Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Memories...

Hello there everyone.. 

I am posting as you can see... 
A bit late and a dollar short but I am here.. grin.. 
That is an old saying but knowing me I have it backwards or something.. 
Bear with 

What a crazy wonderful weekend here in St. Martins during Old Home Week.
Simply beautiful weather, too..

Our company arrived on Friday..

But before they arrived Sammi and I went out and picked a few flowers to put about.. 

Consider the lily... smile.. 

That old mason jar had a water proof light in it and our company told me she wondered all evening what on earth was lighting it up.. 

We picked some roses and distributed them about the house..
Roses are my Mom's favorite so the vase with the rose painted on it was placed in their room... And a few for the Dining  table....

And this beautiful peony and such went into the other bedroom..
I love going out and about the yard and making little bouquets.. 

Do you?  

And then of course, there was some food involved...

Gotta love those Summer Salads.. 
Especially, when basil is included..  

I still worked in the House of Henry..... 
Although, I did wait until the Village Yard Sale calmed down.. 

My word.. I didn't think St. Martins could hold that many people .. 
Ann who was visiting from P. E. I. told me she had no idea.. 
Imagine She was so thrilled.. 
So.. I opened the shop right after lunch... 

Main Street had cars parked on both sides and the Cruise Ship buses were trying to get to the Caves... 
Good bus drivers, I must say... 
Only heard the ambulance go once.... 
Oh, and the fire truck and police went once.. 
This is only a village, remember.... smile..

Here are a couple of Shop pics for you.. 

dear old hand hooked rugs...

vintage wares... 

I had one of my new customers back and she took a pic of this room.. 
So, I took one, too.. smile.. 
I am sure her photo is much nicer for she looked kind of like a professsional to me.. 
I am not sure.. yet.. grin... 

more vintage... 

It was exciting meeting other Summer people and especially seeing friends and family from away.. 

I even saw a couple of our grandsons and their Dad as they picked up Gramps in the early hours to take him to New Hampshire for the Nascar Race ... 
Also, our youngest son brought down a few friends and took dear old Sammi to the beach for a few hours.. 
He loved that...

The camp grounds were filled as were most of the Inns... 
Our friends that were in charge of the Bus Trip when we joined up with them in Lancaster County, Pa. came into the shop.. 
I was so surprised as they live in Ontario... 
She grew up in P. E. I. and just caught our friends leaving.. 
They had grown up together... 
A sweet reunion...
So great to see them..

And then there were dear friends  that I have had for 48 years and 30 odd years.. 
We tried to figure it out and started laughing about something that happened back then.. grin..
They are more like family, really.

And then there was Judy .... 
Our families have known each other since we were born.. 
When we started  grade 7 at the same school we became personal friends..
So long ago..

Imagine what Heaven will be like!!
Meeting all the ones who have gone on before..
 What a day that will be... 

On with the

I tried to concoct  a few things between chats.. grin...
Like this..

A primitive stamped muslin ribbon garland... 
I love how it turned out.
I just need to make one and tea dye it first and see which my customers like best... 

A bit of homemade Fish Chowder... Sprinkled with Dulse Flakes.. 

Do you know what Dulse is?  
The most delcious sea weed.. 
We buy huge bags of it and snack on it like chips or buy it in a bottle and sprinkle it on our chowders... 

All in all a wonderful busy weekend.. 

Poor old Sam has had the biscuit... grin.. 

He is not the only

So thankful for all that God has provided for us this past week... 
His love.. family and friends..
His touch as I talked to Him... 
Health and strength and protection ...
And the sea... 
What more does a gal need.. 

And thank YOU  for the sweet visit.. 
Looking so forward to hearing from you all.. 
Appreciate every word you write...

Hugs from the Bay of Fundy...


  1. Hi Faye, what a good, busy week end. You must have such fun this time of year with the tourists. My sister and her family are leaving this week for the Maritimes. We have put a plug in for St. Martins. Have a blessed day.

  2. Morning Faye,
    You certainly did have a wonderful, busy and full week.
    Your company must have felt as if they were in a B&B with all the pampering you gave them. I know I would have.

  3. What a great weekend Faye! I love going about collecting flowers from the garden too, bringing some of that colour indoors :) Your stamped garland is lovely! What a great idea! xx

  4. I guess it really was old home week for you!

  5. ...and thanks for visiting my new 'place' he he. It looks much better now you are 'following' me :)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! We always say "I'm always a day late and
    a dollar short".....Almost the same....Your salad sure looks good and love
    all your wonderful pictures and the flowers are beautiful! Have a great week!
    Now, I need to go catch up on some of your other posts. :)

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  7. I liked seeing all your lovely pictures. The stamped muslin was such a great idea and yes,turned out wonderfully....blessings on your week friend.

  8. The roses are lovely and so is the shop. I'd love to shop there but I'm so far away from everything. The stamped garland is so neat and looks great as is but I am curious to see what it looks like stained as well.

  9. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend! It's always nice seeing old friends. Hugs, Cindy

  10. What a beautiful weekend, and all your special touches made it more special. Your shop looks so divine. I would truly love to visit one day. xo

  11. Such pretty pictures, and so good you had the family/ friend times! Memories to enjoy in the quiet moments & reflect upon. Love the stamped muslin. It looks wonderful just he way it is. Blessings!

  12. Thanks Faye, always good to look into your shop :-) Ah, you know one of these days I am going to invite my self to dinner :-) xxx

  13. Oh I love the sweet touches of the flowers in your the favorites..I bet your company felt very pampered and loved..I love all your vintage linens too..and that pasta looks glad you had a great weekend..I always love my visits here.)

  14. What a full weekend. How sweet to catch up with family and friends?! :)

  15. A lovely weekend & memories for you! I love picking flowers in my yard and enjoying them inside too!


  16. That was some pretty fancy Kraft Dinner that you cooked up -- LOL!

  17. Oh...I am so glad you and your company had a great time. The flowers in the vases look so good in the pictures ...I think I can smell them. How thoughtful. Mom must have loved the roses. I love picking flowers and having them in the house...or delivering them to my neighbors or daughter! Such fun! Your shop looks just as quaint and lovely as can be. Just the kind of shop I would love to visit! Say hello to your Terry and have a relaxing night by the sea. I am thinking of you!

  18. I agree with all the comments above! I am so far behind on reading "my blogger friends". This is fun catching up though!

  19. Hi Faye. You sure had a busy weekend in the little village by the bay! Your roses are beautiful. I enjoy picking flowers for bouquets too although I don't have many cutting flowers but make do. :) I must look for some shaker dulse to try. Is there a particular brand or store that carries it? I hope you have a lovely week. Blessings, Pam

  20. what a lovely post!! everything!! i esp liked the doily-layering! i've paired my love of lace with rustic stone in my home...

  21. You know... reading your posts is like talking to an old friend.

    Love it.

  22. Beautiful pictures! I love old hand worked pieces. Sounds like your weekend was fun. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  23. What a delightful shop! How wonderful...