Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Interesting Day...

hi everyone... 
just a few pics of the last day or so... 
using the rose tea to make this rose petal jelly and you can find the recipe HERE 
and the queen anne's lace jelly recipe is HERE
then there are two journals that i made from my old prims magazine..
i sold both of them and several more besides.. 
they are easy to make as i sit and chat with everyone..
love this tasty homemade ranch dressing that you keep in a mason jar... 
i think i am too mean or frugal  to buy salad dressings when homemade is so tasty and better for you.. 
i raided the old cottage pantry and took these rose plates over to the shop this morning and sold them this afternoon to a special customer who likes the same things i do.. smile.. 
came home to a delicious chicken that terry cooked on our rotisserie.
so tender and good.. 
and there is my sweetie doing what he does best.. 

have a blessed Lord's day.. 

before i go i just have to tell you something.. 
today while the shop was quite busy a lady came over with a jar of queen anne's lace jelly in her hand and a question on her face.. grin.. 
i put my hand up and told her that the jelly was kosher and not poisonous as it is the cousin wild carrot and parsley that are and not the queen anne's lace..( people ask me that question )
she looked at me and said all she was wondering was if the jellies were made from real flowers... 
we laughed as i told her yes and the dear thing bought one of each kind to take home with her to Washington... 
then later she came back for something to send to her sister in California and asked me how i knew that the jelly was kosher... 
well, i told her first that i knew what the word kosher means as i love Jews and am very interested in them and what they eat and all.. 
BUT .. when i said kosher then that it is just a saying that we here which means that the jelly was good or all right.. 
we had quite a laugh as she told me she was a Jew and couldn't figure out how i would know that the jelly was 
we had a lovely talk about the Lord Jesus and why i love the Jews.. 
interesting day....

sending you all hugs...


  1. glad you had a good day at the shop...isn't it interesting the many types of people that you meet when working :)

  2. I am still amazed that you could make jelly from Queen Anne's lace. I thought at first she was asking if the jelly contained gelatin! Faye, you are such a sweet heart and special person. One day I have to visit that shop of yours! xo

  3. SOunds like you've been busy! Wonderful to meet new people that come into your shop I bet! Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Love the photos, and the story of the jelly.
    Here the criggers inhabit the queen anns lace, wonder if yours does, or is there a trick for not getting them when you pick them?
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, God Bless You, hope you are feeling better.

  5. Sounds like you have been busy. I find the things you make, very interesting. I never heard of these jellies before. You are so talented and creative. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. A very busy day indeed. So nice to meet new people isn't it?

    I do not buy store bought salad dressing anymore because of the Soy. My best friend had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy and her oncologiest told her to never, never eat anything with soy unless it is fermented. This doctors is not even a Naturopath doctor...and he says it as well. So I try really had read all the ingredients when purchasing's amazing how much of our foods have soy.

    Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow.


  7. The rose jelly and plates are so pretty.That's what I miss most about having a little shop the interesting people.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. I've really loved all your photos in the last couple of posts Faye, so nice to see around where you live...the wooden bridge reminds me of so many films I've seen :) I will visit over there one day I pray! I hope you are feeling yourself again now, and that your Mum is on the mend - the sun must help I'm sure :) Thank you for the recipes too, I need to stock up on a couple of things so I can start making. You package your goodies so prettily for your shop, they must make lovely gifts. Have a blessed day today! Carly xx

  9. Hi Faye;

    I made Rose Petal Jelly this week from a recipe I found on the internet, which is quite similar to yours. In the recipe I used it had me clipping the little white points off of all the rose petals (the author said that leaving them on would make the jelly bitter?) I love the flavor of the jelly, and of course, it is so pretty to look at. Thank you for all of your inspiration.


  10. Your photographs on top are so cute.
    Your countryhome is very nice.
    Every post from you makes me happy.
    You love your daily work. I see you do everything for the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Beautiful jellies!
    Like always, you are a busy bee :)
    I would have bought up those darling plates also.... kindred spirits :)

    How fun to get to meet new people and have such fun experiences each day!

    Hope this week is a great one for you!!


  12. What a great opportunity to talk to the lady!
    Glad you are feeling better and with your dear Terry looking after you (smile) you are blessed!

  13. This made me laugh, Faye... she didn't know you meant kosher was "cool"... *haha*
    I hope Terry got down from the roof okay... something about a man being on the roof makes me nervous. I've seen too many silly movies and I'm always waiting for a thud or a crash. *grin*

  14. Hi Faye, Hope you are having another great day at your shop!! We are on holidays next week so Iam hoping that Dave will take me down:) I wanted to let you know how great your Rose petal jam is-I came across a bottle the other day while cleaning out my cupboard-it is DELICIOUS!!!
    I also wanted to mention something to you-if you receive an email from me maked PRIVATE MESSADE_DO NOT OPEN it-I received that message from a friend and I opened it and now I cannot access my email account at all!! Sorry Iam posting this on here but it is the only way to alert you!
    Take care,
    Love ya,
    Jude xoxo

  15. Lots of goodies on your post! Couldn't find your recipe for homemade ranch dressing unless I overlooked it! The jellies look so yummy!