Friday, November 7, 2014

Invited out for dinner...

Good Evening everyone... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

Don't you love being invited out for dinner or any meal, really... 
We received such an invitation yesterday.. 
Terry had business in town so he dropped me off at my friends for the whole afternoon.. 
I have posted about being at her house one other time HERE..
and it was mostly about her pantry.. 
They live in a very cozy log house in the country.. 
It has plants and books and old dishes and good food and company... 
I love visiting her as we both love the same things.. 
Yesterday was not any different .. 
The teapot was put on and old recipe books and new magazines brought out to enjoy.. 

Bekka was there, too.. 
She is their sweet daughter.. 
What a wonderful little chef she is.. 
Her specialty is Mushroom Linguine from Martha Stewart and it is one of the best pastas I have ever tasted.. 

Midway through the afternoon Bekka gave me one of her cakes.. 
Her Mom and I shared and it was a mousse filled delicacy.. 
They love animals and have quite a few..  

I also wandered around taking some pics I thought you all might like.. smile.. 
So many things to see.. 
Lots of preserves, old dishes, hanging herbs and such.. 

The food was being produced left and right.. 

Bekka's friend made some homemade ice cream with vanilla bean and an apple pie for dessert.. 
Then they made a glorious chicken pot pie to take to their friend's..
It was made with her Mom's canned chicken and veggies..  

After a bit the men came home and we sat down and had some great food and fellowship.. 

When we left I had gifts of  plants, homemade preserves and  books.. 

Friends are something that we need to treasure and be thankful for,m eh?

We want to have them over although it will never come close to that pasta.. grin.. 
That doesn't matter, though.. 
It is the fellowship that counts.. 

A little poem for you by my favorite poet.. 

Title:     The Making Of Friends
Author: Edgar A. Guest 
If nobody smiled and nobody cheered and nobody helped us along,
If each every minute looked after himself and good things all went to the strong,
If nobody cared just a little for you, and nobody thought about me,
And we stood all alone to the battle of life, what a dreary old world it would be!

If there were no such a thing as a flag in the sky as a symbol of comradeship here,
If we lived as the animals live in the woods, with nothing held sacred or dear,
And selfishness ruled us from birth to the end, and never a neighbor had we,
And never we gave to another in need, what a dreary old world it would be!

Oh, if we were rich as the richest on earth and strong as the strongest that lives,
Yet never we knew the delight and the charm of the smile which the other man gives,
If kindness were never a part of ourselves, though we owned all the land we could see,
And friendship meant nothing at all to us here, what a dreary old world it would be!

Life is sweet just because of the friends we have made and the things which in common we share;
We want to live on not because of ourselves, but because of the people who care;
It's giving and doing for somebody else--on that all life's splendor depends,
And the joy of this world, when you've summed it all up, is found in the making of friends.

[The end]
Edgar A. Guest's poem: Making Of Friends

Well, dear hearts that is all for tonight.. 
Hope you enjoyed your visit along with me.. smile. 
Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments.. 

Take care, now.. xo


  1. I was so excited to see you visit your friend again...I loved her house from your previous post!! What I love the most is that you can tell her kitchen and everything in it is used for a purpose and a true working kitchen not just a pretty color, fancy cabinets, marble counters loaded with useless props. Thanks for sharing again!!!

  2. This looks very much like my dream home, Faye.
    And Edgar Guest is my favorite poet. I can so relate to his poetry!

  3. Hello Faye,
    Such a fun place to visit.... so many charming details. I love the canned goods, the old dishes, and the delicious looking food.
    Sounds as if your friendship heart was fed well, as much as your stomachs :)

    Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the poem.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and thank you for the visit.


  4. I can smell that delicious food!! I always love to see a glimpse into your days!
    Love and hugs to you! Jessica Mayo (the oldest Mayo daughter)

  5. Oh what a sweet home I love it ! I bet you had a wonderful time . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  6. That house DOES look so cozy. I love the jars with different colored lids filled with things - all of it really.

    The food looks marvelous! I'm going to look up the mushroom linguine recipe.

    on a random note - do you have any suggestions of casseroles or things that would freeze well that I could take to a friend who just had a baby? I'm always on the hunt for something new, with a downhome taste!

  7. Oh it was wonderful just what I needed thanks fir sharing...

  8. Thank you for thinking of us with all of those beautiful pictures from your friend's home, Faye! Every thing looked so nice...and the food looked so YUMMY! I'm glad that you had the opportunity to visit with her and be asked out for dinner.

  9. Oh, it is so good to get away and to be invited to someone's house for dinner and much conversation. I know you have gone to visit her before and had such an enjoyable get-together.. I know you had a grand time...I only wish it was here with me for the afternoon.........(grin).

  10. Lovely photos of a cozy house of a friend. The poem was nice, thoughtful. So thankful for friends. Hugs!

  11. Beautiful home and pics, as always, Faye.......I feel like I'm right there, tagging along with you. With snow already on the ground here, the indoor pics make feel warm & cozy inside in preparation for the long cold winter ahead. What a beautiful poem and thanks for sharing your visit.....I look forward to 'tagging along' again. Have a wonderful week!

  12. What a truly beautiful home and a wonderful meal, sounds like great company too. Thank you so much for sharing your visit I really enjoyed it. Heartfelt poem, beautiful.

  13. Thanks for always sharing lovely pictures of your daily adventures. Your pictures and your friendly words are always warm, cozy and inspirational!! Have a blessed weekend. :))

  14. Morning, oh so comfy cozy this post was. Loved every picture and poem. Blessings Francine.

  15. I remember when you shared your friend's pantry, Faye, but seeing more of her wonderful homey kitchen is a delight. I love the old sink! All the lovely home grown and prepared food sounds wonderful. Blessings, Pam

  16. Her home is truly a haven of love. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, what a beautiful home she has, loved every single detail. The food sounds wonderful, and that pot pie picture is inspiring. I plan on copying the sweet poem to my journal. How you have blessed me with another wonderful post. Thanks again.

  17. Your friend's home surely looks cozy and inviting. So nice to have a visit with a good friend!

  18. Such a beautiful day you had. Your friends home looks so warm & inviting & the food wonderful.
    I loved this post & all the beautiful photos.
    Fondly Michelle