Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Hodge Podge Day...

Good Tuesday Evening everyone... 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. 
The weather here has been lovely by the Bay of Fundy.. 

We had to make another quick trip home.  
Awoke this morning around 6 am and boogied down here to St. Martins.. 

We have Old Home Week coming up and expecting a bit of company so today I didn't even open the shop.. 

Just did a hodge podge of things.. 

I took a few pics as I went along  just to fill you in on my day.. 
Hope you are interested.. grin.. 

Bought a bunch of plants that were on sale... 

Herbs, geraniums, ivy, hens and chicks and such...
They were practically giving them away.. 

Now is the time to get some great deals here in New Brunswick.. 
They will probably flourish especially with the wonderful weather we are having.. 

Made some fudge to sell at the shop... 

I guess I shared the recipe with you before HERE

See the dear fudge dish I found at the thrift shop... 
Glass and only a bit over two dollars.. 

Made this old stand by salad today... 
I have been making this for simply years but I don't think I have shared the recipe before.. 
Another one of my famous a bit of this and a bit of that king of

Tuna Macaroni Salad

Cook or use left over pasta *whatever amount you need.. You can always add 2 cans of tuna.. 

If you cook it then rinse and cool. 

Add chopped up veggies ... 
I always use cucumber, green peppers, chopped white or green onion and sliced mushrooms .... 
Add a can of drained tuna...*or two..

To make the dressing just place a big dollop of mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip),  half again as much good Caesar Dressing and fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper... 
I also add a speck of red pepper flakes... 
And some chopped parsley.. 

Mix well.. 
Add more dressing if needed.. 

Serve with fresh wedges of lemon.. 
Delicious with fresh crusty rolls.. 

On with the day.. 
Unpacked some craft supplies from home..

Beeswax, a new stamp pad and stamper..
Strained some rosemary infused oil....

Making some homemade rose potpourri... 

There are so many moss roses this year.. 
I just put them in my dehydrator and add some bay leaves and such and some rose oil... 

My Mom loves this... 

Oh yes... and I cleaned my kitchen and pantry...

This old cottage has two pantries.. 
This is the working one and the other one is just for pretties.. 
If you know what I mean.. 

Anyway, my dears that is all for tonight.. 
The wind is blowing and I am not sure if the tide is in or out but I think I will go to bed early.. 
Just drinking my evening tea and listening to Sammi snore on the couch.. He was up early, eh!

Thank you for your visit.. 
I am so sorry that I have not been able to catch up on my blog comments.. When we go home there is no Internet and then when I get back here I can hardly get the time to post.. 
Thanks for still being faithful, though... 
I appreciate you sweet ladies... 
Thanks for your lovely notes and thank you to my friends who don't comment but email me and let me know.. xoxo

Thank you for all the lovely mail I received this week.. 

Terry says...
"Hey. Faye.. some mail for you.."
And I loved it all.. 
I will do my best to get back to you..

God Bless


  1. Faye, your family is so blessed to have you! Your food looks so yummy as usual. Great ideas. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. Faye ,everything looks wonderful and YUMMY ! I do like your header photos to . It has been stiffling here in Ontario to much humidity and no rain for a few weeks and I see none in the future forcast for the rest of this week either ! I have been watering my gardens every eve after sunset , but no water does the trick like mother natures nector ! Glad to hear all is going well there . Have a wonderful evening !

  3. Hi Faye, you really do a whole lot of stuff in one day! Your tuna mac salad looks so delicious. Now I must make it for me this week for sure! Need elbow macaroni. xo

  4. Is it Tuesday already?
    Hope that isn't my fudge recipe Faye :-) IF IT IS :-) Then it is good to share and you are welcome :-)
    Enjoy your Summer my friend and I would love to see some pics of your shop.. INSIDE :-)
    :-) X X X

  5. Lovely post, seems like a visit home.
    The plants will flourish with your green thumb! I believe!
    The salad looks so good!
    Blessings stitched with hope & love, may they bind your days in joy!

  6. Thinking of you and Terry and your summer at the Bay.

  7. Good evening Mrs Faye~
    Lovely post & yummy! Now I know what we will make this weekend!
    We are Tuna Salad folks here...Anna said "um that looks so much prettier" :)
    You have a gift with the way you display things!
    So glad all is going well at the bay I can almost hear the water...ha
    my children never have I have heard & pray that some day they will! It's so calm & relaxing...
    Hugs to you~
    Lori & maidens xo

  8. The bay sure looks rough in the first photo. Lots of big waves crashing into the caves. (I'm a poet) I'm going to try your macaroni tuna salad one night. It looks easy and yummy. I love your old pantry door. So cute. Now I must go back and see how to make that fudge. :) Good night my friend. Blessings.

  9. The bay of Fundy is on my bucket list! YOur pantry door is fabulous!

  10. Mmmm... macaroni salad with tuna. I love it... add peas and it's perfect. But alas, hubby hates peas and tuna!

  11. Dear Faye, I am going to try your macaroni and tuna recipe ~ I think it will make my hubby happy. I love to read your posts and everything you are able to accomplish during a day. You have inspired me to clean out my pantry (I think!). I will re-read your post tomorrow and I just know I will be ready to tackle that dreaded job! Take care and I hope your shop continues to do really well. Hugs to you, my friend.

  12. It was a very FULL hodge~podge day! Wow.
    All lovely things to do, though. The salad is a really refreshing one, for summer, but substantial too.
    I love your new title pics!
    Have a blessed time this next litte while, dear Faye.

  13. Beautiful photo of the Bay.
    Loved visiting with you Faye.
    You are always so busy and creative.
    The salad looks so yummy.
    Hugs to you

  14. Thank you, Faye,for sharing your day with us. My Mom and I did a road trip through eastern Canada about 10 years ago, we loved the Bay of Fundy.
    Blessings from Maryland

  15. It's always so relaxing to read your blog. I can almost hear the waves when they hit the shore line. Makes me just want to curl up next to Sammi. LOL! Thank you for your beautiful posts. Have a blessed week!

  16. It sounds like lots of activity is going on in your world, Faye... I do hope you slow down long enough to tell me what you're going to do with the beeswax... :)
    And if I thought there would be any left when I got there, I would hitchhike to New Brunswick for some of that fudge. *grin*

  17. The picture of the Bay is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the recipes. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. Dearest Faye,
    It's always fun to catch up with what you're doing, it's almost like reading someone's journal, a book perhaps, only better. You do stay very busy, and you're always doing such interesting things. Your recipe sounds really good, I shall ask my grandkids if they will eat this. One likes macaroni and the other likes tuna, perhaps they would both like this. Picky eaters, these two.
    My time here with my daughter will be up a week from tomorrow at 6 am, I'm heading home. I miss my hubby so much and I know he is VERY lonely, poor man.
    Talk to you later, love and hugs, Cindy

  19. Hello Mrs. Henry,
    The fudge looks very good! ;-)
    Glad to hear all is well!
    Many blessings to you~

  20. Wow Faye - that fudge looks delicious!! Im afraid I inherited the sweet tooth from Dad. This is definately a recipe I will try. Perhaps with pb chips and choc chips! Ummmm ..... :)