Monday, March 30, 2015

Home Inspiration ..

They had a cheery supper that night in spite of simple fare.. The mother was resurrecting all of her old recipe, plain wholesome food, cheaply bought and deriving its savoury taste and smell from the old deftness in seasoning, the trick of long cooking and careful preparation.. 
Bean soup made with tomatoes, potatoes and celery tops... brown bread, baked apples and cream, even bread pudding with a dash of chocolate to make it tasty, hash... 
It all seemed so good and they were so hungry from their work.. 

Grace Livingston Hill ( A Patch of Blue) 

Good Evening all.. 
How are you?
Spring has arrived here, finally, although we still have lots of snow.. 
At least it is melting.. 
Nova Scotia had a bad storm yesterday but we missed it this time.. 
Nevertheless, Winter is about done for.. 
Mild temps and fogs are getting rid of the snow a lot faster then one can imagine.. 
We live in hope.. grin.. 

I often read books that I find inspiring in the fact that they write about the role of the woman in the home and  describe her chores throughout the day.. 
Of course, these books are written about the 1800's era.. smile.. 

I love reading books that give me inspiration as the keeper of my home.. 
The plot of the story may be a bit mundane but as long as the writer describes the daily routines of the home I rather enjoy it.. 

I favor historical books and also books written about the World Wars period..
Yes, I am a history
I find it interesting how the ladies managed their homes during those hard times.. 
Do you? 

One thing I noted is that they always put the tea pot on during a  crisis.. I guess it helped to calm them.. 
It was also a daily ritual that began as soon as they arose and stirred the embers of the fire.. 
We still do that here..
Although, it is the coffee perking.. 
But I, too do need my tea.. smile.. 

Breakfast was an important meal.. 
It needed to be substantial as they worked so hard.. 

 And usually, after breakfast, the lady of the home mixed up a batch of bread.. 

I made this one the other day from my new cookbook.. 
Brown Eggs and Jam Jars.. 

It turned out beautiful and was called Sandwich Bread.. 
I noticed that the Hamburger Buns were basically the same recipe except for the egg topping and seeds.. 
So I just made the Sandwich Bread and instead of 2 loaves I made half of it into the rolls... 
These were made with whole rolled oats and whole wheat flour mostly.. 

I don't think I should publish her recipe without permission.. 
But her book is awesome and available at Costco and I did see it at Indigo but it was an extra $7.00

Back to the books... smile..
I also noted that a protein which was favored during those years was fish.. 
It was cheap and usually available.. 

Terry and I both love fish.. 
And although not necessarily frugal it is very nutritious.. 

Smelts are being fished here in the Maritimes and the fish paddlers are selling them at street corners in the city..

The last time we were in we bought a few pounds.. 

When they were cleaned I froze the heads and then later with some salmon parts I made a fish broth.. 
I covered the fish with water and then I added a bay leaf, onion, peppercorns, celery and some leaves and then let it simmer away for a couple of hours.. 
What a wonderful savory broth.. 

That night for Supper we had Manhattan Clam Chowder using the fish broth.. 

It was great along with the home made bread and was a  rather frugal meal just like in the books... 
Just simple fare.. smile.. 

A nice hot cup of tea and a slice of boiled raisin cake finished off an old fashioned meal... 

 I read something that I had wrote in my journal .. 
It was a list of items that was necessary for the larder many years ago.. 
It was in a book I read andI found it a bit interesting and wrote it down..
If I remember right it was for a new homeplace.. 

Larder Necessities..  

a sack of potatoes 
a sack of turnips 
a flitch of bacon to hang
salt pork 
tallow candles 
butter, cheese and eggs on a cold slab..
wheat and barley loaves 
a current cake and a block of gingerbread 
red and white marmalades.. 

As I read this I tried to imagine the meals that would be made with these few ingredients.. 
What do you imagine? 
Just for fun make up a meal menu and add it to your comment if you like .. 

Let's see.. What would I make?  
Fried Potatoes with bacon and some mashed turnips and butter.. 
A slice of a barley loaf and marmalade..  

A big pot of tea and perhaps the Gingerbread.. 
I think they forgot a few things.. grin.. 
What say you???

Also in my journal I copied another list from a book I had read... 
Household goods for a new home maker...

a set of iron candlesticks
blue and white china plates
pottery figurines
iron kettle
wrought iron chimney crane by which pots and pans could be moved into different positions over the fire...
potatoes would be baked in the fireplace..

Here are a few pics that I took at Kings Landing ( a historical village that we have here in New Brunswick which we visit nearly every Fall) 

hearth cooking.. 

home made napkins .
I posted a little YouTube on one way of folding them.. 
Click on...

dinner being prepared..
old dishes.. blue and white.. 

growing and using herbs..
And always.. 
Geraniums on the window sills.. 

Do you sometimes find inspiration in the books you are reading or are you hooked on Pinterest to provide inspiration if needed.. 
Personally, I love my books but Pinterest is a wonderful new tool that we can access... eh?

House work which includes cooking, cleaning, sewing, decorating, and frugal planning are part of my agenda daily.. 

Some days I need to feel creative and love it when I find some little inspiration that turns my crank.. grin.. 
Sometimes, I will record it in my journal for another day.. 

I need to remember this verse..
Colossians 3:23-24 “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ...

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dears.. 
Hope you have a blessed week.. 

I will keep you in my prayers and please remember me.. 
I look forward to hearing from you.. 

God bless.. 


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  1. I am a fan of finding inspiration especially for my crafts from books. I love to collect vintage patterns and books to browse through and imagine life from different eras. I am thinking from those few ingredients a bacon and egg pie with baked potatoes. Have a good week.

  2. Hi there......I want to read that book ....will look it up on Amazon tomorrow when I have time. Today is Jim's birthday and we are going out to dinner tonight. I love your pictures. So bright and prim. I just love the colonial look. Take care and know you are in my prayers.


  3. Yes I do find quite a bit of inspiration in the books I have read. Especially the ones that bring the message of home keeping loud and clear ;0) thank you for sharing Faye... mari

  4. Faye...another wonderful post! My menu from the pantry staples would be fried bacon, fried potatoes with cheese added to top just before serving, and turnips with butter. I noticed your green teapot from Teavana....I have a green one too, altho a different shade than yours and perhaps a little smaller; all the teapots there are beautiful, hard to pick one. I think we might be seeing a few little signs of least the snow is melting. Again, enjoyed your post.
    Cheryl (Fton)

  5. All so wonderful and delicious Faye ! I like watching the TV series that are like the books you read most of the TV series I watch are from Britain on the WNED TV or PBS station . Glad to hear your snow is melting , Most of ours is gone and we have had sun , rain, very mild temps and wind . Lovely post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  6. What a beautiful post. I wish you could see my smiles. You mentioned something about making something with little ingredients--my husband makes ground hamburger, tomatoes and macaroni. Cheap and few ingredients. That's what he is making tonight, wink (since it is a "man" thing to make--he says I can't make it right, hmph). Blessings

  7. I just bought that cookbook. It arrived this past week when I had the flu and I couldn't even look at food! -:)

  8. Wonderful post Faye Henry..
    I love anything to do with home.
    My menu would be potato soup, cornbread, coffeee and a hunk of gingerbread cake.
    Happy Spring Friend

  9. What an interesting post Faye. I enjoyed it a lot. I also like historical fiction books and have read a lot of them over the years. It's snowing here this evening so I hope it's not going to last as I have to go to town tomorrow. I wish you a blessed week as we go into Easter.

  10. The dragon-fly on the green teapot is wonderful - I love all the detail in your pictures too....can always stare at them for ages just enjoying all the bits and pieces.

  11. What a nice post Faye. Like you, I too am drawn to what we call the "olden days". It was a hard life but the people seemed happier to me. Today we're running in so many different directions it's no wonder young people today have trouble finding their place in life. I love simple. I love plain. I've been accused of having an old soul but I choose to take that as a compliment. All things home is where my heart is and although I don't have the companionship of my precious husband any more I still strive to make home, home. Learning to live without someone you've had in your life for almost 50 years has had its challenges, but life does have to go on. He loved our home and I always tried to make it a place he enjoyed being. Love the bread pictures and the soup. I know they were delicious. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Faye, your bread always looks so yummy. A lovely peaceful post as usual.

  13. What a lovely post! I am always looking for details of the everyday lives of women when I read, it is the most fascinating aspect of history for me and you put it so beautifully in your writing. A special thank you, I did enjoy reading this.

  14. Grace Livingston Hill is my favorite author....I smiled when I saw your quote!!!
    For my meal, I would roast potatoes and turnips at high heat, and then top them with a dab of butter and some crumbled cooked bacon.
    Two scrambled eggs with a shred or two of cheese atop a slice of wheat bread.
    A bit of gingerbread for dessert with a scoop of marmalade....
    That sounds like supper to me :^)
    Thank you so much for such an interesting post...I loved the list of homemaking equipment too!! We have baked potatoes at the edge of the fireplace, a couple of times this winter. They were great!!
    Easter blessings to you...He is risen, Just as He said!!!

  15. Sweet and simple.. you've written a lovely post here Faye, thank you.
    Our hearts turn toward the simple pleasures in life.... even more so with all the busy-ness that these times bring.
    Simple meals, cozy homes, and most importantly, loving families :)

    We've witnessed our youngest son learning how to make a home. He's investing in his future, by owning his own home, even though he is single. He has learned to make homemade meals, and loves having a pot of soup on the stove and candles burning on his dining room table.
    Warms our hearts to see him enjoying and embracing the simple things in life :)

    Have a happy week.


  16. Hello Faye...I would cook some potatoes in their jackets, then scoop out the insides and mash with butter and a little of the bacon which has been cooked. Place mixture back in the skins and top with a little grated cheese. Yum! I'd hope the larder also had a good stock of flour to make pastry...then I'd make a potato pasty...oooh the food of my youth. Not so keen on swede, but will eat it in stews. Eaten by candlelight and and washed down with tea, finished off with a generous hunk of gingerbread. More heavens than one! Jackie. x

  17. I too enjoy hearing stories about how they managed back in the day, I also like the late 1800's era too. I don't care for fish myself, wish I did since it is so good for you. Good to hear your seeing signs of spring, hope you don't get flooding with all the melting.

  18. I have always enjoyed the old G.L.H. books, not the revised ones that came out in paperback years later though. I thought this a lovely post! My late Mama always made us scrambled eggs, bacon, mayo, and good tomato slices (when she had them!), on toast. For years after I married, that is the meal she would prepare for me when I visited her. My husband and I still like this, and even for supper once in awhile :), add in some fried potatoes, and a piece of your gingerbread, that would be a wonderful meal for us! The only way he will eat turnips, is when they are small, he eats them out of hand like an apple. I enjoyed reading this, i think I will again, when i close this comment off. It's like going home, and there is no place I'd rather be. Blessings & hugs.

  19. I certainly would miss fresh foods like salads with that small ingredient list. Aren't we blessed to have so many tasty foods to choose from?

  20. I loved this post! We are kindred spirits indeed. Most of my reading is of old Victorian era books and I also love reading about the pioneer life. Any historical home life really :) The quote you shared was lovely. And as far as a meal with that pantry supply, it would probably be the basic country breakfast of fried eggs, hash browns, toast with butter and marmalade...and anything I can pick from the garden. Hmmm.. that sounds like our Sunday lunch! :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays.

  21. What a wonderful post. And oh my your bread looks so yummie!!

  22. Hello Faye! I just found you through the Enchanting Rose, and I really enjoyed reading through this post, and have to admit that I love the pioneer spirit of women from years gone by, and tried to imagine myself cooking over a hearth every day, and what kind of meal would be fixed. It was wonderful to see the pictures of Kings Landing too, what a neat place to visit! I remember visiting there as a child. It is a very special and unique place! I look forward to getting to know you better :)

  23. Hello sweet Faye! Oh, the charm of home.... Your home is simply delightful - it would be such a joy to visit you in person, my friend :)

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a blessed Easter! Hugs!

  24. What a wonderful post! My wife works a lot, so I am practically a stay at home dad of 2 kids who tries to spice things up and make different kinds of dinners each night. This really gave me some ideas. By the way your dinner looks absolutely delicious, I can not wait to try some recipes.

    Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents