Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back at the Cottage....

Good Morning, my dears..

Just a short post this morning to let you know that we are now back at our cottage in St. Martins for the Summer season... 
The header picture at the top is of the cottage... smile...
(For you new followers.. 
Most of you have been here before, eh?)

This picture is of the Bay of Fundy at the end of our street yesterday...

Last night we could hear the waves from our bedroom window.. One of the little things that I enjoy the most about this place.. 

Our cottage is old and tattered and torn... honest... 
But this morning as I sit here chatting with you the wind is blowing the sea air from the Bay and the sun is shining... 
Lovely day... Thank you, Lord..

We are working away trying to get the shop ready to open... 

I have decided to rearrange everything... 
Oh, to be a person who does not need change must be heavenly.. 

Oh well, it will be nice when it is finished... 
The question is WHEN???  smile.... 

There is also gardening that is not done...

Herb beds and containers and such.. 
All in good time.. 

Here are a line of old quilts and wool blankets on the line this morning... 
Getting a good airing out... smile.. 

We have not been this late arriving here before but some things  can't be helped.. 

Hopefully, the shop will be open next weekend ...
I am not going to be open on Sundays this Summer... 
So thankful for that..

We did not have Internet for the first couple of days we were here.. 
The lines had to be replaced so I am sorry I have not been around.. 
Hope you all missed me... smile... 

As for Sammi and I .....

We are just going to sit here in the living room and have our morning coffee.. 
Eh, Sam????   smile...

Love the water here at this old cottage.. 
Pure spring water and it makes yummy coffee... 
One of the good things from God... 

Planning on taking a few pics today of the shop perhaps.. 

First, though we are going to a Brunch for Terry for Fathers Day.. 
He loves their country brunches that they have in Fairfield every month... 
I love it because I get to see a lot of my cousins.. 
That is what St. Martins is all about to me... smile.. 

Thanks for the sweet visit... 
Praying for you .... 


  1. B E utiful picture of the Bay. What a dreamy place to be! I was wondering about the shop. Can't wait for some of your ideas... :) I'm out of new ones... :). Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. Oh sweet post. Love the photos.
    I must confess Sammi is my fav. Oh my what a sweet smile.
    I love change too.
    Hugs to you

  3. So beautiful at the bay! Enjoy youer summer! God Bless!

  4. Such a beautiful place by the water. Sammi looks very happy to be there! I did miss you, Faye. Wishing Terry a very Happy's Father's Day. xo

  5. Good morning, dear Faye,
    What a lovely little place you have there and the location is ideal! How I would love to visit your shop one day, I will be over that way in just over a year. My husband has pretty much promised me a visit to Canada's eastern seaboard for our 25th wedding anniversary. That is my dearest wish!
    I understand the love for change, I'm that way, too. Have fun getting it all re-arranged and ready for your opening day! I look forward to seeing PHOTOS of it.
    And yes, I did miss you.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  6. Hello Faye, Yes, I did wonder where you were but was sure you were moving to the sea. Oh, I can just hear those waves washing in. Heavenly! I hope you have a wonderful summer there and lots of visiting time with your cousins.

    Please tell Terry that I wish him a Happy Father's Day!

  7. Oh Sammi, you have your BEST smile for us! How dear.

    Isn't it soothing to be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves?
    The sea looks so clear and fresh. I hope you manage to find some relaxation at this lovely place (in amongst all the hard work).
    Have a great day tomorrow - I am going to my Dad's,bringing a chocolate cake which is cooling as I write! Can I keep my hands off it, that's the question...
    Lovely post, thank you Faye,
    xxx H

  8. Hi Faye, It looks like a lovely day there in St. Martins. I imagine it was cool even in the sunshine with the wind off the water. It was cloudy and cool here most of the day when it was predicted to be sunny and 25. So disappointing. But, the sun is shining now and it looks good for a few more days. It must be fun getting your shop set up for another season. I hope it's a busy one for you. Blessings, Pam.

  9. Glad you're settling in for the summer! The weather looks lovely and the sea and the cottage!
    Have a blessed time in St Martins!

  10. so glad to see you here again...what an absolutely wonderful place to spend your summers!! happy father's day to terry! we are just now getting thunder, lightning, rain in iowa. i, too, hope to get up to the eastern coast there someday! i had my 1st prayer shawl group meeting last tues! everyone has been so appreciative!
    {hugs} ^)^linda

  11. What a beautiful place! How peaceful the sound of the water must be at night! Enjoy.

  12. How Lovely! I could feel the peace of the place in the pictures!

  13. Faye Henry... I was starting to think that you were among the missing!! Feels like forever since I've talked to you!... I'll come have a visit or two with you over the summer

  14. Oh how lovely...can't wait to see more photos. Very exciting time.


  15. That blue jug is lovely Faye. You have such a good eye; it must be a treat to wander around anywhere that you've put your touch :) Sammi looks like a really happy dog, a good companion for a cuppa! Hope you get everything straight soon Faye, will be thinking of you xx

  16. Dearest Faye, I miss you a lot. I am excited to take a trip to St. Martins to visit you at your shop a stay a while. Lol! Of course will have to go a see the caves. See you soon I hope. Dont work to hard. Love ya God Bless

  17. I would just love to be able to hear the sound of the waves through my windows. Even when we go to the beach, everything is air conditioned so you can't get that authentic sound. I always sit on the balcony for as long as I can, soaking in all that glorious sound. Enjoy yourself.

  18. I love your pictures. The Bay is so beautiful. I think I would love to hear the waves as I was falling asleep. I know what you mean about spring water. Our water comes from a spring. It is so good. I hope you get everything rearranged. Don't work too hard at it though. Enjoy your day and God bless.