Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flannel Time..

Hello there everyone.. 
Fall evenings are here again and it is getting dark earlier ... 

I find I spend more time in our bedroom then during the Summer, of course.. 
The other day I washed our flannel sheets and put them on the line to blow out.. 
Then today I put them on.. 

We have a waterbed which seems to humor some people but like I try to tell them that we are just a couple of old hippies.. smile.. 
It is always heated and lovely and warm all Winter.. 
We keep our window open all year, too.. 
Do you? 
I laugh and tell that sometimes there is a little snowdrift on our floor in the morning..grin.. 
Flannel sheets along with a nice feather duvet keeps us toasty.. 

Anyway, I have also been foraging the thrift shops to get a nice pile of reading material all ready for cozy evenings.. 
Along with a few new notebooks and magazines.. 
I think this is my favorite pastime any time of the year but especially during these dark evenings.. 

I picked our last rose of Summer today, too.. 
It was a wee bit dilapidated due to frost, I suppose.. 
Still lovely, though.. 

Well, good night dear hearts.. 
Do you have your flannels ready yet??.. 
In some parts of their world they are planning their gardens.. smile.. 

Thank you for your sweet comments and visits.. 
May God bless and keep you all... 


  1. Flannels on here.
    Basket filled with yarn and warm fire blazing.
    Woolie Warm Blessings

  2. Oh ya, love the flannel sheets on the bed, so comfy cozy......BlessingsFrancine.

  3. Yes, I crack our window. I freeze my poor hubby to death. Love reading to. I have a kindle... Love it! I used to live flannel sheets but hot flashes and flannel do not mix... Lol. My brother still had a water bed. He says it helps his back. Blessings!

  4. I think the flannel sheets might go on this weekend as it's supposed to get a lot colder at night. I usually wait until November so we'll see. I need to find a good lightweight but warm duvet now. They sure are expensive! Stay cozy.

  5. Oh Faye! That is why I have been so cold at night! I was thinking as I cozied in the other night "I don't remember ever being this cold at night before", now I know why LOL! I completely forgot about our flannel sheets...guess I know one thing I'll be doing tomorrow :)


  6. Your home is so cozy Faye! But I have to admit if I put flannel sheets on all the windows would be open all the way up! Lol! I love the feel of them but I can't stand to be hot... Showing my age aren't i? Blessings dear sister, loved reading your recent post as well. Such lovely pictures. I do hope Revival By Design brings us up by your neck of the woods in the spring. Would love to meet you!

  7. My husband doesn't like flannel sheets, so I don't get to use them. We have started burning wood in the woodstove-for a week now. That's early for Arkansas. We usually don't start until the end of October. I LOVE burning wood!! I Love reading your blog. Blessings to you!

  8. Visiting your blog, Faye, is like receiving a big hug. I used to love my flannel sheets but they made my eyes and nose so itchy!!!! I do love my well worn down comforter. Keeps me snuggly, but my windows are closed. ;-) xo

  9. It is not as cold yet here in the mountains, but I thin those flannel days are acoming :)

  10. I need some of those, my feet are always cold...bbbrrrrrrr! love the picture of the rose.
    I admit I stopped reading in bed, I have tried to break my habit of staying up too much at night. I used to read a lot at night . Now I get up at 4:00am and am usually asleep before 12:00, that's a long rest for me!

  11. I love flannel sheets,but not my husband. He is very warm blooded so we compromised .He bought a duel control heating blanket. Now he can be cool on his side of the bed and I can be warm.

  12. Hi Faye, After last night , I wonder if I will ever use those flannel sheets again! I was so hot and I really did not like it. Threw the covers off about 8 times ,,,,then I would get cold and would have to get them again. I think we have to wait a while before the flannels comes out and go on the bed.....maybe about Thanksgiving time. Your bed looked so cozy and inviting.

    Made an appointment to have surgery on the other thumb..(trigger finger)........the same week as the first surgery I told you about. This trigger thumb came on so fast. I can do it. Prayers please, my dear. Talk to you soon.

    Love, S.

  13. Not many people "get" why one would keep their window open in Winter....I do. My niece actually has a fan on ALL year.

  14. Flannels are not on yet but are waiting and ready! We are supposed to make it down in the 30's this weekend. I love the idea of leaving your window open all year. My hubby on the other hand would NOT dare agree to that. :) Sounds like you have lots of cozy evenings planned. Enjoy.

  15. That is a beautiful quilt Faye, and so cozy looking!

  16. Funny you should mention flannel sheets.
    I was just thinking this morning, that we should put an extra quilt on all the beds :)

    I too bought some books at the thrift store last week.
    When it's too cold and dark to be outside, sitting by the fire with a good book, and a cup of hot chocolate is a perfect way to pass the winter days.

    Warm wishes, my friend.


  17. Flannel and my heated blanket - mmmmmm 'tis cozy and warm!

  18. I had to smile about the waterbed, my mom still has one!
    She loves it!

    I love flannel too!

  19. Hi Faye
    Your bed looks very cozy and warm!
    Yes, we put our flannel sheets on last weekend, just in time for the snow.
    Good idea to get your reading material lined up for the winter months ahead.

  20. Hello,
    Yes, we have our flannel sheets on. Oh, they feel so cozy. :-) Our cat likes it when we add our winter blankets too.

  21. I toss and turn too much. I've tried flannels... but I keep getting stuck. ;)

  22. No flannel sheets for me but my daughter just put hers on. Night time is chilly now, butmwe are having 70 degree weather right now. So different than with storm we had first week of fall here. I planted my pansies the other day and they are doing well. Hugs!

  23. This made me laugh because we just put our flannel sheets on as well! They are so warm and cozy. We don't sleep with a window open because I think we'd freeze if we did! We like it nice and warm in our bedroom.

  24. I kept flannels on for about the past year- Love them :)

  25. Looks cozy! Yes, I would be tickled to know you sometimes woke to a snow drift in your room! This southern lady does not like a lick of cold!! I am putting my flannels on our beds this weekend or early next week. It has been rather cool here earlier than I would like this year.