Thursday, October 31, 2013

These October Days...

Good Evening my dears.. 
How are you all doing? 

Here we are the last day of October.. 
Much cooler here in New Brunswick then it has been.. 
There was a couple of huge frosts this week but tonight there is a wind warning and rain for tomorrow.. 
Funny... \
I was craving a good rainstorm.. grin.. 

Are you girls keeping busy these days?  
The other morning we headed out early for the old farm.. 
What a beautiful day it was, too.. 

Terry had rented a bush cutter and I grabbed a bag of apples to fill my day.. smile.. 
Then some lovely company showed up.. 

He helped Terry all day as us girls made dinner and chatted .. 
And laughed .. 
This dear girl is a hoot and it was a blessed day for sure.. 

The Honey Crisps Apples are in and are now dried and put away for some tasty snacks.. 
They are so good.. 

Drying more from our old apple trees to make some of the apple wreaths for Christmas gifts.. 
So easy to do.. 

I shared it with you before but all you do is thread a wire through and then tie a bow.. 
Also, for winter potpourri HERE and basket liners .. 

The Maple Apple Jam is all finished, too.. 
The recipe is HERE..
I cut the sugar back by a cup and the syrup by half a cup.. 
Still very sweet but delicious on toast or ice cream.. 

I did a little experiment this week.. 
Tried a homemade stew from meat that we had not ate before and to be honest we will not try again.. 
I know there are folks who eat goat and love it but it is not to our liking .. 
Have you ever tried it? 
Oh well... 
I love trying new foods but that just did not turn out.. grin.. 

We took a drive up to the windmills on Monday, too.. 
They sure are awesome.. 

Thank you so much for taking time to drop by and visiting.. 
Loved having you all.. 

Just before I leave though I would like to send out a prayer request.. 
Our son's best friend has a dear daughter who turns 16 tomorrow.. 
This week they took her to the IWK Hospital in Halifax as the doctors believe that she has Lymphoma.. 
Such a dreadful thing but we know that God is able.. 
He is our Healer and we know personally that cancer is not a hindrance to our God.. 
A lot of you know that in 1998 I was healed of breast cancer.. 
We know that He still heals... 
Even today.. 
Please remember Chelsea in your prayers.. 

Thank you dear girls.. 
You are the best.. 


  1. Happy Halloween Faye, your picture post is a joy, beautiful.....Sending prayers for the dear girl, god bless her, Hugs Francine.


  2. The pumpkins are beautiful (so are the pies) and I like the pumpkin that has the green on it. The country looks so beautiful. We are getting rain tonight and all day and it is making the leaves fall. I never ate goat, but my mother loved mutton, but not me. We will all pray for Chelsea.

  3. Beautiful pics! your pictures always make me yearn for days when I visited my Grandmothers...they had such a simple peaceful life. I loved it.. I just seems life is so hetic for most these days... You are so right, cancer is no hindrance to our God! Praying for her and the family. What a testimony of healing you have to share with them... Blessings!

  4. Lovely photos . I love your delish recipes and your photos of your table all set ! Your photos of your farm house and kitchen bring back the good days of our farm house and my mum being in the kitchen busy making something ..thanks for that ! I love lamb but not to keen on goat .I pray for Chelsea and family . It has been warm , windy and raining here since last night . I am a sunshine person . Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  5. I loved your photos Faye. October sure went by quickly didn't it. I've never tried goat meat and am not about to either. I will pray for Chelsey, dear thing. Thanks for sharing today. Blessings, Pam

  6. Loved the photos, but honestly I will pass on the goat!
    We have a heavy wind advisory tonight and rain into tomorrow.
    I will pray for Chelsea also!
    Hugs, heading on to the lovely month of November, where has the year gone?

  7. HI Faye Dear, I think I like it when you two go to the farm just about as well as when you go to the cottage. every time you go there you are always doing something that interests me. This time it is the drying of your fruits. I have always been going to get one to dry food but just never have......Hey, maybe I will ask Santa.

    I will be more that happy to offer prayers to our Savior for you friend, Chelsea. I have heard that God has helped so many people with this disease lately .Keep your chin up, Chelsea and God bless you, Sweetheart.

    If I could ask for a couple of prayers for myself this week would be so wonderful. I am having two surgeries this week,. One on Monday and one on Friday. I, hopefully, will be okay but sure would feel so content and not so anxious if I knew just a few were praying a couple of prayers for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. I never ate goat nor plan to, however, if you cooked it I'm sure it was delicious. I will pray for her. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  9. No, we do not like goat over here. Will certainly pray for the young lady. Love the windmill pictures!

  10. Faye, Chelsea and her family have been in my prayers all week. Such a beautiful family and I know God will give them the strength to get through this. A close friend of mine has a daughter who is the same age and they have gone to school together since Kindergarten. I have also been praying for her, as she has had alot of upsets to deal with lately, she lost a close friend, my son's accident and now Chelsea. She is such an emotional girl and just does not understand why or how these things happen to young people. The butter looks yummy! Hugs to you .

  11. What a lovely visit I have had with you today, i loved seeing your country table set so nicely, the drive is lovely and the pumpkins are very fun.
    It has been chilly at night, but way above freezing in the day time with temps yesterday being 11 deg Celsius! You can't beat that.
    The dried apple wreath would be a lot of fun to make and looks so very country/cottage/farmhouse-y, doesn't it.
    I'm praying for Chelsea. My daughter came down with cancer when she was 16 and it changed her life forever. God is still a healer and helper through chemo and a dear loving Saviour. Life is often what we make of the challenges that come our way. My Carolyn faced it boldly and came out a survivor, there were times when she cried and begged us not to make her go through with the chemo and she almost died on us. But, today she is alive, loving God with all of her heart and raising her family to love Him in the same way. God is GOOD, isn't he!!! You are an example of the fact that life is hard and the hard times will either break us or make us. It is up to us whether or not we cling to God in these terrible times or we stand back and accuse Him of letting us down. I want to always draw closer to His loving side no matter what comes my way.
    Pray for us, it looks like my hubby is going to be offered a church, here in Manitoba and perhaps even in Winnipeg itself. God GOOD!!!
    Love and hugs to you my dear sister, cindy

  12. Certainly will be praying for the young girl. We know our God is in the business of healing. I have not eaten goat before but I have often wondered what it tastes like. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Another lovely post Faye. I love fall! It's just too short a season though. The apples sound delicious. I still have a few Cortland's hanging out at the top of one of our apple trees. I need to get them down and make some applesauce. I got some pears earlier this fall so I made some pear sauce. It's wonderful on homemade toast in the mornings, or in oatmeal.

    My husband and I will be remembering Chelsea in our prayers. The Great I Am Still Is!


  14. Hello,
    Thank you for the wonderful post.
    You are so right, God is Good. Yes, God is in control. We may not understand at the time, but understanding comes.
    Our prayers for Chelsea.

  15. Prayers for Chelsea.

    Enjoyed the post.

  16. Oh, yum! Pies, and bread.... I'll be right over **grin*

    Never tried goat meat before.. although, I too have heard that some people quite like it.

    You've inspired me to make some apple wreaths, and I think I shall make a few orange wreaths as well.

    Sorry about your friend.. prayers for her.

  17. I wish I lived closer. I'd like to visit you. : - ) Thinking of Chelsea. I hope she gets all the treatment she need to recover her health.

  18. I have a huge smile on my face!!!!! I read your blog pretty regularly(and with great admiration), but I don't have a way with words like yours, so I am pretty quiet. I could not keep quiet today!! I was reading along on this post , and lo and behold...there are my everyday dishes!...too fun!! I have been using the Memory Lane dishes for many years...I have other ones, but these are my favorites!! I had them on a black and tan buffalo check table cloth the other evening, with a big glass jar full of fall leaves for the centerpiece. It looked so pretty!
    I can think of you often when I set my table....waaaaayyyyyyy down here in central Texas!!
    Blessings to you,