Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Night Ramble ...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this Saturday night.. 
We had a beautiful sunny day here in New Brunswick and had a few dear friends drop by this afternoon.. 
It was such a nice day for a drive.. 

I had just finished cleaning my pantry.. 
again !
 Perhaps, I am a messy sort.. smile.. 
A bit of painting on the little corner shelves and it will be nice and fresh for a bit.. 

Since it was so tidy I decided to make a lemon dessert.. 
It was a successful new recipe!
Terry didn't think they were lemony enough but I thought they were just right.. 
Not too sweet... 

I think this is going to turn into another Saturday night ramble.. 

I am trying to get a bit organised and decluttered this Winter..
It is quite a daunting task in this house which is so full... 
I find it a bit overwhelming so I am trying the strategy of the Fly Lady..(an organizing site) 
It is using a timer and working at two separate chores.. 
It turns out that the timer keeps me focused.. smile.

I am finding that it is taking me awhile to complete the Living Room, though as I am cleaning out each and every drawer, buffet and china cupboard.. 
Plus the Christmas had to be packed up and sorted, too.. 
I am also putting wee notes on special dishes and such so my children will know what is precious and what is not... smile.. 

The living room gets a bit of time here and there.. 
Finding a few treasures in there... 
Edgar Guest is a favourite poet... 
Lots of old lace, tablecloths and such.. 
So hard to get rid of stuff when you really like it.. smile.. 
I am managing to do it, though.. 
A couple of big boxes for the thrift stores already... 
My children will be proud of me.. smile..  

Then when you are sure you have most of Christmas packed away....

You find a few more things... 
Hopefully, it will get finished next week.. 

We only ran the roads one day this week.. 
And that was to go once again to St. Martins..

This is the pic of our old cottage that I put on the last post... 
See the little cottage right down at the end with the red roof ... 
Well, on Wednesday our province was hit by a huge wind and rain storm... 
The waves were humongous !!

And my sweet friend's cottage took a beating.. 
Look at the size of that wave.. 
I borrowed this pic from Village of St. Martins Facebook page.. 

So on Thursday we went down to see the damage and I was very curious to see how far the water had actually come up.. 
You could see the line where the seaweed debris stopped and it was much further then usual.. 

This little cottage used to be the train station in St. Martins many years ago..
So sad... 
I hope they can rebuild..  

Met up with some old friends there.. 
It was amazing how much damage the waves did... 

Here is a link to a news broadcast that covers the storm.. 

I thought that some of my far away friends would like to see the video.. 

And another little recipe that I tried out for supper tonight.. 
We had them with filet of Salmon..

Vinaigrette Potatoes.. 
Peel and chop up 5 cups of potatoes.. 
Boil in salted water until tender.. 
While they are cooking make up the vinaigrette dressing.. 
1/4 cup of olive oil or canola
3 T. of white wine vinegar
1/2 cup of chopped celery
1/4 cup of chopped scallions
Salt and freshly ground pepper 
pinch of red pepper flakes
Whisk well.. 
Drain the potatoes and mash well.. 
Pour in the dressing and stir well..

These really go rather well with fish... 
Nice change, too.. 

Well, my dears this is all for tonight.. 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day once again.. 
Looking forward to worshipping the God of the universe.. 

Take care and God bless.. 


  1. Oh my word! That's is so horrible and truly sad. Weather can be so mean!

    Grace & Peace,

  2. Wow! Those sure were high waves, very mean as she said! The little train station looks so forlorn and helpless sitting like that.
    The pretty picture as the top, I love the blue and white!
    The recipe sounds very interesting!

  3. So sorry about your friend's cottage. Mother Nature has a mean streak sometimes. Your lemon dessert looks yummy.

  4. Wow, that storm was horrific. Did your friend live in the cottage?

  5. Meant to say too, that it always happens to me, every year; I think I've put all the decorations away, have double checked and don't you know it, there is always something I've overlooked. It's kind of funny now.

  6. Wow.....that storm was wicked.....glad your place is OK. Your potatoes vinaigrette recipe is nearly exactly like my mom's Italian Potato Salad she would make. Only she peeled and boiled the potatoes and cut them into chunks or thick slices. I always loved it. Now I want to make it! Stay warm and dry and safe. Waiting for spring!

  7. Oh i love that road your cottage and shop was on. I didn't know where that train station was when my husband showed me the pic earlier this week. So sad. We had huge changes at our cottage in Waterside just since December too- a large part of the Red Head rock formation has gone, it was a nice part of our view looking out to the right :( I guess we will need to be ready for the changes weather can do. Love to see your posts! Thinking of starting a blog too to document the changes in our lives.

  8. Sorry to hear and see the old train staion is toppled over. The owners must be very upset. I was pretty sure last week when you posted that that was the building you were talking about...the one that got damaged. I was almost certain it was right there near your cottage. The lemon bars remind me of the ones we make every year. It has been in our family for quite some time. It is nice to put on a plate of mixed cookies. My granddaughter's favorite! My wonderful granddaughter - Tori, and our wonderful grandson go off to college this fall! I am trying to be strong. Tori only lives two miles from us and we are going to be lost without her. I pray God will be with Jim and I and make us strong. Okay...God bless, you and Doug and your whole family! Thank you for the darling Christmas card. I loved the old sled and the ribbon (my kind of card!) Love you and your wonderful posts.

  9. Such a shame about your friends cottage, I hope they can rebuild, it must be a beautiful spot. Hope you enjoy the sorting out and organising, it is lovely when it is done, and quite good too to do when you get into the mode of doing it.

  10. How sad to see that beautiful cottage in such a state. I certainly hope they can rebuild, it was certainly an horrific storm. I am having a good sort out at the moment, due to moving. It has been quite liberating recycling so much and helping worthy causes with things we no longer need. Take care.

  11. Poor little cottage, it seems it might be of historical interest so maybe it will be rebuilt. Weather is frightening.
    Please would you post the recipe for the lemon dessert?

  12. Wow, those waves in the video - my goodness! I enjoyed the

  13. That must have been a fierce raging storm by wind and sea, Faye.. sorry there was such loss.. Mother Nature always has the last word... it looks like the shore line was washed back to a large degree too...glad your place was not damaged. Stay safe.

  14. Oh sad --I hope the folks who owned that are ok and they can rebuild...etc..(will insurance cover it? do you even have insurance like we do here?)

    Have a beautiful day friend.

  15. So sad about your friend's cottage. I'm sure it was quite a loss for them.

    I am about embark on the decluttering adventure myself this new week! I so understand how hard it is to part with things that you like. Some things are like old friends aren't they?

    Thank you for the recipe for the potatoes. I shall be making those this week!

  16. I saw what the storm did to the area on the news . Glad no one was hurt . I will be doing some decluttering myself soon , it is amazing the stuff one collects over time lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  17. Thanks for sharing the news story about the old train station/cottage that was damaged Faye. I missed it on the news and tried to find it on FB and couldn't. What a shame! And frightening too. It certainly was a wild storm. It seems January is a great time to declutter and clean. I need to do a bit more, or a should say a LOT more, myself. I hope you have a successful week at it. Pam

  18. That's quite the storm. I watched the video. I'm hoping things calm down where you are. Your cottage hopefully sustained little or no damage. Looks like storms that batter our beach on the Pacific coast in Oregon at times. This year we've had above normal amounts of snow, especially Portland. They had at least a foot if not more and we've had an inch. Weather was freezing all week. Now the rain is coming Tues with warmer temps. Your pantry looks lovely with your cups and saucers and i'm working on down sizing as well. A bit at a time! My tree goes down today! Take care and have a blessed week!

  19. Hello Faye, It's been too long since I stopped by for a visit. I am sorry for your friend's loss. May God bless her family and help them to rebuild.

    Your recipes look yummy. I find decluttering to be very emotional at times. I wrote about it this week.

    Have a good week. I'll try to visit again soon.
    Laura Lane
    Carthage, Missouri, USA

  20. I just LOVE your Saturday evening "rambles", I feel like they are a peek into your lovely life there in your little home. So sad about the terrible storm and the damage it caused, hopefully they can rebuild! That lemon dessert looks soo yummy! And the new potato dish, I bet it was awesome with the fish, very flavorful mixed with the gentle fish flavors. Always a joy to come and visit with you here Faye! Hugs to you today :)

  21. Wow at the damage. How sad. On a lighter note...good job decluttering. I love lemon. Just hearing you made a lemon dessert made me crave lemon bars.

  22. My goodness that was a bad storm! I enjoyed reading about your decluttering and your delicious recipes. Seems like we are always decluttering but it sure feels good to get things in order.

  23. Just had to come back by and tell you that I checked out that Flylady regarding taking 15 minutes to declutter. I got out my timer and started decluttering. My goodness didn't know a timer could be such a motivating tool. lol This is a keeper. Thanks for the tip!

  24. I have a glass pink basket I inherited from my maternal grandmother. I have no idea how to display it or what to do with it. What does your sister do with hers?