Monday, November 17, 2014

Craft Show and Apple Potpourri Recipe..

Hello my dears... 

Well, Winter has arrived in the Maritimes.. 
Snow is here and to stay by the looks of things.. 
I wish I loved snow but alas I do not.. 
Oh well.. 
I don't want to live in Florida, either so I guess I will just have to like it, eh? 

Last week I prepared for the little craft show with our daughter.. 

I made some Patchouli, Lavender and Rosemary soaps.. 

And Apple Potpourri.. 

You can make your own.. 
It is very easy and so perfect to have for yourself or to include in some Christmas gifts.. 
On a good day try to gather some pine or spruce cones or such.. 
There is all kinds of things growing that you can collect even if there is snow on the ground.. 
Anything you can find that would dry and go in a potpourri.. 
Gather some rose hips and dry them in a dehydrator or even in your oven on a low temp for several hours.. 
You can put your cones in the oven, too.. 
Add some bay leaves from the Bulk store.. 
A handful of whole cloves and allspice and even anise.. 
Dry some apple slices and add them all together in a large bowl.. 
Break up several cinnamon sticks, too.. 
Purchase some apple oil from Walmart or a health food store.. 
I used one called Macintosh from Winterwood in Sussex.. 
Add some orrisroot if you can or some other kind of carrier... 
Cover with plastic wrap for a week or so and then stir it all together.. 

 I posted a recipe for a Winter Potpourri HERE...

We got up at 5 am and headed to St. John for the sale.. 
We were early for once in our lives and arrived even before our daughter.. grin.. 
Here was her booth when we walked in.. 

Her father is standing there trying to take it all in.. 
We were very happy to see how creative she is.. smile.. 

This was the church table... 

A lot of ladies donated a lot of beautiful things.. 
This was all for Missions... 
The money for the table rentals and these lovely crafts all went towards the cause.. 

Here is one of the Keepers of the Home who attends our church.. 

She along with her children do beautiful work.. 
Painted signs, decorated trees, toffee and such.. 

And I guess that is me behind this table.. 

With my potpourri.. 


Peppermint Lemon Foot Soaks and Peppermint Foot Powders..
Between the Sheets Lavender Powder, pickles, burlap bags and such.. 

Our sweet girl...  

She kind of hinted that she would like this for purse for Christmas..

We are doing our Homespun Christmas and as this was a purse that was not new but done by Martha so it fit the bill.. 
Lovely, eh? 

And this is one of my customers who has been buying from me for twenty some years.. 
Needless to say, she is now a treasured friend.. 

She is so pretty... 

All in all it was a lovely lovely day.. 
So much fun doing this with our daughter and so seeing so many friends and even my cousin... 

Shonda is a nurse who has retired for a while and I don't think she can believe how much she enjoyed doing her creative thing.. 
Everyone was saying she was so much like someone else they knew.. grin.. 

Afterwards we went to our cottage where Terry did a few more chores.. 
The Bay was beautiful.. 
And that was that.. 

Shonda gave me this gorgeous pillow she made.. 

She said it was payback time.. grin.. 
I love it..

I know one thing ..
 I am very glad to be retired and not doing craft shows .. 
This old gal cannot cut the mustard anymore.. 
I have been exhausted for two days..

Thanks so much for visiting the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
I need to apologize to you for not posting about the sale.. 
I did it on Face Book and just didn't get to my blog.. 
I think I thought that I had done it when I hadn't.. 
My mind is not what it was, either.. 
Sorry, Ann.. 

May God bless you all.. 


  1. What a great looking craft showI wish I could have been there but it's a bit too far from Ontario. :) Thanks for the potpourri recipe. It sounds quite easy but I bet it smells wonderful...perfect for Christmas. No wonder your daughter hinted about wanting that's beautiful.

    Get some rest and enjoy the snow as best you can. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the potpourri recipe, it looks so pretty. Where do you get the graphics for your labels on your jars? They always look so nice. The craft show looks like a lot of work. You are so sweet to share your recipes and pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time.

    1. Hi Gayle.. glad you dropped by.. I do my own labels and such.. Perhaps, I should do a little post and show you all.. i use things like gift wrap and stickers and the like.. Yes, I will try and show you next post... OK... xo

  3. What a lot of fun!!

    Speaking of..
    I should be upstairs sewing - as I have my own table and set up in just a few short weeks and a list of stuff I want to add to it before that date. I'd better scadattle and get to sewin'. :)

    That potpourri looks so wonderful... I can almost smell it. Cute idea to put it with a scoop of sorts...
    You say you might not have the energy - but you sure do have the knack for it. Maybe you should write a book... with all your ideas and how-to's... with some of your fab. photos... ahh, ???

  4. Oh my Faye...everything is so lovely. I am glad that you had a good turn out and that Shonda enjoyed being her creative self again! :)

  5. it all looks wonderful!
    wow, that was some table display she did!
    no wonder you are both proud of her!
    love the purse, :)
    and the pillow, seems just perfect.
    thank you for the recipe!

  6. Wow, so impressive, everybodies stall looked amazing. Such a wonderful event to share with family and friends. Loved the handbag, what a great gift. Stay safe in all that snow.

  7. Oh my! You girls did put on a fantastic show! Everything I see looks wonderful and I know I love that pillow Shonda made! She does indeed take after someone else we know and treasure!
    I was praying for you so I am so happy it went well!

  8. What a fun time..
    And beautiful things.
    I love the Christmas purse too..
    Sweet times with your beautiful daughter,
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  9. You all are a beautiful family! It's wonderful that you could take part in the craft show together :)

    Hope you had a very successful event, and thank you for posting about the potpourri.

    Take it easy now, and recover.... **smile**.


  10. Faye, everything looks beautiful! I see your daughter has your creative gene too. :-) By the way, can I ask where you get the jars for your scrubs and soaks? They are so pretty.

    1. Hi Terri.. I always love to hear from you.. I get most of my jars from our dollar stores here in Canada.. They are called Dollarama... And of course I always am on the lookout for them at Thrift stores and such.. The Soaks are from the dollar store, though.. I hope to do a post on packaging homemade toiletries next post... xo

  11. What a beautiful craft show!! Lovely items!

  12. Lovely photos , looks like everyone had a great time and lovely crafts to ! Yes it is winter here now to I don't like the brutal cold so much but love how pretty it is ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  13. Making crafts for these seasonal sales is a lot of hard work. You and Shonda had some beautiful things made for sure. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say. :) Blessings to you.

  14. Morning Faye, loving that Apple Potpourri, looks so pretty. You both really made such wonderful goodies, love going to craft sales.Keep Cozy, Francine.

  15. I agree, the Apple Potpourri looks so pretty. Perfect for the Holidays.
    Looks like a great turn out.
    Thank you for sharing the fun with us.

  16. Hi Faye, I so wish I could have have managed to get to your sale. Everything looks wonderful. I love the pillow Shonda made. Are the letters painted on? I think I might make myself one. Thanks for sharing, friend.

    1. Hi Mary .. Yes they are painted on freehand... She has quite a knack with printing.. smile. I wish you have been there, too.. Next time, perhaps.. xo

  17. I don't know about you Faye, but it takes me about 3 days to catch up for having one day of fun! What is that all about? I tell Jim lately.....Don't plan to many things on days in a row, this old girl can not keep up! But your sale looked like a ton of fun. Your items were fantastic. I would have bought quite a few things from you and Shonda. It was fun to do it together, wasn't it? My Mom and I used to do things like this quite often for the church. oh well, those were the days. Miss my Mom. Well, have not been able to sleep tonight,,,think I will give it a try again. I love your blog and all that you do. So interesting to me.

  18. Oh my....everything is beautiful!!! I know you are tired, but I also know that you had a great time and wouldn't have missed it for the world!
    I made a long bolster pillow like your jingle pillow...I will think of you and your sweet girl, when I look at mine!!
    Blessings to you,

  19. Your products and packaging/presentation are lovely.