Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just running the roads and a little giveaway.....

Good Evening everyone.. 
How are you all? 

Hope your weather is doing OK.. 
We are having typical Spring weather here in New Brunswick.. 
A bit of rain and a bit of snow and some sun..

Terry and I have been doing some road running.. smile.. 

Last week we headed to this city.. 

Perhaps you can guess where it is.. 
People who live here in the East might anyway... smile.. 

This might help you.. 
We ate at this restaurant where they serve a lovely garden salad buffet.. 
The night before we ate at a steak house and I could not believe the amount of food they put on our plates.. 
I couldn't eat it all.. smile.. 
This was a couple of purchases I made.. 

A new clock... 

And a new print.. 
A nice change... 

Then at the end of the week we headed to St. Martins.. 

The tide was out ..

But it made me a bit anxious to get back to the Bay of Fundy and our old cottage.. 

Terry had to do a bit of measuring.. 

And I so loved the snow drops.. 
Aren't they sweet?
Last Easter I used some for a centrepiece in an old pudding mold.. 
I think they are one of my favorite flowers.. 

The lake up in the mountains is still not open but it is beginning to.. 

It had been snowing a bit that day but the cows were still out... 

We spent the weekend recuperating from our travels and getting to church.. 
Then yesterday morning I headed to this city.. 
\Does anyone recognize it?  
And a dear girl treated me to this lovely gift.. 

The candle smells heavenly and I look forward to reading the books and magazine.. 
Thank you, dear heart.. 

When I came home today someone was hungry... 

Don't you love cooking for a hungry man?  grin.. 

Thanks so much for you sweet visit.. 

If you recognize the two cities and restaurant then just mention them in your comment or even make a good guess then I will put your names in a hat and will send you a wee gift.. 

If for some reason you can't get the comment to work then just email me at

You don't have to have the right answers but just try a guess in your comment or email.. 
You need to be a follower of the blog... 

I will let you know who won on Friday and post a pic of the prize then, too.. 

Take care, my friends and may God bless and keep you.. 


  1. I have no idea, I guess it's not Charleston, SC is it? ;)
    Wow, y'all still have snow, I'm a little envious. We have been 86, humid and I am melting.
    Love your new print.

  2. I love your pictures. I really don't know where they are but gonna take a wild guess, Moncton and Saint John

  3. Your photos are so lovely. I am sorry I have no ideal where these cities are at, but they look like a great place to visit.

  4. I always enjoy your photos...alas...I cannot identify the cities...but they look lovely....the restaurant I can only guess....Olive Garden?

  5. I have no idea what the two cities are but I'm hungry after seeing that delicious plate of food!!

  6. Oh boy, I was stumped by the first city photo but figured it out from your travels in reverse. Haha. Bangor (nearest Olive Garden) and Saint John. I think. You are pretty tricky with the first picture as I didn't recognize the church steeple. That hungry man dinner looks pretty good. :) Hugs. Pam

  7. Hello Dear Friend,
    I have no idea regarding the cities.
    I guessed Olive Garden right away.
    But I would skip Olive Garden and just eat at your house. :-) Your food looks so good.
    xx oo

  8. I couldn't even make a near guess...,but I could give them names...the first place you visited I would name Chapel Hill....for the church at the top of the hill :) The city...lets see...I would call it ....Spiresville...I see atleast four steeples :) That plate of food made my mouth water...yum...yum

    Blessings to you Faye

  9. Well, my guess would be Pennsylvania. ?...Philadelphia? As the first city? Not sure since I don't live there. Love your purchases and all the delicious food anyway, no matter where you were on this beautiful earth!

  10. The first picture looks like it could be in Bangor, Maine, wherever it is, you have snapped a nice shot of their Funeral Home with cremation services - I think that they even have the prices in the window.
    I can't guess about the restaurant, it doesn't look familiar to me.
    I am guessing with the second picture as well, is it Saint John?

    Your purchases look great in your home.

    This was a good week to be away, it is so grey and cheerless here.


  11. Your snowdrops look heavenly... and that is the first view of the lake I have seen this year. Beautiful photos. xo

  12. Lol! Well, I would agree with Carla from The River up there in her comment. Skip that whatever-you-call-it-restaurant and just eat at the House of Henry!! perhaps much finer dining than anywhere... :)

    I would have no idea of the two cities... but I know neither of them are HOME!! at least, for you!

    I enjoyed this post... and your centerpiece idea.

  13. I have no idea about the cities, but thoroughly enjoyed my visit! The print is just lovely and so is your collection of pewter ~ beautiful. And yes, I love cooking for a hungry man!
    Blessings and enjoy your day!

  14. Lovely post as the steeples....take care ....Gos Bless.

  15. Hi Faye, I would say Bangor and the Olive Garden--both are places that I love although the Olive Garden is not quite the same since I have been celiac. The other city is of course Saint John. I see the Cathedral spire--my parents were married there and my Dad was buried from there ( our church had burned). Love your purchases. Did you find anything interesting at the Xmas Tree Shop? Thought of you the other night when I watched the movie Still Mine that was filmed in St. Martins. Love the scenery.
    Take care

  16. have no clue, but will take Christiansburg and Newtown, I have no clue if there are such places with those names.! loved the journey though, the photos were wonderful! and the food looks delicious!

  17. I am going to say Saint John...only because I have been there and then Moncton because I know you go there often but really I have no idea. The new print over the pewter looks perfect right where it is! I think it was "meant" to go there! We have no snow drops here at our house. Oh, how I like them. I think I have to plant some this fall. Oh......your food looks so good!!!! Is it time for your ??????that you get from the ferns yet?

  18. I have no idea, as I seldom travel to any cities, other than Moncton......but I'll guess one of the photos is Saint John. I noticed on one photo I can read 'Cremation, LLC, but I still have no idea where it is. Enjoy your photos, travels and recipes.

  19. Well, none of it looks like Texas (except maybe the cows), but I'll bite....Olive Garden, St. John and ???? how would you go for Boston?? :^)
    I agree with other posters...I would MUCH rather come to see you :^)
    Blessings to you,
    PS: I love the new print....

  20. Not sure about the first pic Faye; I would guess the second one to be Saint John?
    Love the pic with the cows and a few trees with snow - looks like a painting; I'm sure you'll be glad to get back to St. Martins; I definitely want to get there this summer!
    I enjoy your blog so much.

    Cheryl (F'ton)