Saturday, July 7, 2012

I've got too much to gain to lose...

Hello my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this lovely evening in July.. 

Don't you love Summer? 
We had rain and sun today but just right temps.. 

My friend just phoned me tonight.  They arrived in St. Louis and it was 107 degrees.  Those poor dear people.. 
Hopefully, it will cool down some soon there.. 

We got the jam all made..

It turned out lovely and we froze quite a few too...

Do you girls still have strawberries or have you gone onto greater things?  grin.. 

Here is a pic I took today at the shop..
Which has been doing very well.. 
Thank you, Lord.. smile...

A little lavender wreath and a wonderful hand embroidered large tablecloth done in the thistle.. 
Very good condition.. 

Here is one of my herb beds that is slowly starting to gain some headway...

I will show you one later when it gets going better.. 
We were so late moving down here that the flowers are pretty slow..

We had salad for Supper along with steak and potatoes..
BBQ.. of course..

I made a new dressing and thought you might like it.. 
We loved it and even put it on the potatoes that he cooked on the BBQ.. 

Here is the recipe.. 

Take a large clove of garlic and chop it up on your cutting board along with 1/4 tsp. of sea salt and make a paste with the side of your knife.. 
Place into a small bowl along with 2 T. white wine vinegar, a few flakes of red pepper flakes, 1/4 tsp. black pepper and 1/3 cup of olive oil... 
I added a squirt of mustard, too.. 
Whisk very well and let sit for an hour or so.. 

Just add some fresh herbs to your salad if you want herbs..

If there is any dressing left then it will keep a couple of days in  your fridge.. Don't leave it out with fresh garlic in it.. 

Thank you all for visiting.. 
Just love having you.. smile...
I hope you have a blessed Sunday..

Thinking on the Lord here a bit tonight.. 

I just watched a YouTube of a dear pastor (Caroll McGruder) who we know singing the song...

I've Got Too Much To Gain To Lose.. 

How true... 
You know I have traveled this road for 50 years.. 
I was 9 years old when Jesus saved my soul and filled me with His precious Spirit... 

It was many years ago but He has remained constant.. 
Always there and always available.. 
I fail but His mercy is enduring.. 

Where would I be if He had not been there all those times?
Times of joy and times of grief... 

He has not only been my guide but my healer.. 
my joy and my life..
He is my everything.. 

When all seems lost then I just need to call out to Him.. 
He knows me and loves me.. 
He grants me strength and forgiveness.. 

He is coming soon, my friends..

As for me...
 I have too much to gain to lose.. 

Too many sunsets lie behind those mountains
Too many rivers my feet have walked through
Too many treasures are waiting over yonder
I have too much to gain to lose.. 

As this pastor says... 
I've read the back of the book and I know..
Yes, I am Pentecostal.. smile.. 
You didn't guess that before, eh?  grin... 

God bless you sweet dear ladies tonight.. 
Sending you all hugs.. 


  1. Hi Faye, we had record breaking temps here today. I stayed inside with the a/c. I love your new header. Your herb bed is so lovely and that salad dressing sounds delicious. Will give it a try. I have fresh lettuce from a farm stand. xo

  2. Hi Faye,

    Lovely pictures.

    Beautiful testimony of Christ. I didn't know you were Pentecostal. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    Take care, Janet W

  3. Hello there...Dear Heart, How are you this lovely evening? Your salad looks delightful! We picked our first cucumber yesterday and it tasted wonderful. Jim picked another one today.Peppers will be next. So, I know I must make your dressing recipe......sound so good. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I was pretty sure you were pentecostal. Faye, you can be what ever you want to be in this world of God's. We have choices and the right to decide. I was brought up presbyterian and now, sometimes I go to a very charismatic church here in our towm. I enjoy it very much.Your post tonight was one that hit my heart. I appreciate the time you take to tell us your thoughts. If you wish to discuss this with me can...but I think we are pretty much on the same page. I am glad, though, that you do write things on your blog that are very interesting to some.

    It sounds like your wee little shop is doing marvelously!!! I love the lavender wreath. Did you make that, Faye? And the pink flowers in the pink chair really do catch your eye. I hope you are not working too hard. The herb garden will get going.....just needs a few more days of sun.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon, Faye. Have a nice Sunday tomorrow!

  4. Yes, we've read the back of the book and we know who wins! God and us, if we are believers! Just went to a memorial service today of a dear lady I knew growing up. She was 90 when she died, still full of spunk and loved the Lord with all her heart. She was an inspiration to me. So glad I had the chance to be there today as I just learned of the service this a.m. 110 miles in one day (round trip) but that's what we do sometimes when we love someone so dear and their family. She was in WWII, Coast Guard SPARS. I'll post more on my blog later.
    My strawberries are frozen and I will make them into jam soon. So much going on. I could have done that today but life/death happens. It's just stuff I have to do that wait another day.

  5. Your salad dressing recipe sounds lovely. I think it is going on our salads today :)

  6. It was very hot and humid here on Friday and Saturday but the humidity left last night and today was much more comfortable with a northwest wind. The big thunder storm missed our neighbourhood but hit Fredericton and Moncton I guess. I love your pink chair and the flowers in the seat hole. Gorgeous. The thistle patterened tablecloth is the same pattern as I have on a dresser scarf that came from either Butternut Ridge or Petitcodiac. I use it on a bedside table. I appreciate your thoughts today. May the Lord bless you my friend. Hugs, Pam

  7. Hi Faye,

    Thanks for the recipe for dressing. All your recipes are so good, easy and down-to-earth. Thanks too for such an encouraging post, one full of God's faithfulness in your life. I love your positive, uplifting attitude that's always reflected in your posts.

    Have a lovely evening!

  8. Faye, You have such a lovely blog! What an industrious gal you are!!!
    You have accomplished so much even in all this heat!
    Your garlic dressing sounds so yummy! Homemade dressing is SO much better than bottled!
    Please join me at StoneGable for ON THE MENU MONDAY, my weekly foodie/recipe/menu linky party going on now. Your yummy menu would be a welcomed addition!!!

  9. What you say is so true, I have way too much to gain to lose!!! God is SO very good. When I arrived here at my daughters, she was so down hearted, but through prayer and love she is feeling better physically and emotionally. Thank you for praying for her, she is gaining more mobility every day.
    Your salad dressing sounds wonderful, I will try that when I get home in a week or so.
    Your jam looks so good! And I love the pink chair and the herb bed.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Your flowers in the chair are beautiful!! Your salad looks good enough to just reach in and eat. I love salads. Thanks for sharing the dressing recipe. It sounds very good. I am a little curious about the tablecloth. You said it was large. How large? And what price? My table is huge. Hubby made it for us years ago. Anyway, whether it fits my table or not, it looks beautiful. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. Hi Faye! The heat literally wilts everything, me included! I just can't seem to
    get myself in gear to get things done. The jam looks so good, nothing better than homemade!

  12. Just been catching up on what you've been up to Faye - what a productive lady! It was lovely 'looking' around your shop, I'm not surprised you've been blessed with lots of visitors :) We are just settling in and making ourselves at home, so trying not to demand too much of ourselves this year - anything grown and made is a bonus :) Next year though, we are planning it all already, he he! With love and blessings friend, Carly xx