Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gingerbread Post....

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope all is well with you in your part of the world.. 

I am posting the recipe and how to for the Gingerbread Boys and cake that we shared at Keepers of the Home on Saturday.. 

I had a bit of the gingerbread left over so have been busy making them up for the craft show .. 
Chickens, reindeer and such.. 

So here is the recipe....

For Crafts... 
Betty Crocker

1 cup shortening or margarine
1 cup white sugar
1 cup molasses 
1/2 cup water
5 cups of flour
1 1/2 tsp. salt ... heaping for crafts
1 tsp. baking soda
1 1/2 tsp. ginger...  heaping for crafts..
1/2 tsp. nutmeg.. heaping for crafts
1/2 tsp. allspice... heaping for crafts.. 

Cream shorting and sugar. Blend in the rest of ingredients.. 
Chill 2 hours and then roll out.. 

Bake in 375 degrees F. oven for 15 minutes..  

I used cloves and cinnamon and heaped the teaspoons full as I wanted them to smell good.. 
Not taste good.. smile. 
I also heaped the salt to help them stick together.. 
Roll them a bit thicker then you would for an edible cookie.
Use a gingerbread cookie cutter and press out and place on a cookie sheet.. 
Put your currents, cloves, allspice or peppercorns on for eyes or whatever.. 
You can use a tiny wee cookie cutter to leave imprint if you like.. 

Use a straw to place holes where you would like to put your string.. Then bake until well done .. 
We found 15 minutes a good time.. 
Bring them out and cool...


I use a coffee can full of candles and placed this in an old pot with about 1/3 full of water to melt your wax.. 
If you don't want to use your stove then we used an electric fry pan with a bit of water in it to keep the wax hot after it had melted.. 
You can buy smelly squares at Walmart and they give a lovely scent to your wax.. (picture above)
Dip one at a time and use a wire to pull it back out and place on waxed paper to dry.. 
You can tie a little homespun tie on them..
Then string them together as garlands or separate as ornaments..  
I wanted to tell you that I had made these years ago for myself and they kept for at least 3 years.. 
Just tuck them into some tissue and store in a plastic box.. 

I'm sorry I don't have a garland picture yet.. 
Perhaps tomorrow when I get my stuff put together.. 
Today I just worked on making stuff and tomorrow I hope to start packaging and putting it together.. 
Hopefully, I will do a little post to advertise the fair.. 

Here is the link also for the SOUP HERB BAGS that we shared the recipe on Saturday, too.. 

And finally, the recipe for...

 Carmen's Chocolate Cake.. 

100 ml water
100 grams white sugar
30 grams cocoa
Place in a small pot and heat just until sugar is melted.. 
2 T. grated walnuts
1 tsp. cardamon powder
Blend well and then 1 yolk at a time and mix well each time add 3 eggs... 
Whisk together the whites until frothy and fold in carefully.. 
Pour into a round cake tin and bake at 375 degrees F. for 45 minutes.. 
Keep the cake in the oven and leave the door ajar for 10 more minutes.. 

It was a delicious cake..
So light and fluffy.. 

Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comments and emails.. I so enjoy them all..
Let me know how you make out and if you have any questions please just ask and I will try to reply to your comment on the posting.. xo 

I hope you all have a great evening and may God bless... 


  1. Thank you dear Faye for posting this! I'd love to give them a go!
    I'll definitely try the chocolate cake!!!
    Hope you and Shonda do great at your fare.
    God bless!

  2. Wonderful recipes ! Hope you gals do good at the fair and have fun . Lovely post and photos love your new header to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. I love coming here to visit, Faye dear. Your gingerbread boys (and reindeer, etc.) are adorable. I'm sure they will make a lovely garland. The cake looks moist. I hope you and your daughter will have much success at the fair!

  4. Just love your dear Gingers.
    I plan on making them this week too.
    And the cake..yummo!
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Thank you, Thank you so much for sharing.
    I am planning a craft tea time with some friends, this will be perfect.
    Thank you again!!

  6. Before I forget - I love your new header! Great ideas! Hope you have a wonderful time at the sale you and Shonda will do at her church. Looks like you are having so much fun. I'm sure you will be taking some of your pickles! Am I right?

    1. Yes, dear Sue.. You are right .. Especially, since I am not getting as much done as I wanted to so the pickles will fill the gap.. grin.. Thanks for visiting, my friend. xo

  7. I too love the new header. The gingerbread looks amazing, I will definitely be giving it a go.

  8. Good morning Faye
    What adorable Gingerbread men - I just bought some to hang on some things I'm making but I love yours better!!! And dipping the ornaments in was I would never have thought of that - how neat.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I just posted my recipe on the forum I'm on but I think I will also post this one on there too.

  9. Hello sweet Faye,
    Thank you ever so much for posting the "how to's" of the gingerbread boys. I will make some, to be sure. I had already decided that my little kitchen tree would be decked out in gingerbread and candy canes this year.... so this method is perfect!!
    I pinned this post, so that others may also enjoy learning from you how to make these dipped ornaments.

    Thanks also for the cake recipe. I shall have to convert the measurement, but I'm sure that I can find a table of conversions on the internet. I am happy to see cardamom listed in the ingredients. A fine spice... not used too much any more, but I still really like it :)

    Best wishes for your fair!


  10. Morning, oh thank you for sharing that great recipe Faye. Blessings Francine.

  11. Oh my gosh, Faye, I was just thinking lately how much I wanted gingerbread. I LOVE GINGERBREAD! Your cookies are delightful. And that chocolate cake, oh my. I wish I was at your house right now visiting with you having a cup of coffee and eating your gingerbread cookies.

    Have a lovely day, Faye.


  12. Yum, chocolate cake! Thanks for the recipe. Your gingerbread boys look great. They'll look great used in a banner. I love the smell of gingerbread especially at Christmas time. I'd love to make some but I'm afraid the dogs would think they were treats just for them! :) They would have to be hung or placed very high up out of their reach.

  13. I haven't made gingerbread cookies in years, probably because I'm the only one who likes them! Maybe this season I'll treat myself :)

  14. Hello Faye,
    The gingerbread folk look wonderful & a lovely thing to make with the twins & Daisy. I had not thought of using a wax tart before, thank you for the idea as I have a drawer full.
    Fondly Michelle