Friday, June 29, 2012

A Fine Friday here by the sea...

Hello dear hearts.. 

Here we are enjoying another Friday evening here in St. Martins by the sea... smile.. 

What a beautiful day we had.. 

This morning the sun shone in our bedroom window and woke me at 6:30 am... And Sammi of course.. He starts walking and clicking his nails on the wood floors.. Drives me crazy so either Terry or I get up with him.. Well, today I stayed up as it was so nice out.. 

The air smells like the sea as I let the dog out.. 
I stand there and take great gulps of it.. smile..

Then on goes the coffee and I come in the living room where the sun shines through the bay window and talk to the Lord for a bit.. 

This morning I was praying for my friend Mamabug's husband.. 
She has a blog and lives in Florida and we have become friends.. 
Her husband has a heart blockage and needs prayer.. 

Could you join me in praying for him.. 
She is a dear girl and loves him very much.. 

God is faithful and he still heals our bodies even today.. 

After Terry arose (smile) I talked him into taking me to the city to buy some plants.. 

I feel bad as I hardly have any decorating done yet here at the cottage.. So away we went and I got my plants.. 
Lord willing tomorrow I will get them in.. 

I opened the shop this afternoon but there was no one around hardly.. I did get the work room sorted through, though.. 

And I managed to make a few small things.. 
This is a little sewing kit that I put together..

It only costs $15.00... 
When I came over Terry had a couple of pork steaks (cheap but one of his faves) out thrawing.. 

So we had our first meal alfresco et duex... 
Pardon my French... 
Not all Canadians are bilingual...grin...

Do you like BBQ meals?  

We do most of the time..

Tonight we were both tired and did not put much effort into it.. 
Steak, potatoes and coleslaw... 

Pretty basic I'm thinking... 

Now for a lovely cup of tea...

 Hoping business picks up pretty soon.. 

This is a long weekend here in Canada as we celebrate Canada Day and our youngest son has his birthday..
Such a dear lad... 

Anyway, my friends thank you all for visiting.. 
So glad you stopped by.. 
Drop me a note if you have the time.. 

I don't think these posts lately are very informative but it is my day to day life.. I hope I haven't bored you all silly.. smile.. 

Sending love and prayers your way... 


  1. Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Canada Day to you and Terry. And Sammi, too. xo

  2. I will pray for her husband too. Pork steaks look good! The "business" has been slow here too. I did better at the flea markets than I did in my 2 booths. I have been cleaning too...working out in my shop/studio. I've found so many things I forgot I had. I made some cello bags with cloves, "fake" cherries, strawberries, lemmons, cinnamon hearts tied with some homspun. Just wanted to use up some older stock...marked them $3 hope they sell! Happy Canada Day. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  3. Faye, I always enjoy hearing about your day. It certainly was a beauty here today and very hot, which I don't mind a bit. The thunder is rumbling in the distance right now so I hope it misses us. We love to bbq in the summer and often eat on the deck. It was just too windy tonight to do so but maybe tomorrow. I hope you have some shoppers on this holiday weekend. Happy Canada Day to you and Terry. Enjoy! Blessings, Pamela

  4. Thank you, Faye, for telling us about Mamabug's husband. I feel so bad. I will be adding him (and Mamabug) to my prayers tonight. I know that prayers do work.

    Yes, we love to bbq on the grill and many times we eat outdoors.....just something we like to do in the summertime. Your dinner looked delicious....especially those potatoes.

    I love hearing about all the happenings of your day.....and especially when you are at the sea......or the farm....or at home..LOL!

    Happy Canada Day to you and Terry!

  5. Prayers, lovely post and yes, have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Good Morning Faye!
    What a wonderful place you have there! I would so love a place by the water!!

    Happy birthday to your son!
    Happy Canada Day too!!

    Yes, I will pray for your dear blogging friend also.
    Praying works!! And, yes ...Heavenly Father blesses us with miracles every day :)

    Love the sewing kit in a jar...darling.

    I love your little dinner setting and scrumptious dinner.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your friend,

  7. I really love your comfy place. Everything looks so peaceful and restful. I love to visit the sea and have often thought it would be so nice to live near the water. We take advantage of the nearby lake whenever we can.
    I too, will pray for your friend's husband. I am a firm believer in prayer and know that God provides every day miracles.

    I enjoy hearing of friends day to day lives. Be blessed!


  8. Hi Faye,
    Well I for one LOVE COMING HERE...there are all kinds of blogs and they show/tell all kinds of things.
    Please don't ever change how you do yours...this post was perfect.
    I am never bored or sorry I spent time here...I get something out of it....PEACE!
    Thanks for having a blog that sometimes is full of information and sometimes they are like today...peaceful.

  9. good morning faye~
    we all visit you here because we have come to love you! we all live day to day and hearing about your 'day to day' helps us connect to you. we treasure your loving ways and simplicity about life...old things bring back memories for all of the sewing jar...i have some of those downstairs in my sewing area filled with buttons from my mom's stash! you have such creative ways of displaying things from the past!! don't change a thing! that's why we love you!!
    ^)^ linda

  10. I will pray for your blogging friend. You are a good blogging friend to her to ask for prayers...I think all of us would like to have support when we need it!!
    your food and cottage look fabulous...good for you!!

  11. I find you blog never boring. You always have a way of making me hungry though. I will pray that for that gentleman too. I will pray that you business picks up as well.

  12. Dear Faye, That is one thing you are not-boring. I enjoy every blog you post. It gives me inspiration to get stuff done and the words touch my heart. You take the time for us out of your busy schedule. You are caring, loving, unshelfish and a wonderful women of God. You are such an example to us all. Your blog up lifts me and I am so blessed to be able to share it with you. Love you and never doubt what you are doing. Love Ya, Char