Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Keepers of the Home meeting for March..

Good Evening ladies.. 
Hope you all are enjoying lovely Spring weather ... 
Let's just say we are not.. smile.. 

Saturday morning turned out ok after the terrible storm we had.
Our attendance was down but I am sure the weather was responsible.. 
What a Winter/Spring we are having.. 
They are now calling it Sprinter... grin.. 
We started as usual with breakfast.. 
This was a new recipe we tried and it was very good.. 
Overnight Berry French Toast..

The link for the recipe is HERE..

We had some wonderful fellowship.. 

Stories were told.. smile.. 
The coffee and breakfast were tasty.. 

Then these two sweet girls taught us how to decorate some soaps.. 

It was a simple craft and so much fun.. 

They gave us several examples of ways to use the soaps for our gift pantries.. 

They brought several pages of Victorian graphics that we just cut out, wet in water and stuck on the soap.. 
Then taking the soap we dipped just the paper covered side into melted paraffin wax.. 
Taking a sharp knife you just scrape off some of the wax and it is finished.. 
The picture will last until the soap is all gone.. 

I loved this craft.. 
Look for sticker books and then copy them on your computer or just print some from the web.. 

Then these two ladies taught us to make some homemade hand sanitizer.. 

Each one took home a bottle.. 
Here is the recipe.. 

1/2 cup of aloe Vera gel 
1 1/2 tsp. witch hazel
15 drops of tea tree essential oil..
5 drops of lavender essential oil or oil of your choice..S... 

some purified water to thin mix if desired if you would like to spray it.. 
Just whisk this all together and place in purse size bottles.. 
You can buy these at the dollar stores.. 


Our lesson on this day was very simple.. 
The room we were focusing on was the bathroom.. 

So, we talked about how a simple act of a toilet overflowing can give us a moment to pause and take the time to slow down and not get all upset but to just do the chore in good spirits.. 
We can do this when we put God first in our day. 
He grants us the strength and purpose we need.. 
We want to remember that it is our family that counts and we as Mamas need to purposely show them our love and affection despite the upsets of our day.. 
Small things mean a lot even if we are going out straight.

So our goal this month is put God and our family first in our everyday lives.. 

Thank you again for your visits and comments.. 
If you live nearby we would love to have you join us later this month as we are redoing and making do... 

It is held in Salisbury, N. B. 
Just email me or leave a comment.. 

God bless.. 

Psalm 51:10
King James Version (KJV)
10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.


  1. lovely post!
    I have seen these soaps, but have never made any, I will try now!
    I also will try the sanitizer.

    Faye, I don't think I have Ever disagreed on a post of yours before,but the toilet part, after ours has overflowed for months, a couple of times clear through the house, and it even came up the shower once, I just can't see myself not getting upset :(

    1. Sorry Ann.. I am sure anyone would be frustrated with all of that.. We were just kind of discussing a one time deal.. grin.. I know I would be upset too.. God bless my friend..xo

  2. I make homemade soap. I am going to try this with my soaps. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Interesting homemade hand sanitizer, any better than store bought? we are having some less rain and it was warmer today. My tulips are coming with buds now. A crocus bloomed yesterday. I planted them late but they are coming up! Some of them are in a galvanized bucket I bought at the hardware store where I work. Love it! Hope you all warm up there soon. Weird winter weather for sure! God bless!

    1. Hi Becky.. Thanks for visiting.. To be honest, I do not know if it is any better but satisfying to make your own and probably cheaper.. xo

  4. Lovely photos Faye , Looks like all had a fun time and lot of Yummies to ! Great ideas to making your own soap and hand sanitizer thanks for sharing , Hope spring shows up there soon , I will send some your way . Have a good day !

  5. What a cute idea for the soap! I think the hand sanitizer would be a lot better than store bought as they have lots of chemicals in them that are not good for us. Thanks for sharing your lovely time with us.

  6. Looks like you ladies had a blessed time together.... always...right? :-)

  7. You had a great day!!! Those soaps are very cool! I think I may try that for the little ladies Sunday School class that I work with. The $$ Tree just happens to have Yardley soaps guessed it....1$ :^) I have the paraffin, and I could use some pretty wrapping tissure paper that I have!!
    Thank you so much Ms. Faye!! My sweet ladies will thank you too! (Last week we had a birthday party for all of the folks in this class who were 90+ years old. It was GREAT...we all had a wonderful time)

    1. ummmmmm that would be tissue paper....
      I need to proofread better :^(