; I enjoy my kitchen window over my sink, altho its much smaller than yours, I enjoy being able to look out into the back yard when I'm at the sink, in all the seasons. I am waiting for Hallowe'en to be over so I can begin to decorate for the Christmas season; I just do a little each day so it takes a while. :) I like country/farmhouse and prim decorating, always loved big old country homes.
    Cheryl (F'ton)

  10. I do have trouble getting rid of things as well. I'm so sentimental like you! I get it from my grandma. She is the ultimate pack rat haha. She has handed down a lot of her kitchen items to me and I just can't bring myself to get rid of them. They are treasures! But I don't have a big house, so it's hard to find room for everything.

  11. Nipping in to say Hi Faye. Ah, no, I never get rid of anything unless under duress.. normally it goes in the attic :-) x x x

  12. All your little touches ... I love it that I'm not the only one. I get it naturally from my mom. We lovingly call her a "sentimental packrat". I will say that my tastes have changed over the years of Country, Primitive - antique... to Shabby Chic, French Country, Vintage, and back around to any of the just mentioned. I love it all... is that being eclectic? I have a lot of hand-down pieces, well-loved. And, cherished.

    Enjoy your lovely day!!

  13. So long as you love what you live with..that is so true. And I used to be kind of trendy, but no longer, I love country and vintage, that's all, oh yes I love colour also.
    Your house looks very cozy and welcoming, one day I hope to walk in and see it for real!
    So nice to visit with you my dear, we are both sentimental, I guess, but that's a good thing, I think.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. I loved looking at your pictures of your home. When I take others through my home, everything I show has a "life and story". I decorate with family heirlooms. Quilts, pottery, furniture, my Wedding dress, my grandmother's dolls-even the "new" items that my grandchildren are drawing or sewing for me has a story. I'm happy with what I have and don't like to go shopping for anything "new". Just bring me something family or homemade and I'm happy!

  15. Just are so blessed. Hugs friend

  16. I loved your photos!
    My things are all just mixed, like me! :)
    I have been trying to sell off things, don't laugh, but now that some of the furniture pieces are gone, all the stuff they hid is out in plain view! Time to buckle down and clear out the lingering "littles" that are not nearly "little enough"!

  17. Your home is beautiful! It looks very warm and cozy. I must admit I do not think much about home decor. I love seeing how others ladies do their homes but with mine it just is what it is. I know that sounds boring but it is just how I am. Most of my rooms look the same today as they did 11 yrs ago when we moved in(just more cluttered). I really do need to do a total clean out as well. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. I'm new to your blog and was attracted to it because of your "style", which matches my own in many ways :)

    I've tried several different styles over the years (I'm 67) but always went back to decorating with the country/farmhouse/prim style as my most comfortable style to live with. I've never been "trendy" so that never influenced me. I don't even know what the trendy style is these days and don't care. I decorate with what makes me (and my husband) happy and comfortable. We're retired so being comfortable is doubly important...haha. Thanks for sharing your beautiful house :)

  19. What ever the style your home is always so warm and inviting! Haven't dropped in to visit lately, so figured I needed to pop in and say hello!

  20. I always love seeing pictures of your home. You have a wonderful decorating style!