Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Windy Day ...

Good Evening Everyone.. 
A very windy and cool day here in New Brunswick. 

I turned the fireplace on and spent a bit of time in the sun room.
Hence the photos.. smile.. 
This is where I sew and such.. 

There will not be any gardening here for a few more weeks so I am enjoying my plants.. 

I found a couple of lovely linen towels at the thrift store and made a couple of bread bags.. The orange striped one is in the pic above.. 

The lovely tea set is a gift from my Mom for my last birthday.. 
I have an old china cabinet in there that belonged to Terry's grandfather.. 
I like keeping his mother's dishes and any special keepsakes.. 
Like the old doll that used to belong to my friend Julia.. 
You can read about her HERE..

Still preparing for Keepers on Saturday.. 
Looking forward to it.. 

Made some stir fry for supper tonight.. 
One of hubby's faves.. 

Well, girls that is all for tonight so thanks for dropping by. 
Love reading all of your comments.. 

I answered your beeswax polish  questions in the last post comment form..

I have lost my camera .. 
Praying that it can be found soon .. 

God bless, my dears..


  1. Lovely plants friend.
    I love geraniums.
    Very windy here today too.
    Stay warm.
    Woolie hugs

  2. Lovely photos ! Oh Papa and I also like stir fry YUMMY ! It is cold and windy here to the wind still has a bite to it ! I hope it warms up soon ! No gardening here for some time either like you I enjoy my indoor plants in times like this ! I to have Geraniums indoors they have just finished blooming . Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  3. P.S I like your header photos !

  4. Looking forward to keepers on SAturday :)
    If you don't find your camera before then, no chance of seeing silly pictures of myself on here :)-LOL

  5. Love the little guy poking out of your plant.

  6. Your header is so beautiful, great photos, praying for you to find the camera! xo

  7. Hello Dear Heart, The blue and white tea set from your Mom is lovely. Seems like she always gives you something special on your birthday and other times, too. She's a great Mom to remember you with such sweet gifts.

    It is so good to see your geraniums! Made my heart skip a beat (just kidding). And your succulents. They are so pretty how you have them planted. My porch (breezeway between the kitchen and garage) is full of plants. They are so big and they need cutting apart and repotting......but then I like them big, too.

    There will be no gardening here for a few more weeks. Since Sunday night, a bitter cold wind has blown. Right now it is 25 degrees. We should get two days in the 50's and then cold, cold again! I really am tired of it. My daughter and her family are in Sanibel, FL this week.......nice sun, 85 and sweet breeze. That kind of weather will be here sometime this summer, I hope.

    Hope you find your camera. We gave each other a beautiful camera for Christmas and do you believe we have not had a chance to even look at it. Isn't that awful?

    May all you dreams come true,
    Susannah (Love ya)

  8. Hi Faye;

    I enjoyed the pictures of your sewing things! I hope that you are having fun int the sun room, and I hope that you find your camera soon.


  9. Another great post, Faye. I love seeing the plants, especially the geranium. I had one that I kept for several years, but then it expired. I need to get another one. They are such a lovely site to behold, especially in the midst of winter.
    I'm sure your camera will turn up. I have misplaced mine a time or two, also, and then when I find it, I always think to myself, "Oh yah, that's where I put it!" LOL! I hope that's what happens with you.

    Enjoy your day!

  10. Your time spent in the sun room sounds so comfy - and the pictures...I love them.
    I love your blue and white china - such a pretty and dainty design.

  11. Good morning Faye. It's a beautiful sunny day here and a bit warmer than yesterday although the wind is still blowing. Did you find your camera yet? Oh dear, that would be awful to lose. I'd be lost without mine for sure! Your indoor gardening is looking very healthy and sure brightens the landscape from inside for now. Looking forward to warmer days ahead. Hugs, Pam

  12. I forgot to say I love your new header photo! Very pretty. :) Pam

  13. Overwintering Geraniums..I tried it this past winter, and they are green and growing every day..and one has a wee flower lovely to see here as we are trying to pull out something over 40 degrees...hope for today...the sun is out, the birds singing...a sign spring is near.. Enjoy your day, sewing and your lovely indoor garden..fon now....

  14. I overwinter many pots of geraniums in my garage. Hubby built me a dolly from an old piece of wood fencing and put large wheels under. It can be wheeled out onto the driveway on nice days and watered. Yesterday I saw that some are starting to bloom. I think I am going to go out and haul one into the house after seeing yours :) If it would just warm up they could go outside. They have never been in the garage so late. It is 37 today here in S Carolina.

  15. Faye,

    I have so missed stopping by to peek into your life, and say Hello:) Time hasn't been on my side with reading blogs...which I love to do. I have now caught up on your happenings, and lovely pictures...I always enjoy! Happy belated anniversary, I hope you and Terri had a fantastic day...and it goes over into the coming year. Sorry about your sweet little dog, I know that's hard...we own a dog grooming, boarding, and doggie daycare so I know what dogs mean to their owners. As I read and looked at this blog post I couldn't help but notice the yellow strainer, I own the same one! I have had mine for over 20 years, and never seen another one like it gave me a giggle :)

    Well, friend I hope you had some sun today in your neck of the woods.

  16. Oh no, I hope you find your camera soon. I would hate it if I lost my camera. The flowers look great and I love your coffee mug :) Hope you're having a good day!

  17. Faye
    We can learn so much about a persons life from random photos!
    They are all lovely, except the stir fry, it's making me hungry.

  18. Such nice photos! A fire sounds so nice today.
    We are having a rainy cool day here on the other
    coast.Your pictures are so cozy.
    Spring Blessings~Sara