Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Vintage Packaging Post..

Good Evening, dear hearts.. 
Hope everyone is enjoying the month of November thus far.. 
Especially our friends who live in New York state.. 

Oh my, it reminds me of our last Winter..
 I just pray that this one will be much easier on us all and not as long.. 
I think I know how Laura Wilder felt when she wrote the Long Winter book.. 
Well, not really.. 
We had plenty of food and all the necessities and actually we are quite used to it here in Eastern Canada.. 
Last Winter, though, it just would not go away.. smile.. 
Only time will tell, eh? 

I promised that I would do a little post on packaging little homemades.. 
Such as soaps, bath salts, foot soaks, foot powder, etc.. 
As you can see in the pictures all I did was use stickers or little pictures of ladies cut from gift wrap and such.. 
A glue stick comes in handy for this and sticks onto glass well.. 
I buy the bottles from Thrift stores or Dollar stores.. 
Then I use old laces, pearls, ribbons and different types of strings.. 
The little picture of 2 little girls is of my sister and myself .. 
Just scanned the photo and then copied lots of wee ones.. 
Cellophane bags come in handy and you can find them at dollar or bulk stores.. 
I found rolls of colored tapes at the Dollar store and just put it around the cover.. 
Whenever, I see little silk or fake lavender I will buy it and add it to a Lavender Soap.. 
Also, fresh rosemary and dried rosebuds are useful.. 
Perhaps, even put the rosebuds or petals inside the bag or in your bath salts or soaps.. 
Tie some rosemary onto your package and it will dry fine.. 
You can buy a package at the grocers.. 
I love using old cards and cutting them into tags and then use brown ink to make the edges look old.. 
The dollar store also has lots of tags and you can glue wee pics onto the tag for a vintage look..
Lots of times I will wrap soaps in old book pages and tie up with string or lace... 
Or make an envelope out of book pages for potpourri or such.. 
On my Pinterest board for Book Pages are a few ideas..HERE 

Another thing I like to use is Kraft tape.. 
You can put it on like a wrapper and use a Sharpie pen to mark with.. 

One last thing is to use dried apples, oranges or pears along with your tags.. 
Just using your imagination is really all it takes.. 
And collect little things you think you might need.. 
Unique bottle, papers, laces and such.. 

Hope this has been helpful.. 
Enjoy getting ready for gift giving and there is just 
something special about homemade.. 

Thanks for visiting and love your comments. 


  1. Thank you so much for the ideas, Faye! These are great. I live right on Lake Ontario and we are going to get hit with about two feet of snow tonight. Yuck! At least I have done ideas to work on. :-)

  2. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing Faye.

  3. Great ideas. I just love your photos. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. thanks so much, I love all your ideas!

  5. Some really wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing.

  6. Lovely gifts ! We here in southwestern Ontario got hit with the same snow storm as Boston , we live a 6 min drive north of from lake Erie lots of lake effect weather we get ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  7. Faye,
    You always do such a beautiful job with your craft wares!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and tips :)

    We heard of the snow in New York, as well, and I sure feel for those folks.
    I hope the worst of it is over with, and the rest of the winter is average for them.

    Our little bit of snow here, has melted off.
    Rain forecasted for Sat. Perhaps it will develop into snow?!

    Warm wishes..

  8. I really look forward to reading your Blog. I live in the States, in Springdale, Arkansas. We've had some pretty cold weather the last few days and have been burning wood, but now we are warming up and going to have rain. That's typical of Arkansas weather! Love your pictures of your crafts. Will be waiting for your next post.

  9. Heartfelt thanks to you for sharing these how-to's just in time for the holidays and gift making. Each weekend my granddaughter and I work on something and this post has given me lots of ideas. You are such a sweet lady. Thank you again for sharing. God's blessings to you.

  10. So many goods idea's, thank you Faye.
    We have seen the weather on the tv in England, the snow is so deep.
    Keep warm everyone.
    Fondly Michelle

  11. These are beautiful ideas for packaging, Faye. Yes, I hope we are favoured with a much better winter this year, which seems to be what they are calling for. So far we've had snow and then melts so maybe that will be the order this year. We shall see. Blessings, Pam

  12. Faye, I am in "awe" of you! I want to be right there with you as you create all of the things in your pictures. And as you package them to look so pretty!!! If I lived near you....I would buy one of each ot the creations in your pictures!!!!!
    Yes, Buffalo, NY really got the bad blizzard but here - below Rochester and above the Finger Lakes ...well, we are fine. Got about 2 inches but that is all. It is very cold though. Suppose to warm up soon. I am praying for the dear people of Buffalo. I don't know why we did not get it but we did not! I am thankful.



  13. Hello Faye! I'm just catching up with your goings on while I've been away visiting my sister in the next state. Love your potions and lotions. I hope you did well. Shonda always looks so happy. I hope you and your family are well. Warm hugs to you all. xx

  14. These are wonderful packaging ideas- thanks for sharing!