Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back to Basics Chore.. Beeswax Polish Recipe

Good Afternoon everyone.. 
Here I am ..

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.
We spent Sunday at church and then dinner with our sweet family.. 

This week I am preparing for the Keepers meeting for this Saturday.. 

As you who follow the posts on the meetings know that they receive homework.. smile.. 

This month they were to read or watch an episode from The Little House on the Prairie.. 
Just to get them in the mindset of a much more simpler time when home was the best place on earth..

And they were to do a back to the basics chore for their home and family.. 
At church on Sunday mornings a few of them tease me that they did dishes by hand and that is back to basics and such.. grin.. 

There will be no time out or anything but if they can do something and share it with us it will be great.. 

My back to basics chore is what was in the pottery pot.. 
Could you figure out what it was? 


As you know I am an avid reader and in a lot of the history type books they mention the smell of lavender beeswax furniture polish as they entered the house.. 

Then when I received one of my Country Living UK mags there was a recipe in it.. 

Here it is.. 
Beeswax Furniture Polish..
Warm 250ml or 1 cup of jojoba oil or apricot kernel oil in a small pot.. 
You can use a mixture .. 
I used apricot plus grape seed as I read it has the same qualities.. 
Add 15 grams or 1 Tablespoon of dried herbs.. ( I used lavender and rosemary)
2 strips of lemon zest.

Place over low heat until small bubbles form on the edges.. 
Then take it off and leave setting overnight.. 
I actually let it sit for a week.. 
Strain the oil through cheesecloth into a heat proof bowl.. 
Place over a simmering pan of water and add 80g. (1 cup) of grated beeswax ..
Keep stirring until melted. 
Add at least 6 drops of essential oil.. 
I added part lavender and part rosemary and a lot more then 6 drops.. Just till it smelled my way.. 
Pour into a tin or heated glass jar..

This recipe is taken from the book

I changed the UK measures to ours..  

It turned out wonderful.. 
I love it and can't wait until I get to the farm to try it out on the old harvest table there.. 
I used it on some of wood tables here and it is lovely .. 
If I must say.. 

I keep the dust and polish cloths with a few lemon zest in a mason jar until it gets dirty... 

Well dearies, that is all for now as we have Bible Study this evening.. 
If any of you girls who read my blog live near Salisbury then you are more then welcome to come to our group.. 
Just email me at .. .. 

We would love to have you... 

Terry is in the basement as I write cutting out a big bunch of something wood,.. smile.. 
We need to know how many to make and that is why I would prefer if you could let me know if you are coming.. OK?

Thanks for your sweet visits and dear comments.. 
You are all terrific.. 

Praying for you.. 



  1. Faye, this is a real "keeper" of a recipe. No harsh chemicals to breathe in. I have lavender essential oil and a grapefruit oil. Wondering where I could find beeswax? Would you be selling this in your shop? I would order it! I wish I lived closer. ;-) xo

  2. Hello Faye ! Lovely table . My mum used to make this beeswax and use it to polish our wood furniture many years ago when we were on the farm , back then everything was made from clothes to food . I still wash dishes by hand just because I find it relaxing ! I know I am weird lol ! Glad you had a lovely Easter we did to ! The temps here are cold still but in the next week or so we should be in this high teens then it will officially be spring for us here in Ontario ! Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful evening !

  3. Great recipe Faye - thanks for sharing.

  4. Your table is just gorgeous! I love wood furniture like that. The beeswax polish sounds wonderful as well. I bet it smells really good!

  5. I love your old kitchen table at the farm Faye. It has a beautiful patina and your new homemade polish will be really good for it I'm sure. I hope you have a great turn out for your Keepers meeting. I hear there is some 'weather' on the way for the weekend so take care on the roads. Hugs, Pam

  6. Hi Faye, I imagine I would love the furniture polish. I bet it will soak right into your farm table at the farm. I can't wait to see how it looks. I have some things with that patina.

    Glad to hear you had a nice Easter. We did, too.

    Did you watch the movie "The Bible" on the Discovery Channel? It was on for the last 5 or 6 Sunday nights.

    Your wonderful friends and the "Keepers" meeting will be something I know you will look forward to.

    Sweet dreams and wonderful blessings,

  7. Where can I get the oil from? I would love to make this. I have a friend who has bees so bees wax wouldn't be a problem.

    1. Hi... You can find oil at the supermarkets and replace the apricot oil for grape seed oil which is in most markets.. I just googled the apricot oil for substitutions.. Most health food stores also carry many oils.. oK?
      God bless..

    2. Thanks for the help. The closest heath food store to us is an hour a way. I'll try our market first. If they don't have it. I make the trip down the mountain. Thanks again.

  8. Ummmm sounds like it smells heavenly.


  9. I can almost smell that bread and the wonderful sounding furniture polish. My back to the basics would be that I hand wash all of my dishes all of the time!
    I always enjoy a visit with you on your lovely blog.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  10. But where do you get the ingredients!? Always that's where I get stuck when I see these wonderful recipes.. Apricot kernel oil? Hmmph. I just sounds so wonderful but I feel a bit crippled. Internet? I don't purchase much on the internet, is that where I should go?

    We love Little House on the Prairie. We own many episodes that I picked up years ago on vhs. I keep our tiny television with the built in vcr just so we can continue to watch them! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie.. You can get beeswax at Michaels.. I save the 40% coupon out of the flyers and buy it like that.. You can replace the apricot kernel oil for grapeseed oil which can be found at supermarkets and probably Walmart grocery.. Also health food stores and the Bulk Barn here in Canada carry many of the oils .. The essential oils are available in health food stores and the Bulk Barn...
      I expect that Michaels also sell oils...
      Hope this helps.. FH