Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Saturday Night Posting...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. 

Yesterday we woke up to lovely sunny day.  
The wind was blowing and so I just had to put a line of clothes out.. 
I love my bedding and night clothes dried outside the best. 
I do towels if the wind is fierce but otherwise they are too hard.. One lovely thing about being retired is that there is not as much laundry as when the kids were home so I can pick and choose a bit of what I put in the dryer.. 
I understand that some of you would not use a dryer no matter what but I am not that much of a purist.. sorry... 
I think I paid my dues by doing many a line of frozen diapers and such in the early years.. 
That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.. smile.

We had to go to Sussex and take back some library books and do some errands .. 
We took a wee side road and took this pic.. 

Spring in Eastern Canada, I would say.. 
Pretty soon there will be fiddleheads growing along these country brooks.. 
We love our spring greens and even pickle them.. 
You who have been following the blog for ages know all about them... 

For lunch I made this wonderful Italian soup.. 

I had a bunch of extra spinach that needed used up soon so voila...

The link  is HERE..
I for some reason did not have orzo so I used a small pasta that was in the pantry .. 
Also .. I did only half of the recipe as I was sure it would not be Terry's type.. 
I was right.. He opened a can of Campbell's Vegetable Soup.. 
There is no accounting for taste, I guess.. 
As for me .. 
I loved it.. 
It tastes a lot like my Italian Wedding Soup that you can find HERE..
Of course, the only protein in the spinach soup is the egg.. 
Takes less time to make then the wedding soup, too.. 

Then this is what this morning looked like out of our family room window.. 

Yupppp... free fertilizer as the farmers say around here.. 

Our sweet son and his girlfriend surprised me last Sunday with this lovely bird feeder.. 
The birds have found it although it is not hung yet.. 
It is full of sunflower seeds.. 
Terry actually bought a hanger for it today so it will soon be up, Veronique.. grin.. 
She was afraid it would take him some time to do.. 

Another little tradition that I have for most Saturday mornings.. 

Fresh coffee beans and I use my French Press.. 
So delicious.. 
Such sweet little blessings from the Lord, eh?

Terry requested this for our dinner tonight.. 

I made it for the first time a month or so ago and I am still amazed that he likes it so much.. 

Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya 

I found the recipe here.. 
I of course have changed it to suit us.. 
I added a whole can of tomatoes, a bay leaf and some fresh parsley, though.. 
We add our own hot sauce, too.. 

Well, my dears here is something I hope to post on next week.. 

The many things you can do with tea towels.. 
Hopefully... anyway.. 

That is all for tonight.. 
Thanks so much for dropping by.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and if there was ever a time in history to see the importance of attending church it is now.. 

We are living in a very unstable time..
What can be shaken will be shaken as the Bible says.. 

I pray for my children and grandsons that God will cover and protect them.. 
That they will always remember when Jesus came by and saved their souls and gave them peace.. 
The only real peace in this world is knowing that Jesus is your Savior and that he died for you that you can have eternal life ..
That you can put your complete trust in his love and mercy..

I pray for this world and it's leadership... 

And for you dear friend.. 

If you don't know Christ as your Savior and have never repented of your sins then Jesus is available to you tonight.. 
He is the calm in the storm and he can make your life something beautiful.. 
You may not be down and out but there may be an empty spot in your heart that cries out for something to satisfy.. 
Jesus is as near as the mention of his name..

Take the time to put him first in your life and when this old world is on it's downward spiral you will have something to hold onto.. 
A dear sweet hand that will always be there.. 
Holding and protecting .. 
He loves you ..

Have a blessed Sunday my dears.. 

Acts 2:38...


  1. Hello Dear Heart, What a homey, heartfelt post. Just makes me feel so good. But you cook so much that I feel quilty...sometimes. but I mad goulash today. We have not had it in years and it was really good. Your spinach soup looks so good to me. Yum! I think I can smell the freshness of your clothes hanging on the line. We have our clotheline back up and had fresh dried sheets last week and will again this Monday with my night clothes! Oh....what a way to get into bed with that fresh smell of the outdoors. I really am looking forward to your post on the linens.

    Yes, we must start praying more.... for guidance for our world and our leaders. It is a very serious time.

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I hope yu are enjoying your new church that is so much closer to home.


  2. Beautiful post, Faye, as always. You always manage to touch my heart. ;-) xo

  3. Yes, I agree, your posts are very comforting a cosy warm blanket......You make the yummiest looking food, always make my mouth water.....Sweet birdhouse even in all the snow......Blessings Francine.

  4. Me too, I think your posts are lovely, they make me smile & sing, and think!!
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday too.
    We had beautiful sunny but cool day today, the peepers have not stopped all day long.
    The moon is lazy tonight and we will get a bit of late frost I think, but not too much.
    Hoping to see the towel post, hugs from me to you!

  5. Kim from Saint JohnApril 13, 2013 at 8:30 PM

    Dear Faye:

    I love your postings. They are so peaceful and comforting. I wouldn't be much of a fan of the shrimp and sausage jambalya, but you make it look tasty:)

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday, and may your service be a blessing to you.


  6. I enjoy your posts. Glad that I found your blog!

  7. Wonderful post. Blessings for an amazing Lord's Day! ~Sara

  8. Lovely post ! Oh snow YUK ! hope it is all gone now ! It is lovely and sunny here today temps are chilly and fresh it will be warming up as the day goes on ! Have a wonderful Lords day !

  9. Beautiful post Faye;

    Looking forward to your tea towel post.


  10. I loved your post, as always, Faye... you truly have a Blessed Hearth.

  11. Hi Faye, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. We woke to snow yesterday and today but it's all gone now. It was pretty while it lasted. We had a beautiful church service this morning with 9 baptisms!! PTL. God is good and faithful. Blessings to you my friend. I look forward to your uses for tea towels. Pam

  12. I can't wait for your post on the dish towels! I don't mind spring snowstorms because they don't last long! But I am anxious for warm weather to come and stay! Have a great week!

  13. So glad I stopped by. Saved this soup recipe, sounds so good. Yes my hubby may open up a can of soup also, lol.... We will see... Awoke to the same scenario yesterday but snow all gone today, winter is at an end I say... Pray to the Lord also that times will turn for the better, I also worry about my children and grands...

  14. Aw, how the weather changes for sure. It was so nice a couple weeks ago and now it's hit or miss with the sun, then rain! Phil mowed yesterday and so glad,as Sat. prior is was raining. Enjoyed your post and your know Jesus. What a blessing to know Him and teach the children at church this month, with Phil. Hugs and blessings this week.

  15. Such beautiful thoughts Faye...we have welcomed the Lord back into our lives this last year and so happy for it - we forget sometimes when we are busy with our families and lives that it was HE who made those families for us and gave us those lives we lead.

    I love your snow pictures...cuz you see, we woke up to the white stuff this morning too! But by noon it was all gone because we had 5 days of rain and flooding so the ground was too wet to keep it.


  16. Always nice to visit you....

  17. Sussex, ah that has a sweet sound to it. We really enjoyed our year there though it was many moons ago. (1985/86 school year). Our boy will be headed home from there soon. That snow will not last long. Nice to read your lovely long post before I head off to bed.

  18. Beautiful things happening at your homestead. Love the smell of clothes on the line. And I do remember my mom hanging clothes out and then me having to take them from the line in the freezing cold. All your recipes look so divine.


  19. All your pictures are beautiful! I love the clothes on the line. Both soups look delicious to me but Hubby would probably not like the first one either. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  20. Hello, Faye~ I enjoyed your beautiful pictures as always, but *boy* that snow sure looks cold... you know, it was 82 here today... you might want to think about moving South. *grin*
    Your soup sounds wonderful~ I can't believe Terry passed on that! What is wrong with these men? (James would have opened a can, too. *Sigh*)
    Thanks for ending your post with such beautiful words and a reminder that the only real peace any of us have is in the Lord... and I'm thankful to say "it is well" with my soul. :)

  21. I love reading your blog, it's like a sweet visit with a dear friend. And I haven't even met you day, i hope and pray that I will.
    Your soup looks delicious and your Jambalaya looks wonderful, my husband loves it too, it's the sausage I think. Men like sausage. My man loved rice, too, so anything with rice in it is a winner.
    The little bird house is very sweet.
    Have a good weekend, Faye.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  22. Hello friend...I am going to be wanting some of your snow before long...our days have been hot and humid..already! I say it all the time...Not looking forward to summer..not here in East Texas anyway. Blessings