Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Days of Blessings....

Hello everyone... 

How are you all?
So glad you dropped by to visit this lovely evening.. 

I know I have been among the missing for a few days but we 
had a short visit home... 

It was lovely although very hot on Monday.. 
On days like that is when you want to be back here by the Bay but there were things that we needed to do.. 

Terry, of course had lawns and more lawns to do.. 
The dear thing.. 
And I had a ton (almost) of laundry.. 

We do not have laundry facilities here at the cottage or even in the village... The camp grounds have them but that is for them..

It seems to grow.. grin.. 

Anyway, we had 3 nights in our water bed... 
The first night was a bit warm but the next two nights the wind blew and the rain fell.. 

We spent one day in the city doing all kinds of errands and I was so pleased to buy some garlic scapes... 
More about them later.. smile.. 

Then this morning as we were packing up to return the sun came out and it was a beautiful day...

We had to stop in Sussex and do some grocery shopping.. 
The Keepers are coming for an over niter on Friday... 
We are all looking forward to that.. smile.. 

As soon as we drove in the lane I practically jumped out and ran to the shop.. I was an hour late... Yikes... 

Had some wonderful visitors from across Canada, actually...

Then it was Supper time... 

Terry and I had to take a load of stuff to the shop and so we went for a wee drive..

This is my aunt's house at the top of our street.. 

The Country Inn must be hosting a bunch of photographers as they are everywhere... smile.. 

One of them was taking this photo so I thought I would give it a try.. 
I hope he doesn't see it... grin.. 

Then another one was taking this shot... 

TA... DA... 
Here is my version... smile.. 

When we came back home I made some rose tea...

And some Queen Anne's lace tea...

Some home made jellies in the making.. 

I will give you the links tomorrow for the recipes.. 
Just a bit anxious to head to bed tonight... 

And here is the potato salad I made for our Supper..

And here is the dressing..

A new recipe that we really liked.. 
Will share that later, too.. If you like... 

Just one more pic...

Our grandson was baptized in the lovely Name of Jesus on Sunday and the whole family were there.. 

The two grandfathers are watching the turkey fry... I think ... 

We all had a wonderful time and wonderful fellowship... 
So nice to see our sweet daughter-in-law's parents and family... 

All of our 5 grandsons have now been baptized in the Name of the Lord.. 
So thankful for what Jesus is doing in the lives of our children and their dear ones.. 

God is so faithful... 

Thank you so much for your sweet visit.. 

And thanks for signing up for the giveaway HERE..
Please check it out if you haven't yet.. 

So good to chat with you all.. 
God's sweetest blessings on you all...


  1. Love your photos ! Sounds like you have been busy but a good kind of busy ! It has been very humid here and have been in a drought for over a month, some poor farmers have lost their crops it's sad ! Hoping for rain and hoping it doesn't go around us like it has been ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Hi Faye, It's good to hear from you. I was thinking about you today. We didn't get much rain here and it is still very dry. You sure are busy making teas. I've never heard of Queen Anne's Lace Tea! Where ever do you find these recipes? That is wonderful that your grandson was baptized and all your grandsons too. What a blessing! Enjoy the rest of the week. Hugs, Pam

  3. Hello Dear One......Nothing makes me more fuzzy and warm inside (other than grandkids!) than the wash blowing in the wind! Your whites are so white. What a sight! I am looking forward to all of the recipes you have mentioned. The dressing for your potato salad looks so good. Do you know I have not made my Grandmother's potato salad yet this year? For shame! NO recipe really...just how we make it in the family. It is wonderful to hear about your last grandson's baptism. All is right when this happens to the grandkids.

    Faye, I have missed you so. I look so forward to your posts. If it wasn't for "our dear Faye' ....I don't know what we would read on here at night. You are good.

    Have a happy tomorrow and may you and Grandfather Terry be blessed.

    PS - Your pictures are beautiful. Be proud. The flowers at your aunt's house are gorgeous.

  4. Good evening Faye!
    As always, you are busy as a bee :)
    How interesting.. never heard of queen annes lace tea.

    Love your pictures. How fun to capture some of the same pics as the photographers!

    So great that your family could get together and enjoy a red letter day.

    Have a great evening!!


  5. The picture with the boats is just lovely.You are lucky to be so near such beauty.What a blessing with your grandsons.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. So good to hear of your Grandson's Baptism Faye, it sounds like a lovely family celebration! I've been looking at your Queen Anne's lace photos, as we have a lot of it growing in the lanes and I wondered what it was, thank you! There are so many beautiful wild flowers at the moment :)
    I hope you had a lovely night's sleep.
    Carly xx

  7. Hi Faye

    Sounds like you had a busy week! Your photos are great - maybe you could teach a class?


  8. The picture of the harbor with the sun and shadow on the trees - really nice. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  9. Oh! Can't wait for these recipes. Queen Anne's Lace is another one of my favorite flowers. Tea? Really?

  10. Lovely post. Your photos are so serene.

  11. There's something satisfying about watching clean, fresh linen blowing on the line! Makes me smile!
    God is so gracious! How wonderful to hear that all your grandsons are going on with the LORD.

  12. Your pictures are lovely. I am so happy for your grandson! There is nothing greater than knowing Jesus. Isn't it wonderful to know our loved ones know Him as Savior. My children do and I pray nightly for all my grandchildren to come to Him as well. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. what lovely pictures and must make your heart happy to see your children's children be baptized!

  14. Faye, I just love visiting with you! You are a lovely host. What beautiful news to hear about your grandson's baptism! I loved the pictures and look forward to your recipes. Have a lovely weekend!