Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet my blogging friend from Oakview Cottage..

Hello everyone.. 
Today I am doing a little posting about a dear blogging friend of mine.. 

Her name is Cindy and her Canadian blog is called
 Oakview Cottage.. 

You can find her Here...

One of the best things about blogging is the great ladies you meet and the dear friends you make.. 

Cindy is a sister in the Lord which makes her even more special but I love her decorating style.. 
Although, my decor is not the same as hers I still love seeing what she has been doing in her lovely home.. 

In fact, a few pics from her blog was chosen by the Romantic Homes Magazine to put in their issue.. 

Isn't that amazing!!
Here is the link for her blog post about that exciting event.. 
You can read all about it.. 
I felt so proud of her.. smile.. 

I was visiting with a sweet girl this Summer.. 
She and her husband grew up with our kids but when he joined the RCMP they were stationed in Manitoba ...
They were home on vacation and I asked her if she had met Cindy out there..  
She said she had met her at a Ladies Retreat and that she is a sweet person and I had to laugh when she said with so much excitement.. 
"And she sews!!"

She certainly is a talented lady and comes up with wonderful outfits.. 

She made this beautiful dress for her little sister.. 
Gorgeous, eh?
You can find this post HERE..

Cindy is a pastor's wife and dearly loves her family.. 
She often posts about them and her many activities and travels. 
She is a rather energetic person, I think and does some beautiful projects.. 
Such as this one.. 

One of my faves actually.. 
You can read about it HERE..

I sell a lot of vintage in my shop and would so love to have Cindy visit me someday.. 
We would have such a blast, I am thinking.. grin..

I just love her kitchen and I can just imagine us sitting here together...

Having a cup of tea and talking about the goodness of our Lord.. 
Sharing the joys of our families and perhaps even the burdens of our hearts.. 
That is friends are all about, eh? 
Even if you have not met face to face you can share heartbeats because we both love the Lord, our families and our homes.. 
Kindred Spirits... 

Cindy did a post about the Blessed Hearth HERE..
She was so kind.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by.. 
You girls are lovely.. 

Please pop over to Cindy's blog and tell her I sent you by .. 
I know you will enjoy your visit with her.. 

She is decorating for Fall... 

Love and Prayers.. 
Faye Henry.. 

Oh, these are Cindy's photos.. 
She takes some wonderful ones.. 


  1. How sweet of you to do this post, Faye. I enjoyed it and the photos and will now check out the links you've thoughtfully shared. xo

  2. So sweet. I already follow Oakview Cottage and agree with everything you have to say. I appreciate both of you! ♥
    xx oo

  3. I have read her blog before, but will have to go over once again.
    Sharing is one of the best parts!
    I love her photos! Hope you have a lovely week Faye!

  4. Oh my goodness, Faye, I am blushing! You are so sweet. I have to say that the fact that we are sisters in the Lord makes my visit here at your blog so much more special than it would be otherwise, if that is possible. I love your style, it's so warm and it says "home" so clearly. I would LOVE to visit your little shop one day.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  5. Hi Faye, I found Cindy's blog a couple years ago and we have shared a lot 'behind the scenes' too. She's a lovely lady and I would love to meet her one day. Wouldn't it be wonderful for the 3 of us to get together?? I always enjoy seeing how she decorates her sweet home and all the beautiful things she sews. You did a great post on her! Hugs to you both. Pam

  6. I have been following Cindy and her wonderful "Oakview Cottage". I love her kitchen table and chairs and especially her window treatments. It would be such a wonderful place to visit and have a cup of tea or a supper of old fashioned food. But up until tonight....I did not realize that she is the Cindy that comments on you blog!! What a gifted woman she is! For me, it will be even more fun knowing she is the Cindy that I have always admired here in your comment section. This was very thoughtful of you, dear Faye.

  7. Morning Faye, will pop in to visit Cindy, always enjoy another Canadian blogger......sweet kitchen, so comfy cozy, Blessings Francine.

  8. Good morning Faye,
    Isn't it fun to meet new friends through blogging?! Thanks for sharing your blogging friends pictures, and links. I'll go visit her.
    Hope today is a lovely day for you.

    Smiles :)

  9. Good morning Faye - I can't wait to visit Cindy's blog - she is doubly blessed to have such a great friend in you. Have a lovely day!

  10. I'll have to go and check her out.. thanks for introducing Cindy.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for telling me about a new blog to check out. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Faye
    I have never met Cindy yet, but I feel I know her already too! She is a friend at heart and a sister in the Lord.
    I follow her blog to see all her cottage decorating. I can see why she was chosen for the magazine!

  13. Mrs.Faye, I know nothing about salmon but I would assume it is fresh water salmon. A friend caught them somewhere in N.Y. They were given to us as a gift.

  14. Her home looks beautiful! And that dress she made is simply stunning. Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Hi Faye,
    What a lovely post about your friend .
    I stopped in to with a heart felt " Hello" and to thank you so much for your visit .
    Your blog is beautiful. What a pretty header as well .
    Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday,
    Lovely to share with friends .