Friday, January 20, 2017

These January Days...

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Just a little post for this Friday evening.. 
Hope you all have a great weekend.. 

We are having pretty good weather here in New Brunswick.. 
It is certainly my kind of winter.. 
Not a lot of snow thus far and many times it is rather mild with rain and wind.. 
I don't think it has even been really cold like it used to be when we were kids.. 
Or perhaps I just forget.. smile.. 

Terry and I may be heading for a day at the farm tomorrow.. 
Not sure yet.. 
We don't seem to make plans but just go with the flow.. 
Terry was up today and the driveway is clear. He made a fire and that will make it a bit easier to heat for tomorrow.. 
It will be just for the day but we will see... 

This post has some pics from our week.. 
Doing ordinary things like watering the plants.. 
Did you know that if you save the water that you use to wash your rice then use it for your plants that they thrive on it.. 
I read that somewhere and have been doing it and find the plants do like it.. They told me so.. grin.. 
It doesn't hurt them anyway.. 

Drying out a few more apples and limes slices... 
Making Mojo Sauce and Spaghetti... 
When we go shopping I try to find the bargain fruit and veggies and then dry them.. 

We went to town yesterday and did a bit of shopping.. 
The roads were a bit slick but not too bad.. 
It was a good day.. 
We usually take Charlie with us.. 
He has his blankets and loves just sleeping in the back.. 
We are not in one store for more then an hour and he just sleeps away... 
I visited the thrift store that had a fire and it is lovely and clean and tons of stuff... 
I found some books, a couple of lovely cups and a jean blazer.. smile.. 
Love thrift shopping!  Do you? 

This week has also been spent in our living room decluttering and I am so glad that I have actually finished.. 
Found some lovely treasures.. 
Drawers full of stuff but much less in them now.. 

Came across a picture of my great aunt and uncle whose dining room set I have.. 
They were married in 1934... 
I loved reading the newspaper clipping about their wedding and it was fun to find that I have inherited a few of their wedding gifts.. 
The blue and white china belonged to her.. 

The other beautiful water pitcher and glasses belonged to my maternal grandparents.. 
It was one of their wedding gifts and is over 100 years old.. 
My Mom just gave it to me and I love it.. 
Since my sister and I were wee girls we were told that it and a lovely pink glass basket were to be ours someday.. 
Nadine received the basket.. 
Mom is beginning to try to give us some of her precious things and we cherish them just as we do her.... 

I now have 3 boxes of stuff to give away!! 

Next week, Lord willing I will start another room.. smile.. 

Well, my dears I will go for now.. 
We have been watching the Inaugural proceedings.. 
We pray for the USA and hope that all will go well for them.. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you sweet friends.. 
God bless... 

ps.. I will try to post the lemon dessert recipe next post... xo


  1. Hi Faye keep warm and safe. I did not realise you have a dog. He is gorgeous. We have six cats and a Jack Russell called Missy so occasionally the Jack Russell comes ou or one of the cars has a hissy fit but for the best part they wriggle along fairly well. You have some lovely treasures there. I have some pieces that I have inherited over the years and I am in the process of cataloguing those items together with family stories to pass onto the next generation as well as researching the Family Tree. Please take it steady especially if up at the farm gor a visit. The lemon pudding sounds good. Catch you soon. With blessings. Pattypan x

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  3. Looking forward to the recipe 😊
    Those are beautiful treasures, you have so many!
    I enjoy seeing them all.
    The pitcher and glasses are exp. lovely.
    I do love your blue and white china as well.
    Hope you get to th farm! :)

  4. Good evening Faye, What do you do with your dried apples? They are so pretty! How do you eat mono sauce? I never heard of it. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Did someone say lemon desert? Forget the recipe. I'll give you my address😉 (Looking forward to it)
    Have a beautiful and safe weekend.

  6. Im looking forward to the recipe. Have a great weekend.

  7. I am finding the decluttering and sorting quite hard but a necessary job as we are moving. So many treasures that have been gifted to me over the years will have to come with us as I cannot bear to give them away. Hope you manage to get a visit to the farm as hoped. Take care.

  8. I hope you and yours had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and are having a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. May we display your linked header on our new site directory, As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the linked header will attract more attention.

    1. Hello.. Thank you for the link and yes you may display my header on your site,

    2. Thank you so very much for giving permission. You can see your linked header under All, Beliefs, Cooking, Land/Sea/Skyscapes, Photography and Canada. If you could say something (preferably good) about here and there, we would greatly appreciate it.

  9. Faye, you are busy as always! The blue glass set is so lovely, and will hold memories for you and for your family. I'm decluttering fabric at the moment, far too much!

  10. Faye, lovely photos as usual. I need to declutter but we have had two heatwaves in two weeks and so not much is getting done but hopefully it will cool down soon. We need some of your snow :-)

  11. Lovely photos . It has been rainy and dreary here for over a week it is so soppy and wet and muddy YUK ! no snow left temps have been mild in this gloomy weather of ours and it is to continue through out all next week I need sunshine lol ! I started on a bit of decluttering slowly getting through each room it is amazing what one accumulates over the years lol !. Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  12. You know I love thrifting!!! God is in control and I have faith in Him no matter who lives in the White House. Blessings from Ringle, WI

  13. Beautiful photos. Love the glass water pitcher and glasses -- absolutely gorgeous. I am decluttering too. Very, very slow work especially when there are memories attached to the clutter!

  14. We just got rid of our ice and snow on Tuesday. Temps freezing for a week is not normal for our part of Oregon. We've had rain but not pouring rain for hours. We just received a photo album from uncle V. It belonged to hub's grandmother. So fun to look thru. And old recipe book that's interesting. Declutter is name of game here too. A bit at a time. Thanks for your prayers for our country. So much division but God bless us all. I feel no ill will to them. We're all in this life together. Now I'm going to bake cookies and off internet for hours!

  15. So many beautiful possessions! Mojo Sauce? Sounds and looks good.

  16. Lovely January days. Hope you made it to the farm this weekend. Isn't clearing things out so wonderful!

  17. I do love thrift shopping, so fun when you find those great treasures... we have been mild at times here too and then we go back to the frigid.
    How wonderful to have all those wonderful things to remember family by and to think how they used them and now they are passed down.
    Thanks so much for your prayers for our country, we can always use them that's for sure.

  18. Enjoy your blog so much, Faye! Loved the pictures and look forward to the recipe. Thanks for your prayers, we have always prayed for our leaders. We are a very blessed nation and we live confidently knowing God is in control. Isn't it wonderful knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Oh, I wondered too what you were going to do with the dried apples? Do you put them in a glass jar or do you freeze them? I'm still decluttering and what a wonderful feeling.

  19. Oh Faye, what treasures you found as you were working in your living room. I am going to start on mine tomorrow morning. Last week I did a lot of sorting, reorganizing and decluttering in the two spare bedrooms upstairs. I have a few boxes to take to Goodwill next trip I make to town. I found some treasures that belonged to my mother-in-law as I was working upstairs and am on the hunt of something to display them in. That's half the fun! :-)

    I will be looking forward to the recipe for that lemon dessert. My husband loves anything lemon!

    Oh..and thank you for the idea of drying the fruit and veggies. I have some apples that I could easily do that with.

  20. January or winter in general, are a great time to purge and clean aren't they. The water pitcher and glasses set is so beautiful. What a lovely treasure to have. We are getting the nor'easter here today and so far it's ice pellets raining down on us. The salt truck just passed the house so the roads must be slippery. I'm glad to be safe at home and hope you are as well. Take care.