Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Springtime Visit with Dear Daughter...

Happy Weekend my dears.. 
How are you all doing? 

We are beginning to think that perhaps Spring is actually going to appear here in New Brunswick.. 
We still have loads of snow but it is melting very fast.. 
We have had some rain and lovely breezes that are doing their Spring work.. smile.. 

We were down to visit our daughter a day or so ago..
Despite the snow she has her home decorated for Spring.. 
I thought you might like to see a few pics of her new home this season.. 

I love her new bunny that is on an old trunk in her foyer.. 
Isn't he cute? 
Shonda has a way with little vignettes as you can see.. 

Her bedroom is quite lovely.. 
The last time I posted a picture I don't think she had the new cushions and such.. 
I love her color scheme in there.. 
She has her morning coffee and devotions there.. 
Such a comfy place to be, I think.. 

Our sweet grandsons were about and visiting with us.. 
They have grown into such wonderful young men.. 
I know ... I am a grandma, eh!  smile.. 

Shonda made a wonderful meal and filled her Dad's plate way too high but he ate it all.. 
Salmon, shrimp and scallops.. 
Mashed potatoes, haricot verts, baby carrots, hot bread and homemade pickles.. 
Then her special homemade apple pie.. 
She has a wee secret in making that but I can't figure it out..grin..  
It tastes awesome..

It was a great time and we are happy that Dave loves his 
They are so funny..  grin..

Anyway, thank you so much for visiting once again.. 
I hope you are enjoying your Spring days..

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day which we look so forward to.. 
So thankful for all of his blessings and the peace that only He can give.. 

I look forward to hearing from you.. 
Love and Prayers. 
Faye .. 


  1. Evening Faye, your posts are always so warm, filled with love....Such a wonderful home, that bedroom is lovely. Oh my but that apple pie has my mouth watering, my favorite, Blessings Francine.

  2. Everything looks wonderful and the salmon must have been delicious..

  3. what are haricort verts? Not sure but we've eaten them before in a mix as well. It was beautiful today again. Was out shopping and came back home part way through country to stop at a farm fruit/plant store to pick up something. Scored a marionberry pie, fresh, still warm and honey and marionberry syrup for a cake for next week. Mount Hood was out again. Beautiful! It was lovely last eve when I was out at tulip farm as well taking photos! Thanks for sharing photos of your daughter's new house. Lovely indeed! Hugs and have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

  4. Does a Mother's heart proud to visit with her daughter and family at their lovely home, huh Faye? I so know the feeling when I am at Holly's. We are both blessed with good God fearing daughters. Love Sondra's home. Beautiful. Have a blessed Sunday.

  5. Your daughter's home is simply lovely and her kitchen looks like a wonderful place to prepare meals for friends and family :) And speaking of food, that salmon has my mouth watering!

    Have a blessed Sunday, Faye! Hugs and blessings!

  6. Hi to see theirs love a home , Love Shonda's home, and her last one also. She take's afther Mother one can tell.. Lovely post as always.God Bless

  7. Hello Dear Heart..... What a beautiful new home for Shonda and her wonderful family! It looks big! The rooms are decorated so well. She must take right after her Mama! I love the aqua in her bedroom with the paint! So pretty. I'll say she is her mother again because look at all the food she cooked. Her Dad must have been thrilled. And isn't it truly wonderful how son-in-law and father-in-law get along so well? My Jim and our Kim's Todd do, too. They are silly, funny, too. It is great.

    Yes, tomorrow is the Lord's Day. I will pray for you and your family.


    Please thank Shonda for allowing us to visit her home. After all these years I feel like I know her and it was a pleasure to see all that she has done. She is a keeper of her loving home!

  8. Shonda's home is beautiful. THanks for taking us along on a visit.

  9. Her home is gorgeous. I have to say I freaked out a bit when I saw that she still had snow to the side of her front door. You poor dears! I love her color scheme too. And the bunny and trunk are fabulous! I
    am looking for a trunk just like that for a coffee table. I am glad that you had such a wonderful visit!

    Love and hugs,

  10. Your daughter has a lovely home. She is blessed. Love the hug!

  11. I can't believe I have missed the last 4 of your posts! What have I been doing?? I always love reading through your blog. I was up early this morning catching up on my blog reading. A lovely morning, although I do see rain coming soon.
    Please thank Shonda for opening up her home for you to share with us. BEAUTIFUL! They are a very blessed family. The meal she cooked looked divine!


  12. Shonda's home is beautiful, and everyone looked so happy! I'm so glad spring it coming to you... it is coming here, too!

  13. Faye
    Your daughter has wonderful taste in decorating.
    And she looks to be a great cook too!
    It's wonderful you were able to spend time with her.

  14. Your daughter has such a lovely home... so warm and inviting. Isn't it wonderful to have her close enough to visit?

  15. Hello,
    Your daughters home is beautiful. I agree it is warm and inviting.
    As always I love your food photos, I want to sit down and eat with you.


  16. What a beautiful home Shonda has. The bedroom is very comfortable and I like the colours and the windows. Lovely! Your seafood dinner sounds really yummy. What a big and beautiful kitchen too! We got to Moncton on Saturday and I thought of you. :) Have a great week Faye.

  17. Your daughter has the most beautiful home!!!
    Tell her that waaaaay off here in Texas, I have red chairs on my back patio, and my kitchen chalk board says,
    He is Risen indeed!
    Oh my that dinner looks scrumptious!!! I can understand why your hubby ate it ALL!
    Blessings to you,

  18. Families are such a blessing! We were blessed to be able to have our son and DIL here from Boston for a few days last week. We soaked up every minute! We are expecting a freeze again tomorrow night. I am going out to shelter plants from that and the very heavy rain that will come tonight. Crazy never ending winter even here in the southern USA.

  19. I love the first picture with the porch decorated so pretty and springlike and then the pile of snow to the side, too cute.

    TFS pictures of Shonda's house, so pretty.


  20. She is a seriously good housekeeper. I don't think I've ever seen a home look so uncluttered and clean! It's beautiful :-)