Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just another post...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth ... 
Hope you are all doing well and not in the midst of a storm as we are here in Eastern Canada.. 
Lots of freezing rain and wind and more rain.. 
I am sitting here anxiously waiting for news that our daughter and her husband have landed safely from their trip to the Bahamas.. 
They were supposed to land this morning but the plane had to return to Toronto due to landing conditions here.. 
Then we had a text from Shonda that they would be leaving again at 5 pm but have not heard anything else thus far.. 
I checked with the airport site and it says the flight from Toronto is delayed... sigh... 
I am not worried.... 
I just want them to be safe at home.. 
All you mothers know what I mean.. 
The last post I mentioned that we were planning on going to the farm on Saturday and that we did... 
Not as much snow as usual as you can see.. 

Terry and Dustin have lots of wood piled and the dear man went inside and started the fire in the stove and turned on the electric heaters while I read in the car for about 15 minutes.. 

Charlie played around the yard.. 
He loves it up there and just runs and runs.. 

I checked out our flagpole.. 
I think we may have had a bit of wind up there lately, eh? 
You know what that means in the Spring.. 
Another episode in the life of a wife with a husband on a ladder.. lol
You ladies who follow the blog remember my stories about that.. 

I also noticed that my summer bunting is still flying in the breezes.. 

I will need to make a new one also in the Spring when we get back up there.. 
Well.. the sad story is that when Charlie and I went into the house I found that I could not stay.. 
My arthritis has been acting up and I knew if I stayed I would be suffering all week so we just turned off the heats and went back home.. 
I had packed food for our meals but ended up making it here.. 
Oh well.. 
Terry said it is better not to take a chance.. 
Enough about that.. 

We had Sunday supper and I made an apple cobbler.. 

Forgot to take a pic of finished product.. smile.. 
I wish I had a wonderful recipe for that but it was just so so.. 
Do you ladies have one that is awesome?  

Then I made tea and just had a wonderful time looking at books and such.. 

Planning our next Keepers of the Home day.. 
It is to be on February 11, I think... 
Probably going to be a heart day.. 
I will post about it as soon as I know the details.. 

Yesterday and today I made a couple of batches of egg rolls.. 

We learned to make these at Keepers if you recall.. 
So easy to make really.. 

Then this was our Sunday supper.. 

Very boring but comfort food.. 
Salisbury steak, gravy, mashed, carrots and turnip... 
And lots of pickles of course.. 
Really trying to use up preserved and frozen foods this Winter.
I love love the canned beans and such .. 
Really hope to do up a lot more this year... 
And of course my favourite is the soup base that I have posted about so many times.. Thanks to dear Carmen.. 

This is just some vintage fabrics I found in my decluttering process.. 

This morning Terry and I spent over 2 hours in my workshop in the basement.. 
We got through 3 big shelves.. That is all.. 
Oh my !!
Over 20 years in the craft and shop business and I have not been through the stuff since I retired.. lol  
How do I get rid of so much good stuff is beyond me.. 
I can't burn it all and I doubt if any thrift store wants that much so I will have to divvy it up amongst them, I guess.. 
I don't even know if anyone uses that kind of craft supplies anymore.. 
Grapevine wreaths, swags and so on and so on.. grin.. 
Then I still make a few things yet and have our Keepers meetings so I want to keep some of it ... 
But what??? 
I guess we will be going down most days for an couple of hours and hope we get through it by next year.. 
That is all I can do.. 
Our kids will be so relieved to know that I am even trying.. 

Well, dear hearts this has been a long boring story.. 
Once again, I apologize for that.. 
When I first started the blog it was with the warning that it would only be about my daily life.. 
Nothing very outstanding but real anyway, eh? 

Take care of yourselves and thanks so much for your sweet comments.. 
I was going to post a recipe for lemon desert but our hydro is flickering so I had best shut this down.. 
Talk soon and God bless.. xo


  1. Great blog today Faye. Trust u r enjoying just being inside safe from the storm. Luv ya my dear dear friend!

  2. my kids would be happy if I went through my stuff

  3. 'Real' is perfect, Faye, your posts are always interesting.

  4. Our hydro is flickering also. I was happy that it stayed on so I could read your blog. I have been cleaning out closets, etc. too. I guess this is the best time of year for that sort of thing! God bless !

  5. Hi Faye, Purging is a most tiring task on the head as well as physically. and so hard to part with certain things. I hope your arthritis gets better or even better goes away. and i think comfort is the best. sorry you could not stay at your wonderful country farm... tell Terry you like the flag just the way it is... then maybe he will stay down out of there!!! take care of yourself xo

  6. Sorry to hear about your arthritis. Considering the cold winters you have over there you would have to be careful with it. Could you either sell your craft supplies online or give them to some craft groups that might meet in your area. They would be scooped up in no time here :-)

  7. At least you got to go up to the farm even if you could not stay.
    The food looks so good, yummy!
    Comfort foods are best, I. Think.
    So good you're clearing out a bit, that let's you hang onto the things you really love!
    Hope the arthritis goes around the bend and does Not come back.
    Hugs, and keep Terry on the ground, if you can. :)

  8. Great post, love comfort food and the easy simply life of everyday living. Take care of yourself and tell Terry the flag looks great like that :) Blessings.

  9. Hello Faye,
    I am sorry about the pain you have with arthritis. My grandma Maratha suffered terrible from arthritis. It crippled her hands.
    Sending HUGS and prayers.

    I cleaned two closets on Saturday. I hear ya, it is hard to know what to toss and what to keep. I struggled, but I am happy to report, I downsized.


  10. First off I love your pictures. Second, I am sorry you didn't get to stay but you made a positive out if it seems. I have made a few cobblers and they always turn out different. What is Keepers of the Home meetings you mentioned? Sounds like such a neat idea. I have a few young married women that have been asking me guidance so I was curious what you do and how it works?
    Egg Rolls sound wonderful, can you share the recipe? or link me where you may have it?

    Thanks and have a super wonderful day!!!!

  11. Not boring, just normal and normal is wonderful! Shame you could not stay at the farm but it is good you got to go and check on it, hope you were alright when you got home. I hope too that all is well with your daughter, I know what you mean, you aren't worried, you are just worried. Hoping you have heard from her already or will do soon. Enjoy the clearing out, it is good for the soul I think!

  12. Go off and wrap up warm...maybe with a good helping of sage oil for the joints? x

  13. Keeping your daughter and her hubby in prayer...hope they returned safely. Snow, snow and more snow here in western NY, not complaining, is winter after all.

    Have a beautiful day.

  14. I'm trusting the Lord that Shonda and her husband made it back to home safely. I'm really sorry that your arthritis is bothering you. I know how that one goes.

  15. Your posts are never boring Faye. I love each and every one. : )

  16. We are going through all out things at the moment with moving home, it is not an easy process. It is amazing how much stuff is accumulated over the years. Shame you were not able to stay at the farm but your health must come first. Take care.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your kids having trouble getting home, I know how worrisome that is. I love your sharing about your simple life! I think this is what makes blogging so special is that we can encourage each other in the simple days of living. As women, we need that. Your Sunday supper looks simple and delicious. I've never made egg rolls. Yours looked easy and yummy. Hopefully your power stayed on through the storm! Hugs to you today :)

  18. We have matching tea pots!!! I just received mine for Christmas from our youngest son and his wife. I feel your husband on a ladder pain! I live with that, too!

    1. I was going to tell Faye that I love the tea pot. I saw that you have one too so I was wondering if one of you could tell me where I might find one.

    2. Hi Pat.. So nice to hear from you.. My teapot came from a friend and I believe she said she bought it at a kitchen shop called Stokes, Inc .. It has a tea infuser right in it and is cast iron..I love it... Hope this helps.. xo

    3. Mine came from Amazon.

    4. That link does not work so try searching for Primula Cast Iron Teapot – Durable Cast Iron with a Fully Enameled Interior – Beautiful Dragonfly Design – 26 oz. – Green

    5. Thanks, Lana.. I hope Pat sees the replies.. I will mention it next post.. God bless..xo

    6. Thanks Faye and Lana for the info.

  19. Faye - Please don't ever think your posts are boring, I find them fascinating! First, I adore that teapot, the color and that dragonfly motif is just adorable. I'm sorry you didn't get to stay at the farm I know you must have been so disappointed. I hate it when my "arthur-itis", slippity-dippity-disc, plantar-fascitis or just plain feeling my age fatigue gets in the way of my plans. Your dinner looked yummy and I'll bet it was. I love the way you set your table with such love and creativity making each meal special. Too bad about your flag pole, the wind we had earlier this week blew my porch swing off my summer porch and broke it. I wasn't real happy about that. Can't wait to see the postings of your Homemaker's meeting, always love those. XOXO

  20. Dear Faye,

    I love reading about the every day happenings in peoples lives. I like to follow blogs with simple life posts just like this one. Your life is your life and it is never boring, especially to your readers.

    I would love to attend a keeper of the home group. Pity you live so far away...or maybe I could start one here :)

    Sorry your arthritis is giving you trouble, hope it eases for you soon. You need some of our hot weather to help with the pain. It is 108F today and we have spent most of the day inside. I am doing some knitting, hoping to finish off a knitted blanket I found in pieces in a thrift shop.

    I hope your daughter and son in law arrived home safe and sound. We mothers are always concerned for our babies, now matter what age.

    Wishing you a lovely week,

    God bless,