Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Happy New Year everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this evening.. 
I am so glad you dropped by.. 

I am sorry that I have not posted very much lately.. 
Time just seems to slip by and another day is over and I have not put the effort necessary into posting.. 
I just told Terry that starting tomorrow if the Lord wills I shall strive to do better.. 

I did buy a book from Chapters that has inspired me for the Winter and I will share it with you all. 
It is just about being home and making an effort to get some simple special touches for our homes and our lives... 

We had a lovely Christmas and our New Year's family time was wonderful... 

The grandsons and Shonda , Dave and Dustin were all here for New Year's eve and overnight to the next day.. 
They had fun times playing the game Catan.. 
Or I think that is what it is called.. 
A very serious game, though.. smile.. 
We had a Chinese supper later in the evening ...

Egg Rolls and Plum Sauce 
Chinese Soup and a Chinese Salad
Fried Rice with Bacon
Apricot Chicken 

We had been without hydro the day before so I had double the work before everyone arrived so I was zonked, shall we say.. I went to bed before midnight.. 
This old gal isn't what she used to be but our dear daughter was such a help and it was all good.. 

The next day I arose (smile) at 6 am to put one of our turkeys we raised this summer into the oven... 
And on with the day.. 
Everyone arrived.. 
Trevor and Tammy had a night out alone and arrived on New Year's Day with Tim Hortons coffees for everyone..  
There were 14 of us..

My dear Mom... 
She loves all the kids and her and Gerald have a great time with them all.. 

They sure are growing... 
Such special young men.. 
Not because they are ours but just because they are.. 
I am so glad they walk with the Lord and are carrying the torch forward... 

Their grandparents sure do love them.. 
Just like you do yours, eh! 

Shonda and I had some time together while the guys played the game ....

There are a lot more pics but I won't bore you with them all and will get back to normal posts next time.. 

This is a Chinese salad we like.. 

Chinese Salad.. 
2 or 3 cups of cooked raw rice, cooled.. 
Chopped veggies to suit.. 
Mushrooms, green onions, red or green peppers. celery, parsley and then a handful of roasted peanuts or whatever kind you like..
You can also add a couple of cups of spinach if desired or even some fresh beansprouts.. 

The dressing.. 
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon soy sauce 
1 garlic clove minced
 1/2 tsp. sugar
6 Tablespoons olive oil 
salt and pepper to taste

Mix with salad at least a half hour before eating.. 

Anyway, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
So blessed in the past year and looking forward with joy to this new one.. 
God has been faithful and I am glad He is holding my hand.. 
God bless sweet friends.. 


  1. Looks like a lovely Christmas with lots of family. That salad looks good - I think my family would really like it so thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Faye, I am so pleased you had a happy Christmas. Thanks for the salad recipe. As it is hot here in Australia at the moment salads are served most days. I hope your year is filled with God's richest blessings.

  3. Hi Faye,
    Oh cute, we played the same game on New Years. You are right, it is serious. My oldest son won the game. ;-) I enjoyed the fun it brings my boys.
    Happy New Year,

  4. Hi there, Faye........What a great post! I was sincerely disappointed when it ended! You make it all sound so wonderful. Your grandsons are getting to be men....not little boys anymore. I would be very proud of them, too! Good looking guys, too. Your home looks so cozy and wonderful. I could visit and we could talk for hours and of course, I would want to include Shonda and especially your Mom! Doesn't she look wonderful? Your chinese dinner sounds perfect for a crowd. I love salad and that looks so delicious. Well, off to bed for me. Eye exam tomorrow. We have to see if the Macular degeneration is any worse. All I can do is pray. God be with you and your family for 2017. 2017? I can hardly believe it!!!


  5. Hi Fay, Stopped in to say happy new year. It has been a while since I visited. You had a wonderful holiday. It looked like so much fun.Wishing you a blessed year. Hugs, LJ

  6. Glad to hear you had a wonderful festive period, you are blessed with a lovely family. Happy New Year to you all.

  7. Perfect days with family, wonderful food, and love.
    Your salad looks delicious, and when (if) our days get a bit warmer, I shall try it.

  8. It looks as if your family time together was a lot of fun. The guys all look so serious as they are sitting there playing the game...reminds me of my husband and our son when they play a game...always thinking of their strategy. :) The salad looks amazing...and the first photo is such a welcoming sight, Faye.

  9. What a lovely time...smiles. Have a beautiful New Year, Faye.

  10. Happy New Year, Faye! Looks like a wonderful family time. :-)

  11. The salad looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  12. So good to see your blog yesterday. Always puts a smile on my face and I hadn't even opened it yet. Don't think anything about time flying, it is for all of us. I decided I would wait and save your blog for this morning with a cup of coffee. Your salad looks wonderful wish I could have just reached into the picture and tasted it.

    Your family holiday celebration sounded and looked so warm and inviting.
    Goodness you and your mother sure have the same features - very beautiful ladies.
    your grands are sure growing big aren't they - goodness I remember them back when you started blogging.
    Have a wonderful New Year Faye

  14. Oh how fun! It is so wonderful being with those we love, isn't it.

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful family time over Christmas Faye. What a Blessing that all of those young men are walking with the Lord, its something I certainly desire for my family. Have a Blessed Weekend. Woo xx

  16. How wonderful to see you all enjoying your time together :0) mari

  17. Nice family gathering. We play Settlers of Catan as well. We despise the bandit, the resource stealer, as Megan calls it. I'd rather play Spaceship Catan even though there's pirates. Its a 2 player game. Your Chinese salad looks delicious. Happy New Year!

  18. Lovely photos . Glad all had a nice Christmas and A Happy New Year to you both . It has been quiet here so posts for my blog have been far and few between as well just the way it goes sometimes lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !