Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That time of year..

Good evening, everyone.. 
Thanks for dropping by .. 

How is your weather? 
We are beginning what is supposed to be a HUGE storm tonight and tomorrow... 
Lots and lots of snow.. 
Kind of puts us all in the mood for Christmas, though.. smile.. 

I spent a lovely day last Friday with several dear friends visiting an old train station a couple of hours from here.. 
Each room was decorated by a score of different decorators and was truly beautiful.. 
I have posted a few pics that was taken.. 

We are having a Keepers meeting this Friday night.. 
My sister-in-law is coming to help me show them how to make 100 egg rolls for freezing for the Winter months.. 
Also, we will be sharing some Christmas ideas for frugal gifts and decor.. 
If you live in our area and would like to join us then just email me at 

I am planning on making some of the little orange and fruit garlands above.. 
Also, the cranberry and popcorn one is so simple and appeals to me.. 
How about you?

I would like to do a more simple type of decor this year with natural boughs and such.. 

I also wanted to wish our American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and pray it will be blessed with family love and joy.. 

Oh and that is my special breakfast that I enjoy once a week.. 
Soft cooked eggs and Soldiers.. 
I know it is a British breakfast although I believe they use boiled eggs which I do sometimes.. 
Just cut your buttered toast which has been salt and peppered and stick your soldiers into the soft yolk.. 
So good. 
Do you ever have this for breakfast?.. 

Well, must get to bed as there is so much to do tomorrow.. 
Praying the power stays on.. 
Putting some water into thermoses just in case, though.. smile.. 
Gotta have my coffee.. grin.. 

God bless you my friends and Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.. xo


  1. I love soft boiled eggs and toast fingers we used to call it British parents lol ! Lovely photos . I hope the storm doesn't dump to much snow , we just had two days of damaging high winds and power on and off trees and hydro lines were down all over the area ! Oh your Keepers of the home meeting sounds like fun and YUMMY ! as they always do ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and stay safe and cozy !

  2. Looking forward to Keepers on Friday, good thing the storm will be over by then ;) Please let me know if you want me to bring something. K?!

    1. Hi dear.. Just bring yourself.. You always do more then your share.. Yes, I am glad the storm will be over.. Looking forward to being with such sweet ladies.. xo

  3. It was a lovely post!
    I always enjoy your sharing!
    Scrambled eggs and toast for me!
    Blessings dear Faye!
    Hope the meeting goes well.
    The rolls sound wonderful! 100!
    Rain/ snow headed our way tonight, brrr cold!

  4. Wish I lived near so I could to the meeting/ Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish. All the best to you and yours. (Hugs)

  5. Hello Faye! Oh yes, eggs and toast soldiers are a frequent breakfast here. We are sweltering in high temps and humidity today so we have the air con on. Id love to be there in the snow. :- )

    I wish I could join you and the ladies for breakfast. Tell them I said hello across the miles.

  6. Thank you, Faye for your Thanksgiving wishes to us from America! Sweet of you! Yes, we have eggs and toast about once a week. I worry that we should not eat eggs that often but our blood work always comes back right where it should be. I have strings of cranberries I have made and popcorn, too! I keep them from year to year. Only thing is...I put them in a paper bag and tape it up real good because I would not want a mouse to get into it. It is so much fun stringing the cranberries and the popcorn. We hung the cranberries up down in the basement over the ping pong table that had a ton of newspapers on it because the cranberries did drip for a few days. But it was so worth it. They are fantastic! Yes, tomorrows we go to Tim and Julie's house and we see the new baby (3 months old). I am so excited and then the two other grandchildren (Tori is 15 and Sean is almost 16), Going to be so much fun and I am so thankful Kim and Todd will be there, too. I love my family.

    I am thinking of you. My chess pie was really delicious. It is not something we would eat every day but it was good for a change. So glad you PM'd me! Love ya, Faye!


  7. Yes boiled egg & soldiers.
    Thank you Faye for another beautiful post.
    Each year I do dried orange slices & cranberry garlands. So simple & so pretty.
    Have a wonderful keepers meeting, wish I could come.
    Fondly Michelle

  8. Morning Faye, warm cozy post. Love the garland your working on, simple yet so pretty. Blessings Francine.

  9. Such cute pictures. I loved the little clothes hanging over the fireplace. So sweet of you to wish us Americans a happy Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and simple, but nice just the same. Please share your egg roll recipe with pictures and the Keepers Meeting with all the Christmas Ideas! Wish I could be there, it looks like you all have a wonderful time. I always enjoy your pictures, makes me feel I am right there with you. God bless, and stay warm.

  10. Hi Faye, just calling in from Rhonda's blog. It is nice to find fellow Christian's blogs online. I live in Queensland Australia where it has been extremely hot so the cool weather over there sounds good to me at the moment. Perhaps for a short time though :-)

  11. On of my favorite easy breakfasts is what we call 'Poke an O's" or "Toad in a Hole" toasted bread with egg in middle - so good.

  12. Is that the McAdam Railway Station? I would love to visit it during the Christmas season. I hear it's very special and beautifully decorated. We got 30 cm. of snow last night. It was a lot this early in the season. Pam