Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday ....

Happy Friday, my dears. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

I know that this is normally date night but I thought the best date that I could have would be right here at home.. smile.. 

Terry was away today doing wood errands and mowing the lawn up at the farm and I didn't go for once.. 
My paperwork has to be completely done by tomorrow night so I slaved away all day doing that.. 

Now the dear man is mowing the lawns here.. 
How did a workaholic like him match up with me is more than I can figure out.. smile.. 
Oh well... 42 years and counting.. 
I guess we must be used to each other by now.. 

I went to visit my Mom the day after I arrived back home.. 
On Wednesday, I guess..
 Terry and my step father split wood and we sat around and chatted..
 She likes showing me any new "old" dishes that she has picked up and I love looking through her MANY china cabinets.. 
Here are a couple of things I spied... grin..

Two dear little teapots... 
Aren't they sweet?  
She said I could have them if I would not sell them..
As if I would.. smile... 
She had a little cover for the first one but it did not fit.. 
I need to see if I can find one to for it... 
There are wee chickens picking for food on the left hand one..

I know it is hard to see.. Sorry.. 

Did you notice the jar of rooted plants?  
They are some of the violets that Terry had picked for me to do up salves.. 
I put them in the jar before I left and now they are all rooted.. 
I want to plant them and see if they come up next year... 

Here are some other little bird cups in a wee tea set that Mom gave me before...

I love old dishes with birds on them.. 
Are you dish lovers, too?.. 
I know my friend Suzanne is..

And so is my friend Pam.. 
Today is her birthday...Bless her heart.. 
Pam is like my sister...
She lives about an hour and a half from me and we talk most days.. 

One of the ladies who read my blog from Maine emailed me and let me know that my music was gone... 
Thank you, Donna...
As we live in Canada I had not realized that you girls could not hear it anymore, either.. 
Play list has completely stopped it all..

Anyway, I searched around and added a music widget  on 
my sidebar.. 
Just click on the ones you would like to hear.. 
I have not figured out yet how to get it to play all the time by itself but at least you can turn it on if you like.. 
I will add more music as I go...
Number 6 is my fave.. 
Oh, the joy of having the PEACE OF GOD..  
Hope you enjoy the music... 
Please let me know.. OK?

Well, I must go and try to catch up on my blogging.. 
I am way behind... 
I love reading the blogs.. 
They inspire and comfort me all at the same time.. 
I appreciate everyone...
Both bloggers and readers... 

You readers inspire me to write with your dear comments and I so look forward to them.. 

Have a blessed weekend.. 


  1. Good Evening, Faye, I love dishes! As soon as I clicked onto your blog I saw the darling little teacups and teapot with the flowers and birds. It made my heart go pitter pat! What a wonderful, sweet set.I like dishes that are fine like they are...not heavy. Now, I really hope you are about packed and almost ready to go to the sea. I hope you enjoy a nice summer there. Are the grandsons coming again this year?

    May you have good night and a blessed tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice time in PA. I've been through there a few times - love Amish country. Your bird cups are adorable. I like anything with birds on it - especially Robins. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  3. How sweet of your mom to give you those teapots. You have a wonderful weekend, too.

  4. Good morning Faye,
    I had a lot of catching up to do on your had lots to post about.
    I guess the last time I was here was way before your trip.

    What sweet dishes your mother collects. As of late my eyes have been drawn to them as well...we visited some antique shops with family this past week and I gravitated towards them.
    The gifts she gave you are precious to be sure.

    I also read on down to your wonderful to have such a grand time...I'm so sorry though you lost your camera are so wonderful but you do have the memories.

    Glad it was fun and so happy you all didn't have anything more than a 'scare' could have been so much worse.


  5. Well Faye..
    You and Terry are true-loves... that is why it works after all these years :)

    Beautiful dishes that your mom gave you, and so very generous of her also. I see where you get your generous spirit from :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Smiles :)

  6. Souls mates ! I love the birdy dishes soo pretty . I know what you mean about blogs I do so enjoy reading them ans seeing what goes on in others little homes and all they do . I read soo many it can take me an hour or so and the time just flys by like reading a good book that you dont want to put down for a second ! Happy Birthday to your friend Pam . It's another rain on and off day today here in southwestern Ontario . Have a wonderful day !

  7. Your bird dishes are beautiful. I have never seen any like them here. I love them. I am going to start watching for them when I am out and about. Maybe I will find a few for us. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Yes, Faye, the picture is me. I don't have my picture taken very often as I usually am the picture taker but I couldn't resist this one. God bless.

  9. I too love old dishes. Your sweet little birds cups are my favorite. Blessings dear

  10. Morning Friend
    Oh how beautiful are those dishes.
    Ya know I too love old dishes.
    I don't have any with birds. Guess I will have a new hunt. :)
    How sweet of your Mom to share.
    Love to you

  11. I really like pretty dishes, but I don't buy them because I am trying to "downsize", I just don't have the room - or the talent to display them. Those dishes are just beautiful. They have a lot of antique places in Iowa, maybe it is time to go check them out. I could at least buy one cup and saucer. :)

  12. Oh Faye, those little birds are adorable! I think if I had some like that my tea intake would go through the roof lol :) Our new kitchen is a big bigger than anything we've had before, so I hope to have a display rack for our prettier china. A good excuse to look around the lovely antique shops in our town - it is well known for them here...have you ever seen our BBC antique programmes? They often feature Honiton :) My Mum always calls me when it's on, bless her! Hope you've had a lovely weekend, and those violets take well :) xx

  13. Good Evening Faye- Just catching up on a little Blog reading. My internet was down for a few days. Those dishes are sooo Beautiful. What a Precious gift. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a wonderful week!