Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Supper at the Cottage with a recipe...

Good Evening everyone.. 
How are you all doing?

We are having glorious weather here in St. Martins by the Bay of Fundy.. smile.. 

Our oldest son and family are on vacation in Ontario and I guess the weather is very hot and humid.. 

Then our youngest son dropped down to see us today and the first thing he said was how cool it was here.. He said it was really hot up home.. 

 I am glad to be here where we put the heat up this morning while we had our breakfast and then I wore a sweater over to work at the shop.. It did turn out sunny and warm but just right.. 
A lovely blessing... 

Anyway, I still do not have the shop ready..Yikes...

Dustin came down so I decided to spend some time with him and of course I needed to feed him.. smile..
He really enjoyed it and had two plates.. 
Bless his heart..
 Nice for him to have a home cooked meal.. 
You know what most bachelors eat.. grin... 

I was tired, though so it was a really simple meal.. 
This pantry is not really stocked for the summer yet..

Perhaps you would like this recipe.. 
It is just one that I make without measuring but there is no way you can mess it up... 
I don't think so anyway... smile.. 

Pasta with Broccoli and Lemon..

Put some water on to boil to cook as much pasta (I used spaghetti)
Make sure you put lots of salt in the water and cook as much as you think you need... 
Then while that is cooking slice up several large mushrooms and a couple of cups of broccoli or so.. 
Make sure the broccoli does not have long stems on them.. 

When you have them ready just add them to your spaghetti that is cooking..
It takes about 5 minutes or so to cook the mushrooms and broccoli..

Then shave off  as much Parmesan as you like and get a lemon ready to squeeze..

Drain your pasta and veggies and add a large tablespoon of butter and your cheese.. 
Stir well along with your squeezed lemon... 
You could just use lemon juice but I prefer fresh ones.. 
You could add a speck of cream, too, if you like...
Add a bit of freshly ground pepper and sea salt ...

We love this although I try not to make it very often.. 
Terry and I both like it too much.. smile.. 

Hope you try it and enjoy it... 

Just thought I would share a pic of my everyday dishes here at the cottage... 

You guys know me and my dish fetish..

Brown transfer ware... 
I like all different patterns.. 
Do you? 
What is your favorite transfer ware color?

Well... my dears... it has been a very long day and these old bones are tired.. 
I say that a lot lately, don't I?

I doubt if I get open tomorrow but Friday for sure.. 
I am sorry I did not get to answer all the questions last time... 
As soon as I know my hours I will post them up top of my blog and my phone number... OK?

Our son just phoned to say he got back home.. 
He told me he wouldn't call.. grin.. 
He thinks I worry too much and he tries not to encourage my dependence on knowing where and how he is.. smile.. 
Us mothers are mostly all the same, though, eh?

So blessed to have such dear kids... 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Good night sweeties... 


  1. I love pasta and broccoli. I like to make it with broccoli rabe and garlic and oil and a pinch of hot pepper flakes :). I can't believe you had heat on. we are 100 degrees and hot through the weekend. Praying we don't get a blackout. As for transfer ware, I never met a color I didn't like. I do love the brown for fall, the green for spring, blue in the summer and red and green for Christmas. Phew! Time to say g'night! xo

  2. Hi Faye, I love your dodad hanging in the tree. Pretty neat idea! And I also love that you get to eat off those great brown transferware dishes every day. Supper looks yummy. I bet it was perfect in St. Martin's today. It was 32 here! Bye for now. Hugs, Pam

  3. Thats looks YUMMY ! will have to make it , thanks for sharing the recipe ! Yes it has been very hot here in Ontario there has been heat warnings for days, it has been 40 ºC 104 ºF for those who dont use celsius but will be cooling off for the weekend thanks goodness !I love all kinds of dishes never could pick a fav ! Nice to hear from you was wondering whether you were busy with the shop . Ok well its night, night time now for Papa and I as he gets up at the crack of dawn for work so I will wish you to have a great evening !

  4. That sure looks good! And the dishes are wonderful. I would like them all.Sure glad that you are keeping cool. It has been very warm here in Cali. Blessings ~Sara

  5. Hello Faye, I think I may try making that. I have not been feeling good for a bit now, but every day I seem to be getting better. Thank the Lord! Don't work to hard. Oh! I tried mKing a blueberry pie today. Its good, but I think I made the crust a little think. LOL! God Bless! Love Ya, Char

  6. Brown transfer ware is so pretty. I have a few pieces of The Old Mill, a cup and saucer, a square plate (probably salad plate) and a serving bowl. I've always dreamed of having the tea pot but they are hard to find and I really don't need it. But I like using them once in awhile. The cup and saucer are in a hutch with some cups and saucers my aunt willed to me after she died. It's was 79 degrees here and supposed to be warm again tomorrow then rain Fri and Sat. then 70s/60s next week. I just can't decide! I spent the day at home instead of at work with a virus of some sort. Feeling better so back to work tomorrow. sigh! Hope you get your shoppe up and going soon. Sounds like a nice place~hugs to ya!

  7. I love the transferware, any color. I have a red plate, a brown saucer, and a couple of blue plates. Week before last I found a pitcher & bowl set in blue and white at the thrift store. I paid too much for it, but it was so pretty. It is only a reproduction, but I loved it anyway.
    Our weather has been humid & steamy hot. We had a nice little shower this evening.

  8. Hi Faye, how are you? I have been catching up on blog reading and commenting tonight. Whew! I am almost done. lol

    Love your photos and I saved that recipe..yummmmm looks good.

    Enjoy your day my friend.

    Take care, Janet W

  9. Lovin that beautiful brown transfer ware collection.
    I have a collection of red and blue, but really I just love all dishes.
    Don't we Friend?? hehe
    Yummy meal too.Thanks for sharing :)
    Hugs to you

  10. Morning Faye, goodness you had to have some heat???? We can't stand the heat's 90+ temps for well over a week now...going into 2 weeks.
    Sometimes I think we try to fit too much into a day don't you? Maybe this is why we are so pooped...not that we have so much going on...just that we cram it too close.
    Take your time, enjoy the time you have up there and the shop will open when it does.

    How nice to have your son come pop in on you...always fun to take care of them even when they are old enough to take care of themselves.

    My favorite transfer ware is red...naturally! lol


  11. It was so hot and muggy here yesterday too. I know it would have been perfect where you are. My fav colour for transferware is blue. No surprise right? But I love them all.

  12. Your supper looks delicious. This is something I have been looking for. Simple but good. Thanks for sharing. I love the dishes. Do I have a favorite color? Probably not, I just love them all. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Love this most and thanks for the simple recipe!

  14. Faye that pasta recipe looks wonderful! I wouldn't have thought about putting mushrooms and brocoli together. Definitely a winner by me!

  15. oh that recipe sounds soooo good for summer..I am definitely going to try it..thanks for sharing..:)