Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Happy Happy....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.. 

Just posting some pics tonight of our family day Thanksgiving.. 

As I posted last we all met at Shonda's.. 
Our first celebration in her new home.. 
Everyone was there and the food and fellowship were sweet.. 
Thank you, dear Lord.. 

I mentioned I would show you a few pics of Shonda's house so I have included a few ... 
She still has a few window treatments to do and such but it feels like home.. 

The seven grandsons all enjoy themselves so much when they get together.. 
Some were upstairs and some were down.. 

Where there is love there is joy, eh? 

The food was awesome.. 

Crab Dip and Crackers, Veggies and Dips and such..
Two homemade soups, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, carrots, broccoli salad, rolls and more.. smile... 

Pies, Cheesecake, Date Squares and Ice Cream.. 

We sat around on the deck and laughed and drank coffee and then it was time to go home.. 
Lots of hugging going on.. 

So thankful for the sweet family that God has given us and for this day of precious memories.. 

Hoping you all had a great day as well... 
Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments.. 

Sending you all a thanksgiving hug... 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful home. And it looks like a grand time. My boys would fit right in with all the Legos.:-) I think Legos are the best.

  2. You certainly had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family gathered around, Faye. Shonda's home is so beautiful and what a view from that huge window! Have a beautiful week. Pam

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family!
    My what a lovely home! Spacious :)
    Looks like a wonderful feast, wonderful family, friends & blessed fellowship!
    Hugs & prayers to all of you~
    Lori for our family

  4. What a wonderful celebration of family and your country, Faye. Seven grandsons seems like a very lucky number to me. Shonda's home is beautiful, I was enjoying the view out her huge windows. xo

  5. Her home is beautiful! It all sounds so warm and fun! I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year for the first time and I am so excited!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Faye!
    Shonda's home is so nice
    and big. It looks like the perfect
    place for family gatherings.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Shonda's home is beautiful. Sounds like you all had a great holiday.

  8. That's a beautiful Home, hope it sees many blessings throughout the years to come!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Faye:) It looks like you had a lovely time with lots of good food, and more importantly, you got to spend time with your family! Shonda's home is lovely indeed!

    Take care, and thank you for the beautiful post.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving Faye! What a lovely day that sounds, your daughter certain;y knows how to take care of you all...wonder where that comes from?! *smile*
    With love & blessings, Carly xx

  11. What a wonderful family Thanksgiving time together!
    Shondas new home is gorgeous and the views are breathtaking even from photos!
    God bless

  12. Morning, looks like a very blessed Thanksgiving, Faye, Blessings Francine.

  13. When your daughter first moved - I thought, how will she make this house look as cute as the other? What a nice house and beautiful furniture and decorations! She is blessed!

  14. Shonda's home is beautiful! She has her Mother's touch for decorating. The food looks delicious. I love the picture of the boys with all the legos. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. Boys are boys all over, aren't they? Computers, X-boxes, and Lego.. Makes me smile. Looked the same here in the den.
    Your daughters home is Amazing... they must love it.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving!! Ours is a comin'... :)

    Your day sounded absolutely wonderful.

  17. Oh Faye, I knew Shondra's home was beautiful - but I'm in's just goodness she does know how to make a wonderful comfortable home...I do wonder where she gets it???? (smiling) from her mama!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving a tad late.

  18. Oh what a beautiful home , sounds and looks like all had a wonderful day ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  19. It looks like it was a delightful time spending the whole day together with family. Shonda's house is huge and beautiful.

  20. Wow, Shonda has a beautiful home! I really like it. Looks like a full house and a fun celebration. The food looks so yummy!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving, ours is coming up next month!
    What a gorgeous home!

  22. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Shonda's home is lovely.


  23. Faye, A late Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. What a beautiful gathering and a beautiful meal. Shonda's home is wonderful. Your family is so lovely. There is always so much to be thankful for, but some get so caught up in all the things that go wrong in their life. We are truly blessed, aren't we.


  24. Looks like it was a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving day for all of you. The home is beautiful. Blessings

  25. Awww! What a beautiful family, lovely new home and a GORGEOUS day outside you were afforded. Sooo very much for which to offer thanks to a wonderful God.

    Hugs to all thanks-giving Canadians... We love you folks!

  26. Lovely post...and a lovely home, nice and big,the food looks yummy.Glad you all had a grate day.
    Faye could I get Terry's Mom's recipe for Shepherds pie Plese.TY. Hugs

  27. Looks like a fun, soul-warming, family gathering.
    Great food, family, and a fun place to celebrate.

    Love that laundry room!!!!

    Enjoy this day.