Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just making some homemade stuff....

Hello dear hearts... 
Hope all is well with thee.. smile.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
Glad you dropped by.. 

Do you see those purple flowers in the photo above?  
They are Monk's Hood and do you know what I think when I see them blooming?  
Yup... Summer is half over.. sigh.. 

I love the Summer and all that it brings with it..
Don't you? 

Sunny days, kids laughing as they pass by, breezes in the trees, fresh strawberries, sampfire greens, beach walks, family and friends, the crash of the tide, grandsons running up and down the old stairwell, summer salads, sitting out with a nice cold goblet of lemon cordial,  the smell of the BBQ and oh so much more.. 

It is already half over... 
Life goes on... 

Someone was in my shop today or yesterday.. I forget which.. 
And he made the statement that all that counts is that you die happy... 
Which is sort of true.. 
We all want to die happy..
 If we have to 

I spoke before I thought (as usual) and said.. 
So long as you die ready... 
He didn't say anything else and neither did I... 

But I am glad that I am happy and ready... 
My sermon is finished.. Thank the Lord, eh?

You know you love me.. grin...

I have been trying this week to get caught up on my making things list crossed off... 

I ran out of homemade salves last week so they were first on my agenda...

I gathered some comfrey, lavender, roses and rosemary..
Some olive oil...

Grated some beeswax... 

Put out some sterile jars...

Made some Gardeners Salve.. 
Then with oil that I had infused in the Spring I made some...

Violet Salve.. 
Took them to the shop and labeled and priced them.. 
And sold several before they hit the shelf.. 
thank you, 

Then I decided to make some foot soaks... 
Yeah... they are lovely..
We made them in Keepers earlier in the Spring.. 

Then took them to the shop and labeled and priced them.. 

Yes, they too are selling... 

Would you like the recipe.. 
My Mom came in the shop on Friday and the first thing she wanted to know was whether I had some of that foot stuff made.. smile.. 

Foot Soak
2 cups of sea salt.. 
1 cup Epsom salts
Whisk together well and then add...

4 tsp. peppermint oil
3 tsp. lemon oil
several drops of tea tree oil..(opt.)
You can replace the oils with pure extracts if you like.. 
I was blessed with the oils from a dear friend.. 
1 tsp. sweet almond oil or olive oil.. 
Whisk together again and add..

1 tsp. cornstarch 
1 tsp. soda...
Whisk again and place in sealed jars... 

Place 1 Tablespoon in a few quarts of warm water and 
SOAK your feet.. 
So refreshing ... 
Your feet will feel so soft, too.. 

I found this recipe on my Pinterest.  It is on my Toiletries Board.. 
I changed it around to suit me, though as they added peppermint tea and such.. 

My Pinterest is on the sidebar of my blog... OK?

Tonight I came home to this for supper.. 

Chicken cooked in the crock pot and then some Spanish Rice put together very quickly... 

It is cool here tonight.. 
I had to put a throw across my feet as they were cool.. 
It is cloudy and I am sure the fog will roll in here in a bit.. 

I was talking to my sister on the phone who lives up home and she said it was sunny and scorching hot.. 
Poor dear.. grin.. 
No really.. 

Anyway, sweet ladies thank you so much for you visit and your little notes that you leave me.. 
You are all so dear.. 

I am not doing so good getting back to you though.. 
Please know that I read every word and appreciate so much hearing from you either on the comment or emails.. 

It is just that when I get to the end of my post I usually head for the stairs.. 
I can't sleep in here at all as the sun rises and shines in my window and Sammi starts clicking his nails on the wood floor and wants out and the crows start cawing... 
Oh dear Lord.. I  will just get up..   

Yes... it is that bad... grin ... 

Love to you all...


  1. Faye, I wish I had some of this foot soak tonight. Do you have an online store, too? xo

  2. Yes, I could use some foot soak too! lol I was on my feet most of the day as I had a tea party here with my Bible study friends. We had a wonderful time. We got some rain showers for a couple of hours this afternoon but not really enough to help the crops and gardens. It's going to be sunny for the next few days again. A great July! Blessings, Pam

  3. I never thought about monkshood like that before. Mine's not out yet so I must have a longer summer than you do!

  4. I wish I had've been there to help make that salve- I like doing that sort of thing! I tried Quinoa tonight for the first time. I can see that it will be a regular dish at my house- Yumm-o!

  5. everything just sounds wonderful!
    hope all sells so well for you.
    someday I would love to visit your shop!

  6. Pretty deep....but I loved it! LOL
    Dinner looks YUM!!!!

  7. That foot soak sounds so good right about now! My feet are tired tonight. And you know I would love the violet salve!!!! (Violet was my Grandmother's name!) Your day sounds so interesting and fun. AND...your post makes you sound so happy and relaxed!.... Must be the cottage and the beautiful sea. Count your blessings, girl! Do you hum when you are working? I have a feeling you do hum old hymns and new ones, too. Oh my gosh, I am silly tonight!

    And by the way, what is your "lemon cordial"? I would love a recipe for that!!!!!

  8. Your pots of goodies look so pretty Faye. I'm not surprised they sell well :) Hope the sun comes out for you xx

  9. I, too, spent the day making things. :) So nice to do isn't it?

  10. I know what you are saying about is going to be gone before things slow down enough here to enjoy it! Two sons graduated from college and one got married in June and the next in 10 days. They are both moving away. One will be 1000 miles from home and the other 200. We also have a new grandson due in 5 weeks and I will be our daughter's labor coach so I am not venturing far away in case I get the call. I am so blessed that she wants her Mommy to be there! But, there is always fall and I love our fall weather in South Carolina. :)

  11. My feet feel better just reading about your soak, recipe, Faye... *grin*... not really. But I can only imagine how good it would feel. Sounds like your mom thinks so too. I got a little jealous when you said you had to use a throw over your feet... good grief! The last two nights I've kicked the covers off it's been so hot here. Maybe I need to come stay with you for a few days... at least until I cool off. *haha*

  12. i echo the lament about using a throw on your was 107 on our thermometer TWICE today!!! hot, humid, cloudy, but no rain... the midwest US is suffering... i pray for the farmers... your post was refreshing! nice to see GREEN!!!

  13. My feet feel better just reading your salve recipe.

  14. Found your blog via Pinterest today. Adore it. And you. :) I've been looking at chicken breasts for two days and ordering Chinese delivery instead. Took inspiration from you and threw those chickens in the crock pot. Supper will be good.

    I'll be back soon to see what else you are up to!