Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Summer Weekend Country Style...

Hello everyone... 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great beginning to a new week.. 

We just returned here to the cottage tonight.. 
What a busy weekend.. 

The first few weeks here are kind of hectic trying to get everything down from home and getting the cottage and shop up and ready..

 Most days it is worth the trouble..
 Especially, those hot days back home.. 
Then I am so glad to be here in the fresh sea air..

Meanwhile.. we are busy getting it all together.. smile.. 
I hope I don't sound like I am complaining because I know it is such a blessing and hard work never killed anyone or so my Mother always told me.. 
I believe I passed that bit of knowledge onto my children.. grin....

I know you all like photos so I took a few of our weekend.. 

On Sunday we went to our home church and then home.. 
We had lunch and a nap and back to church for the evening.. 
It was lovely to sleep in our water bed that night... smile.. 

On Monday morning Terry decided he had better head to the farm to mow the grass so I packed a lunch and some craft work and away we went.. 
(Leaving the line full of clothes and the washer still humming.. grin)
We do not have a washer here ... sigh...
Here are a few country scenes you might like..
That donkey and turkey are two of my favorite neighbors up at the farm.. 
I watch for them every time... 

Then as we were driving along Prosser Brook I told Terry I had spied something lovely.. 
The dear man turns the truck and trailer with the lawn mower on it around and back we go.. Turn the whole thing around again and slowly watching I spied them again.. 
A Mother Duck and about a dozen babies.. 
So dear.. 
We stopped but I just was not smart enough to catch their picture..

This is all I ended up with..  
They disappeared under a overhang of trees.. 
Terry threw a rock and they went squawking and quacking.. 
It was so sweet.. 
What a lovely thing to see out in the wild.. 
I did take a pic of these.. 

Wild honeysuckle.. Maybe???
We checked for the ducks again on the way home but they were gone.. 

On to the farm....

Lovely cattle just before our old place..
Actually, that is our land up on the hill behind them..

And here we are... 

The Lupins are all in bloom..
Aren't they pretty?

And there is the old place..

Sitting quietly on this Summer's Day.. 
The breeze blowing down from the Kent Hills.. 
The brook bubbling away and the birds singing praises to 
the Lord.. 

Terry started mowing and I decided to take a couple pics of the flowers growing around the yard..

Johnny Jump Ups that my dear Aunt Eva planted many years ago..

Wild roses grow all along the lane..

There will be lots of rose hips in the Fall.. 
I made lunch and tea dyed a bunch of tags for the shop.. 
It was so hot at home and the old farm house was nice and cool.. 

Then we headed home and Terry had more lawns to mow and I had more laundry and packing to do.. 

This morning we loaded the truck in the pouring rain and headed to Fredericton where I had an appointment.. 

I took this pic the other day when it was a lovely sunny day..

Our Capital City located on the historic St. John River.... 
Then back down to St. John where Terry bought some wood for our well house and then home here to our cottage by the sea.. 

Sammi is plain worn out... grin..

He was such a good boy today.. 
Spent practically the whole day in the truck and didn't cause a bit of fuss.. 

I think I will join him and say good night to you dear ladies.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by.. 
I am so glad you came.. 

And a welcome to the new followers ... 

Looking forward to reading your notes... 
Take care and God bless...


  1. Faye, you deserve a good night's sleep after that busy weekend travelling all over the countryside. Your photos are lovely and so pretty showing all the different aspects of our beautiful countryside. Have a blessed week my friend and I hope your shop is busy on the holiday weekend! Blessings, Pam

  2. You are always on the go, Faye. I am sure the shop will be a wonderful place to visit. Great photos you have shared. The little goats with the donkey is precious. Poor Sammi, sound asleep! So cute. xo

  3. I love all the photos of the flowers around your farm. You take nice pictures! See you soon.

  4. Nice photos and Johnny Jump Up flowers almost look like pansies or violets. Have a good rest of the week, my friend! It's been chilly here in Oregon, waiting for some warmer days. I'm thinking tomorrow will be better! :0)

  5. You need a break I wore me out!!Lupins are one of my favorite, but we just ge the purple here growing wild everywhere. Have a great week;0)

  6. Thank you so mutch for this lovely post. I really enjoyed it!

  7. Beautiful photos Friend.
    Take time to smell the roses.
    Love & JOY

  8. Sammi has a grin too. Nice pictures - beautiful countryside. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  9. Faye, thanks again for the journey. Love traveling with you through your camera lens. Never do you disappoint me. Have a blessed week.

  10. Delightful post today. Thank you! :)

  11. What a lovely trip! Love the pics everything is so beautiful this time if year. Take Care God Bless, love ya Char.

    p.s. Don't work to hard and remember to take a break.

  12. Mrs. Faye, such beautiful pictures!! I love the flowers and the farm house. I have a fondness for old farmhouses. They have such character. I think Sammi has the right idea, rest is in order. Thanks again for sharing your pictures. I always love them. Enjoy your day and God bless.