Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just an ordinary day....

Good Evening my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

It is an another rainy day here in the Maritime provinces of Canada... 

We had a few hours of sunshine today, though but the rain is falling again... 

I went over and opened the shoppe..

There is still a lot of pricing to do and such... 

My desk sits here beside this window..

I made some tags for the Lavender Bath Cookies that I made.. 
For the recipe  CLICK HERE...

I tore some pictures out of wrapping paper and glued them on my tags...
Then used brown stamping ink to age them and wrote the instructions on the back.. 

I wrapped the cookies in cheesecloth..

And added some lavender buds and tied them with string...

Already to sell ... 
That was fun... smile..

Then the best part of my day...

My sweet cousin Bugsy dropped by to see me..
What a dear friend she is.. 

We are kindred spirits in so many ways.. The best part is that we are sisters in Christ.. 

We talked and laughed and I showed her around the place.. 
She is a new reader of the blog and we chatted about that.. 

Then we shared some concerns.. 
We all have them, don't we? 

As she was leaving we hugged each other and just as natural she prayed with me... 
So precious... 
Thank you, Bugs... 

I guess it was not such an ordinary day after all.. 
I thank God for my dear family... 

Thanks for dropping by sweet friends.. 
Until we chat again... 
May Jesus be your friend and guide... 


  1. Hugs to you too! I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

  2. Faye, wishing you could share some of your rainy days with us here in GA. Our garden needs rain really bad. Such a neat way to package the bath cookies. Love the tags. Hoping tomorrow there will be sunshine in your day. Have a good one.

  3. I would love a nice shower, it will 98 degrees in the next few days.
    Love all the projects you so kindly share!

  4. Morning Faye Henry!
    I=Oh how we need some rain.
    My tomatoes sure arent growing very fast.
    Beautiful bath cookies. Great idea.
    How blessed you are to have a sweet BUGSY!

  5. Good morning! Oh so much rain! Our ducks love it, but I am tired of it. I think we are in for a spell of it this week. Let's pray for a bit of sunshine in between. Love the soap and tags! I wish I lived closer!

    Many Blessings to you!

  6. Hi Faye!
    What a lovely post.

    What a blessing it is that you are receiving rain!
    Oh! How I wish that we would get a wonderful summer rain storm.

    Love the tags and the way that you packaged your bath cookies!!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

    Smiles :)

  7. Dear Faye, I think of you every day. I so wish to come down and see you one if these days. Miss you Love Ya, Char

  8. Thanks so much for reminding me about the bath cookies. I had bought everything to make them back when you first posted about them. Then I forgot. We are doing something at church called secret sisters. We want to make a batch of the bath cookies and give them to our secret sisters. I think they would enjoy them. Thanks again and God bless.

  9. Hi great ideas on wrapping..on the cheese cloth with the cookies do they dry out ? And how well do they stay?

    1. Hello Brenda... You keep the cookies out in the air so they will dry out as they are for your bath. I made these in the Spring and kept them uncovered until I wrapped them in the cheesecloth.. I expect they will keep for ages..

  10. Hi Faye,

    I love your view from the window by your desk. And what a great way to package your bath cookies. :)

    Please send us some of your rain, k? We are praying for it at church. We need it bad.

    Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend.
    Take care, Janet W