Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Doings...

Good Evening everyone.. 

A little post here at the first of the week.. 
The wind is fierce the last couple of days and the snow has been disappearing very quickly.. 

I love Spring.. 
It is my favorite season of the year although I enjoy all seasons really.. Even Winter is not the big dread that I had when I was younger.. 
I have learned to enjoy the coziness of it all with Terry being retired and all.. So long as my children are not travelling to or from work during a storm I actually enjoy most of it.. 

But Spring just calls my name.. smile.. 

We went to the city today and bought a table set for our deck.. 
We needed a new one but since we spend most of the time at the cottage we only bought a cheap one.. 
We also plan on buying a Deck Swing but we could only find one at Costco and it was quite expensive so we are waiting for a week or two.. 
No other store had any for sale.. 
I don't know what's up with that..

I have wanted a swing for years so I am looking forward to it..  
This will be our anniversary present to each other as we did not take a little trip or such.. 

You who have read the blog for a while know we spend a lot of time at our old farm in the Spring.. 
Well, the picture above is dear hubby taking in some strapping for the ceiling in the back porch.. 
He has been puttering away at it for quite awhile now so I have finally started putting a bit of pressure on him to finish.. 
He has tried to spend a day a week up there all Winter so I am wondering how comfortable that old couch there is.. grin.. 
He is also carrying newspapers to make a fire which he puts on each time he goes.. 
The snow is still deep and he has to snowshoe in but after the wind and rain this week we are hoping that I will soon be able to go, too.. 

As the wind was blowing and the rain coming down I took some books and such and sat in the truck for an hour or two and waited for him.. 

I worked on my crochet.. 
I am making a mason jar cozy.. 

And a few mags and books.. 
Note the size of those snow banks.. 
Yup... this is Canada.. 
Once the snow starts to leave it really doesn't take long, though.. 
These pics were taken last Friday, I think and our fields today are almost bare.. 

Then our old back roads look like this.. 

That dear man I am married to loves roads like this and I detest them.. 
I made him turn around here because I was not wading in the mud to get out.. 

On our way home tonight we had to travel through water twice before we reached home as the river has overflowed it's banks.. 
We just go from one extreme to another but no worry.. 
We are used to it.. 

Today with snow piles in parking lots fifteen feet high there were people everywhere with hardly any clothes on... 
We are a  tough breed, I am thinking.. 
I prefer a bit of modesty myself but anyway.. 

A very good thing today is my Mom's 80th birthday.. 
I posted that we all (17 of us) had taken her out to dinner a couple of weeks ago but her actual day was today.. 
We are so thankful to still have her with us.. 
Our Dad has been gone for 25 years and we miss him so but Mom is a going concern.. 
She bakes pies, breads and such almost every day.. 
They have a lot of company... smile.. 
And almost every day she and her husband go shopping.. 
She told me this morning that she doesn't think she can keep going and picking up cat food or whatever every day.. 
I told her she should just go every other day then.. grin.. 

I am just thankful she is quite healthy and so is our Step-Father.. 
They sure enjoy each other and that is wonderful for not only them but for her family, too.. 

I had to include this little face.. 
So cute... 

Well, thank you dear friends for dropping by and leaving your sweet comments.. 
I truly appreciate it.. 

I must get to bed and listen to the wind..
It is 10:30  (a bit late for me) smile..  
Nightie night.. 


  1. Yes, I will agree, Canadians are a tough bunch. 80 years and still baking pies - you have some good genes there... blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. Hi Faye, Loved seeing your pics of the old homestead. That is perseverance by your husband lugging building supplies in on snowshoes.. Good man. Lovely pic of your mom.
    Wishing you melting snow and grass showing. xo

  3. Oh and yet another beautiful post my friend!
    I have said it before and I'll say it should be a writer of short stories...for sure they would sell.
    What a beautiful picture of Terry in the Winter it.
    Oh our snow piles from shoveling and snow blowing were as high as our tree branches in spots but a few good days and it was gone.
    I am not a winter lover although I do love a good snow all day long while inside.
    Bad snowstorm then I worry as you do about our children driving to and from work...we do that as moms don't we?
    Blessings to you Faye, and thanks again for such a lovely post.

  4. Morning Faye, yes, we are a hearty breed us Canadians, well, have to be :-).... Love the pictures, always enjoy my visits with you, Happy Easter, Francine.

  5. Oh, it snowed hard here this morning Faye. We got about an inch that stuck to everything making it look like winter again. It rained all night though and the snow went down farther. I can't believe how much it's melted in the past 10 days. The roads can be bad these days, even the paved ones. :) So many pot holes and frost heaves and now flooding to contend with. Cute pic of your grandson peeking at you. Hugs. Pam

  6. We had snow on Monday and ice on everything this morning after all the last big snow had melted and lovely warm spring like days , but now the temps are rising sun is shining and the melt is on green grass again WOOHOO !! Lovely photos . WOW ! still a lot of snow there ! Your mum looks amazing lovely looking lady . It is the people she has around her the love of her hubby and all that baking that keeps her young ! Happy Birthday to your mum ! Thanks for sharing Have a good week !

  7. Yes springtime is the time for mud after the snow. But the next part is better, warm breezes and the smell of fresh cut grass.

    I love to sleep at night when the wind is blowing and its raining. You can cozy up under the blankets.

  8. Hi Faye, Lovely post as usual. Like you wherever we go I have books, magazines and "something to work on". I am never bored. I would highly recommend a swing. I have had one for years and spend so much time in it. I was on the lookout for another for the last couple of years because I knew mine was on borrowed time. At the end of the summer I found one less than 1/2 price at Canadian tire. I love it and can't wait to get it out again.
    Again more things we have in common.
    Take care

  9. Well, look at those wonderful snow shoes on Terry!!! Is there anything he can not do? I know you love it at the farm. I love it when you are there, too. It is so homey and cozy and you are always cooking something to go along with the weather! Our back roads are getting muddy and full of ruts, too. It hurts my neck and back to keep driving over them!!! So then I complain. Faye, your mother is a pretty lady. I wish I could sit down and have a cup of tea with her. I just know we would get along. After all you have told us, she reminds me of my Grandma and great aunts ....who could cook up a storm!!!! And your cute little one in the last picture....just screams sweet little boy. The ones that age keep us young!!!!

    I am sick of this cold weather. I had to wear my gloves and winter coat to the doctor's office today. It was so cold. I wish it would become a lovely spring. I am like seem like the renewing of life!

    Sorry I missed this last night. I don't know what is the matter with me lately. A day late and a dollar short!!!!!

    Blessing, my d to you and Terry.