Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Days..

Hello my dears.. 
Another very windy day here in Eastern Canada.. 
The wind has a bite to it but the clothes smelled so heavenly and dried so well.. 
I even did a line of blankets.. smile.. 

I found my camera thank the good Lord.. 
I was so happy.. 
It was in the truck although I had checked it all over before.. 
I think it was your prayers.. smile.. 
It was in under the divider ... 

Made some cookies to put in the freezer today.. 
We seem to have visitors who like them..

Here are some pics of our Easter weekend.. 

Went to breakfast at the Big Stop and actually saw my sweet cousin who works there.. (sometimes.. grin..)
The wee boys were not quite awake, I think.. 

They woke up though when we spied these herds of deer on the way home.. 

Cars were stopping to watch them.. 
Dozens of deer.. 

The dogs played themselves out.. 
One of Dustin's dogs reminds me of Sammi.. 
I miss him..
When they visit they run the fields and get their exercise.. 
They are city dogs but love the country.. 

Good bye dear old Grandma.. 
I am sure that is what he is saying.. grin.. 
Love our grandsons..
They were here for Easter Dinner.. 

Our supper this night.. 

Chicken legs, rustic potatoes and beet salad.. 
The legs and potatoes were coated in a bit of oil, rosemary,lemon, garlic, a speck of hot peppers and onion.. 

The seal of approval was given by hubby.. 

A bit substantial as he worked hard today..

It is a bit scary for me when I hear that old power saw going and see him heading for the trees.. 

A few years ago he was only going to cut down a pine tree that he was afraid would ruin the basement or roof and ended up cutting down a plum tree or two and half of the honeysuckle also.. 

Today when I heard him out there I thought perhaps the old orchard would be missing tomorrow.. grin..  

But the dear man only cut down one dead apple tree and part of another that had fallen down.. 

I love burning apple wood in the fireplace.. 
It has a particular smell that is lovely.. 
Do you ever burn apple wood?

We have a lot of old apple trees that lose a limb here and there amd Terry stacks it up just for the fireplaces... 

While taking  pics off of the deck I noticed this.. 

My gardening table.. 
I think it will be a few weeks yet but it sure needs a clean up.. 
All in due time, I guess.. 

We got around a bit last weekend.. 
Stopped by our oldest son's house and our youngest son was there visiting, too.. 
There they go.. 

Family ... 
I so love them all.. 
God has been faithful and I am thankful for all He has done and is doing.. 

Well, ladies I must go.. 
Thank you all for your sweet visits and comments.. 
Love your company.. 

Take care... 


  1. Good evening Faye, oh I can just smell the sunshine on the laundry hanging out to dry. As you know Mr. P. will not put me up a clothes line and I miss it so badly. There is nothing like that clean sunshine smell. I so enjoy hearing about your days and traveling on those trips with you. Thanks for the visit. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh how I love laundry drying on a windy day...the smell is heavenly. Sure looks like you had an amazing Easter...great company and wonderful food.


  3. I love hanging laundry out on the line but the winds are still quite cold here it would probably freeze lol ! Lovely photos ! Glad you got to see your boys ! Hubby looks quite busy out there . I have never put apple wood in the wood stove I can imagine how wonderful it must smell . Oh supper looks YUMMY ! I love beets , chicken and potatoes to ! Sammie will always be with you in your heart and memories . Have a good evening !

  4. I slept on wind dried sheets last night! Nothing like it!
    A lovely post, I enjoyed my visit with you!
    God Bless Dear Friend Faye!

  5. Thank you Faye. Someone told me today she visits because she feels safe.. Aw.
    There are two of us :-)
    Thank you....
    and I would worry too about that chain saw.. Don't worry, Sammi is right beside him x x x

  6. Ah forgot to say about your washing line :-) YO LADY.. my kind of washing :-) x x x

  7. Hi Faye, love the pictures! I love the smell of bedding & pillowcases on the line, too! Love seeing pictures of the family, we are so blessed to have loving families! I, too can hardly wait to get outside to putter around the yard & in my flower beds. Enjoy your weekend & your keepers meeting. PS

  8. I wish I had my clothesline back up... I did hang a mat out over the railing this afternoon... I had a kid be sick all over it :( oops... I forgot to bring it in- hopefully it will smell good as new when I bring it in tomorrow

  9. My clothes line is going up tomorrow. Can't wait to hang my first set of sheets. Have you ever used apple wood for smoking meat. It gives it a great flavor. We use it to smoke our bacon.

  10. Faye, I forgot to mention when I commented earlier, apple wood makes beautiful music when you make flutes, recorders, or dulcimer instruments out of it. It has a lovely tone. I have put a dulcimer on my Christmas wish list, hoping our friend will give Sweetie some of the tree he cut down. Then all he would have to do is learn how to make one, grin!!

  11. Hello my dear Faye, I know how you feel about Sammi. My prayers are with you and Terry. It is very hard.

    Maybe I can get Jim to put the clothesline up tomorrow! Such a sweet smell.


  12. Another wonderful post! I love visiting, it so reminds me of
    growing up in NH.Listening of you tell of your hubby, reminds
    me of my Dad. We had cherry trees in the yard and would burn
    that as well as the apple. Oh I miss a wood stove. Although
    I do remember the work it took keep 2 wood stoves burning
    from October to May. It is so mice top be with family.

    Spring Blessings~Sara

  13. There is no place like home.
    Love visiting you friend.
    Woolie Blessings

  14. Morning Faye, oh love to see the deer, wow!!! so many........Yes, I agree, no place like home, now I gotta go get something to eat, you always make me hungry with your yummy food, :), Blessings Francine.

  15. Enjoy reading your blog :-)

  16. It's always a pleasure to drop in for a visit.
    Have a terrific weekend!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage,
    Joplin Missouri USA

  17. I was just wondering what you were doing today, Faye, and I'm so glad to see this post and your happy memories! I love the green in the header... and the blankets on the line.

  18. Do you suppose Terry would like a job? LOL I was cleaning 'some' of the branches, cones, etc. that fall from the many trees around our property and wishing they were all cut down. What a mess they make and they are so big and shading the house and gardens now. I'm not happy with them at all. And hubby loves them. :) Grin and bear it I guess. It was a lovely day and your towels sure are being whipped dry on the line. I like that photo a lot. Hugs, Pam

  19. I'm so glad you found your camera! Yay! I love the photo of the towels swaying on your clothesline. I need to get my husband to make one for me :) And those cookies look divine! Yum! Hope you have a great weekend, Faye :)

  20. I know what you mean about the cookies. Landon (youngest grandson)always says first thing, "MawMaw, you got any 'tookies'". Chocolate chip are thier favorite. I'm glad you found your camera. I sure would miss your pictures. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  21. die wapperende kleden zijn zo mooi! hartelijke groet

  22. That was a great day for airing things Faye... I hung two linefulls of drapes out and felt right proud of myself. so good to have the dust blown away after burning wood all winter.... but with these temperatures we may be burning wood all summer too.. haha. cheers!