Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ice Storm ...

Hello everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by the Blessed Hearth on this Sunday evening.. 

As some of you may know our province of New Brunswick especially the eastern side of which we are a part has suffered a severe ice storm.. 

I thought I would do a little post and take you with me on a little field trip to see the ice.. 
I know I have not done this kind of post for awhile so perhaps you will enjoy it and see how it is here in our little part of the world.. 

As I said in my last post on Tuesday we were in a rather bad storm with freezing rain and wind.. 
Our hydro fluttered on and off through the evening so I ended the post and went to bed.. 
The window was open as usual and the wind was wild.. 
I could hear a snapping every once in awhile and I thought there was something banging against a wall out by the shed somewhere.. smile.. 

In the morning I came out and looked out our front window to this.. 

I hadn't realized just how bad it was.. 
Going over to make a pot of coffee and looking out the kitchen window... 

My little bubble weather forecaster that my Mom gave me was telling the story, I think.. 
Not good with all those bubble things at the top.. 

And then I noticed all the limbs strewed around the yard.. 
Our apple orchard is quite old and the poor things were broken everywhere.. 
The snapping I heard through the night must have been branches breaking!

Someone was up and gone to work and let Charlie out for a few minutes.. 

This was Wednesday morning and hydro was out over most of the province especially on the Eastern side as I was saying.. 

Then on Thursday we decided to take a drive just to see what it was like.. 

We headed out of our little village and there were hydro trucks everywhere.. 

Bless their hearts.. 
They came from Nova Scotia and other provinces to help us out.. 

Here are some scenes that we saw.. 
I apologise for the picture quality but you get the drift, eh? 

The birches really were just bent over double or broke right off.. 

Terry wanted to see how his wood lot looked.. 

In all the midst of it, though, you have to gasp at the beauty of it all.. 

There are so many photos on the web that are just gorgeous.. 
These will give you an idea of how much ice there was.. 
We have passed huge trees broken right in two and driveways plugged with broken down trees.. 
I imagine it is a lot like when a tornado goes through!

There are folks today still without their electricity.. 
It is times like these that communities band together to help each other.. 
A lot of houses have their generators going out in their garages but I am so thankful for wood heat.. 
Freezers and fridges had to be cleaned out for some folks who had no other recourse... 
We continued on our drive to Salisbury and only the Irving Big Stop was open and it was packed with people wanting a hot meal and such.. 

On Saturday the sun came out and when we were coming home from Sussex there were fields of choppings where the wood had been cut down.. The sun shining on the all of the ice made it look  like a field of diamonds.. 
I did not have my camera but Terry remarked that no camera could capture all that beauty... 

We do not have much snow now..
We had to go check the farm as the hydro was out there for 3 days but it was on when we arrived and all was fine.. 

Oh for you girls who read my blog and I was complaining about Terry chopping down my fave pine tree...... 
Well, he says it is a good thing he did that because that wind would have caused the tree to tear the mast right off of our house.. 
He was right again!  

We have had a simply wonderful Sunday with our church family today.. 
A special dedication and meeting with old friends and family and worshipping the Lord together was lovely.. 
And a pot luck... 

God is good and we are thankful for his blessings during the storms of our lives.. 
Even ice storms.. 

Take care dear hearts... 


  1. Faye, You and Terry make a pretty terrific team!!! and look at the beauty of Nature at her nastiest,,, her way of saying sorry?? Cheers to you..

    1. What a positive comment on what could be perceived as a "bad" situation - love it!

    2. Thanks Gwen and Jan... Gwen has a way with words and I always love seeing her name here or on FB... She really encourages one.. xo

  2. I have taken a few really great pictures of the ice laden trees in the sun also. We are still without hydro. We are hoping that it will be restored soon! We are so thankful for our generator and woodstove that we can cook on. It is always calming to me to read your blog and I do appreciate your lovely photography!

    1. I love hearing from you Kathy and so glad you follow the blog.. Hope you get your hydro soon, dear girl... Praying for you, too.. xo

  3. So glad you came through it!
    Really amazing photos!
    Your man did good! Smile
    A wise man prepares or he fails!

    1. Hi sweet Annie.. Glad you came by.. Love hearing from you.. I think we are both married to good men.. smile.. xo

  4. Glad you stayed safe! We had a bad ice storm here several years ago. They are beautiful but so destructive!

  5. Oh my gosh, have had some really dangerous weather. Hope things get cleared up soon and electricity is restored for all. Your pics are very pretty.


    1. Sweet Susannah.. hope you are missing the bad weather there in NY.. Always happy when you stop by.. Thank you for the lovely card... xo

  6. Faye, so glad you and Terry are good, and loved the pictures, so beautiful. Take care and stay safe. You know Terry will "remind" you many times in the coming months that he was "right about the tree" !! :) Many blessings. Linda

    1. How right you are, Linda.. grin.. He has mentioned it more then once already.. Oh well.. When he is right, he is right... Thanks for leaving me your dear notes, my friend. xo

  7. Goodness me, Faye, the roads must have been dangerous. Beautiful photos as usual and they cool us down here during our heatwaves :-)

    1. Really, Nanna the roads were not too bad when we got around to going.. They were earlier, though.. Enjoy your heat waves.. Nice to hear from you all the way to Australia... xo

  8. That's alot of ice and so thankful you are ok. Good thing Terry cut the pine tree down. We were without heat from our furnace for a week. Good thing we got out of the freeze a few days later and we had two oil filled radiator heaters that kept us warm enough. Phil got the part this past Monday and by evening the house was warm again. We've had interesting weather here in Oregon this year and still not out of the winter yet. Hope things get better where you are and thanks for giving your readers a tour! Much appreciated! God bless!

    1. Hi Becky... I think you are right and there is interesting weather everywhere.. Hope you do well in Oregon, though... Thanks for visiting.. xo

  9. You certainly took us on a beautiful tour despite the havoc the storm caused to such a lot of people. I am so glad to hear that you are safe.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, my dear.. Thanks for your sweet visit.. xo

  10. Ice storms are scary...but so beautiful to see. Praising Our Lord that everything was fine at your little farm... mari

    1. Hi Mari.. Yes, so thankful that we were spared a lot of damage.. And up at the farm it is so windy but all was well.. Thanks for stopping by my friend.. xo

    2. Hi Mari.. Yes, so thankful that we were spared a lot of damage.. And up at the farm it is so windy but all was well.. Thanks for stopping by my friend.. xo

  11. My goodness, what a storm you have experienced, Faye. A big plus is as you say, communities work closely when these storm strike, which is important. There are so many lovely thoughts share on this page, that I can confirm that I agree with ALL of them. You and Terry take care now and so pleased to hear you are safe.
    We heard yesterday that a huge storm is winging its way to us in the UK. On the weather maps our little island looks so vulnerable. We are hoping that by the time it reaches our shores it would have dissipated somewhat. In the South East of England we have not had heavy snow - just a little hail! Maybe in the next storm we will have pictures to share with you, lol :)

    1. Hi Jan... Thanks so much for stopping by and I pray you folks will be safe also...We would love to see pics of your part of the world.. I checked to see if you had a blog but I couldn't see one.. Perhaps you could email me.. Take care and God bless.. xo

  12. The ice sure is pretty, too bad it leaves so much damage behind.
    We have had a mild winter thus are...

  13. Oh wow, bless your heart. I hope you electric comes on soon. Snuggle up and enjoy your quite time. Our winter has been very mild this year. We are so thankful.

  14. What very beautiful photos, but behind the beauty there is sadness at the destruction. The weather is so extreme.

  15. Wonderful photos . I am glad all are safe . It does look very pretty . We have finally sent the sun after two weeks of overcast and went from green to a dusting of snow again . Hoping in a few days Mr Groundhog says spring is just around the corner lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  16. What beautiful photos. I love the beauty of ice and snow. I can't say I always enjoyed it other than the beauty it does create.

  17. Oh my! That looks like the ice storm we had here in 1998... we were without power for eight days. I agree with you that as brutal as Mother Nature can be she is definitely beautiful! Hope you get all cleaned up soon... so sorry about your apple trees.

  18. Seeing your pictures of the ice storm was just amazing, Faye! It brought back memories of one fall (late October) about 11 years ago we had a huge ice storm here and was without power for close to a week. But I, like you, also saw the beauty of it, as well. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

  19. WOW!! I am glad you are well.
    Wisconsin was hit with an ice storm two weeks ago. Our area was not hit as bad as my friend Lori's area. She had to crawl out of the house, no way that you could walk. My friend Kris, slid on her butt to the outside wood stove to add wood. ;-)
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of the ice, it is amazing.

  20. Gosh so much ice! Ice storms are incredible aren't they. I am a few days behind now so I hope that your power is all aright again and that the damage to the trees is being cleared away. It is sad to see trees like that, but it is the way of nature isn't it. Incredible photos!

  21. Wow, what a storm you all got! The incredible power of nature can be as beautiful as it is destructive, indeed! I was amazed to see all those trees bent to the ground, but the pines still standing. Did many pine trees go down? That is always our biggest fear here is the yellow pines that have a shallow root system, they are always the first to go with any kind of wind or ice weather. We have a generator, but sure wish we had a wood stove, that is the best way to stay warm when those kinds of storms hit! Thank you for getting out and taking the pictures. It was amazing to see how much ice you got!

    Hope that all has settled back down somewhat to normal for you this week. :)

  22. The ice storm was so terrible Faye, especially for your area and up the coast. What a mess. And to be without power for almost 2 weeks is awful for those folks. We didn't lose power here and the ice wasn't as bad and melted the next day. I hope this storm coming Tuesday night into Wednesday won't be too bad. I don't think the power utility could stand another hit like that so soon. You got some really good photos of the ice damage in your area. Take care. Pam

  23. Faye, I loved your snow pictures, as I don't get to see it here where I live unless I drive an hour away. It's been raining a lot here, and so thankful for that. The ice on the branches of the tree look so pretty. I'm glad to hear you are alright through the snow storm, and thanks for showing us a little bit around your neck of the woods.

    Happy Valentine's Day, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri