Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busy Summer Days...

Good Evening, my dears... 
So glad to get a chance to chat with you all again.. 

What a busy time we have been having.. 
I know... everyone is busy these days..

We needed to go home again so away we went laundry and all on Monday evening... 
It was nice to be home and get that started... 

Then on Tuesday we went to Moncton to get our truck appointment for a check over done.. We stayed in and visited Dustin as we had not seen him on his birthday.. 

Then we attended an auction.. I only purchased a couple of things.. 
A beautiful soap dish, a bird thing and 3 lovely old books.. 
I was so tired that we left and went home.. 

We had to get up at the crack of dawn as Terry needed to till the garden and finish the mowing he started when we got home from the auction... 
I had to pack stuff... laundry, craft supplies, and stuff for the shop.. 

Then with cups of coffee and cheese toast in hand we along with Sammi headed for the strawberry fields... 

While my dear man picked berries...
I went into Sussex to pick up prescriptions and such.. 

An hour later I was back and he was almost finished...

Eighteen quarts ready for the jam pot....

One of our dear old pastors was there picking.. I asked him how old he was and said he was 82... Imagine... smile...

The fields surrounding the berries were filled with sheep...

And lots of grains growing...

Wheat blowing in the summer breezes... 
Oh, Summer.. you are so lovely....

And this old lone pine tree... 
See the cattle eating their hay at the bottom... 
I wonder how old this tree is and what it has seen in it's many long years of life..

With the berries packed in the back with everything else we headed to Fredericton again for my appointment ... 

Grand Lake ....

Gorgeous, eh?  See the sailboat and cottages along the far shore.. 
Such a beautiful country we live in.. 

The Lord has truly blessed us.. 

Then back to St. John and to the cottage.. 
Unpacked the truck and just had fresh buns, ham and salad veggies for Supper.. 
I didn't even check my emails.. 
Just headed for bed... 

Then this lovely morning we cleaned all of the berries, put almost all of our stuff away and I headed for the shop...

I left a note saying I would be open and am so glad I did.. 
Such a busy afternoon.. 

I sold an old doll to a sweet girl along with the old baby shoes, a lovely old print and a vintage suitcase.. 
I told her I thought we had the same taste.. grin... 

Then there were several others, too.. 
Some bought old silver. dishes and a trunk... Some vintage fabrics and an old magazine rack along with homemade pickles, jams and jellies.. A crow picture, saltwater taffy and more... 

A very good day... 
Thank you, dear Lord for your blessings.. 

While I was working over there Terry vacuumed and scrubbed through downstairs and cooked the veggies for Supper..
Such a wonderful man I married.. 
Isn't God good?  smile...

Tomorrow morning I hope to get the jam made... 

And thank you for dropping by.. 
Welcome to the new followers.. So glad you joined the site.. 

I so appreciated all of your sweet comments last time.. 
You guys rock... smile.. 

Sending you all a great big hug... 


  1. Oh Faye, they don't make men like that any more....I love your photos and it is such a beautiful country. Your photos would make nice framed prints. xo

  2. Hello Faye, I second that, wonderful man. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing, so soothing. Blessings Francine.

  3. Well I think you rock too Faye! What a busy life you lead. I was out of breath just reading about all you did this week. I hope you get a chance to rest on the weekend after you make your jam of course. Your photos are beautiful and really show off our beautiful countryside in the summer. Take care! Blessings and hugs, Pam

  4. have been a busy lady! Love your pictures as always. Such beautiful country. The strawberries look delicious. My favorite. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. What lovely berries. Ours did not do as well. You live in a beautiful part of the country. Have a wonderful evening.


  6. I, too, thought the same thought when they started combining the wheat field across the road from our house here. It was just a glorious, summer sight. But I had to run in the house to shut all the doors and windows because the dust was just "a flying" is so very dry here. We need rain badly!

    Your jam will be lovely. What a sweet man your Terry is!

  7. Hi Faye, wow you have been busy. Beautiful photos. :)

    That's great that you made a lot of sales at your shop.

    I need to make jam sometime. I have never had the chance to.

    Have a great day. Take care, Janet W

  8. I LOVE your pictures!! You live in a beautiful place. I'm glad you have been selling things in your shop. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  9. You have been busy! Pictures are lovely. Our strawberries are done and on to raspberries - if the deer don't eat em all! Sounds like business is good. I cleaned out one of my booths and marked everything down - better cheap than repack and haul...ehh (I think that is how you spell it - oh, I know how you say it... :) ) Blessings from Wisconsin.

  10. So pretty Faye...all the photos you share with us. I said it before but I hope you are creating a little memory book of all your posts because they are 'worthy'.

    Glad business has picked up in your shop.

    Your days sound full but blessed.


  11. Oh Faye, I wish I had your energy. Those berries look so yummy. :) I am hoping to make jam tomorrow morning if all goes well. I will be making the jam at my cottage looking out at Grand Lake, it is true we do live in a beautiful country. Glad to hear your shop is doing well also. Have a great weekend Faye.
    Hugs to you.

  12. Morning Faye Henry
    What beautiful photos. I dream of one day having my very own sheep.
    What wonderful men we are blessed with. Such hardworkers.
    Yummy wonderful berries.
    Have a wonderful weekend Sweet Friend.

  13. Good Morning Faye...
    Well, you certainly have had a busy week thus far.
    I should imagine that you will have a busy weekend as well.
    Stirring up delicious jam.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Smiles :)

  14. A lovely post, Faye! I agree...Canada is such a beautiful country. My husband and I are so blessed to only live a couple miles from the border. We especially love our time visiting your beautiful homeland.
    Have a wonderful "keepers" day!

  15. We do live in a wonderful place don't we! That Terry is an awesome strawberry picker. Can I hire him???

  16. Such a wonderful glad I stopped by today! I love all the pictures...and your berrues look delicious...we have quite a few plants growing wild in our back yard...courtesy of the birds...such kind birds to plant them here for us! Happy Friday!!

  17. Beautiful pictures!!! Girl, those strawberries made my mouth water. My husband picked some about 2 or 3 weeks ago for a "farm up north" - they were so good, especially on ice cream. Terry sounds a lot like "my Jerry", we are blessed!

  18. Such a busy summer! I can almost taste that wonderful strawberry jam! Only 9 more weeks til
    our precious granddaughter arrives!

  19. After I read your blog, I had a big smile on my face. It feels like I'm sitting there with you while you're telling me about your day.