Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow.. What a Week...

Good Evening everyone.. 

Hope you all had a blessed Easter ... 

What a week we have had here in New Brunswick .. 
Last week we had some historical weather.. 

You can tell I am Canadian because weather seems to have it's part in each post that I write.. smile.. 

Anyway.. Last week we had floods everywhere.. 
We woke up and our son called and said that the town he lives in a half an hour from us was in a state of emergency.. 
Flood waters were practically covering his part of town.. 
Terry and I decided to take a wee trip out to our old farm to make sure it was all right.. 
It took us most of the day to get there as every brook and river had overflowed and a lot of the roads were closed.. 
We tried 3 different ways and finally arrived there.. 

What a relief.. 
It was fine even though it is in a hollow and the brook runs across the back and down the side of it.. 
Terry said he had not seen it so high before.. 
Who would believe that just 4 days ago he had to snowshoe over that huge bank to get into the house.. 
Now not a trace of snow remains.. 
Here are a few pics that I took along the way.. 

All these dear old farms surrounded by flood waters.. 
We did not get back home until supper time and couldn't believe some of the photos of other places here in the province.. 
The next day we went for another drive to see an old covered bridge that had floated 20 km. down the river to come to rest at a highway bridge.. 
More beautiful farms surrounded by water.. 
We saw ducks and geese everywhere.. 
Hundreds of them.. 

Do you notice the ice... 
The flood waters had come down through the night but where it had been froze and looked like cellophane papers.. 
Beautiful, though, eh? 

And this is what is left of the old covered bridge.. 
What a shame... 
The province has a huge chore to mend all of the broken roads and bridges.. 
People are stranded and have to drive miles out of the way ... 
So much damage occurred in just a few hours and caused so much damage and waste.. 

We did have a lovely Easter, though.. 
On Good Friday we all gathered at Shonda and Daves..

We were so thankful for what the day represented to each of us.. 
Jesus paid a great price for our souls and we are so thankful for Calvary.. 

Dinner was lovely as always.. 
Thank you, dear girl... 

On Sunday morning we all celebrated the risen Christ.. 
Because He lives we can face tomorrow.. 

We had company for dinner and had 
more ham and such.. smile.. 
So thankful to spend 3 days with our sweet family.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

One dessert was delicious.. 

Fresh fruit and melted chocolate bunny.. 
A delicious Fondue... 
Thanks Veronique... 

The little guys received new bikes and enjoyed driving them.. 

Bye Mom... 
See ya later... 
Another few pages of precious memories.. 

The flood waters have receded and life is getting back to normal... 
Looking forward to sunny days and garden plans.. 
How did your week go?  

I loved having you drop by and look forward as always to your lovely comments.. 
Take care, dear hearts.. 


  1. Hi Faye, I was here but my lovely computer just did something with my comment to you....and now it is gone. I will write tomorrow. Getting way past my bedtime now. Great post.

  2. Flooding is so scary, Faye. My parent lost our family home when the Mississippi River flooded in the 90's.
    So wonderful you were able to spend time with your lovely family on Easter!

  3. Morning Faye, looks like a beautiful family Easter, great pictures......that is very scary flooding, Red River is getting higher here too, Blessings Francine.

  4. too bad about the old bridge. cool ice in the brush

  5. Oh terrible the flooding was. I'm so sorry to hear about it. We had tons of rain and localized flooding, but nothing like that!
    Love your Easter pictures - you certainly do take beautiful photos..making even simple things look elegant!
    Thanks for sharing your week.

  6. So sorry to hear about the flooding in your area!
    I hope that everyone has managed to stay safe.

  7. Pretty scary flood waters can be . I am glad no one lost their homes and all are safe . We had flood warnings last week but as the weather became warmer and dry all is ok now . Our Easter weekend was lovely as has been the weather yesterday it was sunny and hit a high of 22*C ,today cooler with a fog and rain in the morning but slowly becoming sunny ! Wonderful photos , glad you had a lovely weekend with family . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  8. Sad to see such flooding, but happy your farm was safe. Love the photo of Shonda, looks like she has a halo, xo

  9. We will be praying for those in the flood. Our snow is still melting. I hope it will be done this week.
    Great idea to melt a chocolate bunny. :-) I will have to do that. We have some bananas and strawberries, perfect for dipping.

  10. Whenever I see pictures like this it reminds me once again at how little control we humans really have! We think we are in charge but in a blink of an eye it can all change. I'm glad we have One who holds everything in HIs hands!

  11. You got some great pictures of the flooding Faye, and I'm glad your old farm was spared. It is unbelievable the amount of damage caused from the floods all over the province. I've never seen that before have you? I hope the heavy rains forecasted for tomorrow don't cause the rivers to rise again. There is still lots of ice in the St. John River and in the woods, and also the ice jams to let go. I hope you have a nice week ahead. Blessings, Pam

  12. what a beautiful place even with the terrible flood. The farms were lovely but I'm so sorry for all the
    damage. Yes, Sunday was so special - my fav holiday because it commerates the day of our
    Saviour's resurrection - which secured our salvation. God bless you and family.

  13. Dear Faye...
    Sorry to see all the flooding. How sad that it ruined that old covered bridge.
    Weather is a funny thing.....nice one day, and terrible the next.
    We had wind storms last night, and I feared that the winds would topple the old pine trees.... thankfully they did not, and all is well this morning.

    Seems like you had a lovely Easter... I'm glad for you.
    What a blessing your family is to you, and you to them all, I'm certain.

    Your food goods look quite tasty in your last post. How nice it is to be able to spend time in the kitchen, mixing up delicious dishes. I've been missing that, with all the busy-ness that is going on around here just now.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of your week, and stay nice and safe and dry.

    Smiles :)

  14. Faye, I love all the pictures, I don't get out much so I really appreciate seeing the beautiful places you post. The flooding is scary, reminds me of my childhood. My parents home was on the banks of the Poquessing and whenever there was a bad storm we would get flooded really bad. The fire rescue team had to come get us in a motorboat as the water in our yard was chest deep and we had almost 2 ft.of water inside the house. What a mess that was. I'm glad you are all safe. Looking forward to see what beautiful things you will post next, I really enjoy them. Blessings to you and yours dear.

  15. Faye, I couldn't believe it when I saw video and pictures of that long bridge floating down the river. such a sad shame. Water, so necessary and so devastating.