Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily living and a couple of questions..

Hello there dear hearts.. 
How are you doing? 

Today is ending up with a lovely sun shining although we started out with a cold grey one.. 
Our Spring seems to be progressing rather slowly but there has not been any snow so that is fine.

Here are a few pics of everyday doings.. 
Starting more sprouts growing.. 

Ran out.. again.. 
I need to start a bottle half way through the one I am working on.. smile.. 

A trio of sweet bowls I picked up at the thrift stores yesterday.. 

I have a thing for bowls and these ones are small and come in so handy... 

Tonight for supper we had an old standby..

Pasta with minced beef and tomato sauce..

Then of course another loaf of bread had to be made.. 

We were trying to figure out how many loaves of bread that we buy per month and I think perhaps we might buy 2..
Only 1 ... or 2... 
A loaf lasts here for 3 days unless we have company as I try not to eat it.. 

I do eat lots of salad, though.. 

Here is a new recipe for salad dressing for you.. 


In a pint size mason jar combine the following.. 
1 cup of tomato juice
1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice
2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp. celery salt
1/2 cup of olive or canola oil
sea salt and freshly ground pepper 
a few shakes of hot pepper sauce
1 tsp. sugar 

Place the cover on your jar and shake really well.. 
Keep in the fridge.. 
A really nice change and it keeps well for a couple of weeks.. 
You can add hot sauce to taste.. 

We had some company for dinner after church on Sunday.. 
The little guys were thrilled that Grandpa found an antler in the garden... 

Such sweet lads.. 

Above you may note my messy book shelves.. 
It was a good thing I took the picture as I decided they were a definite priority to clean.. 

Still not great but so much better.. 
What is a house without books?.. 
The more the better in my opinion.. 

As I was browsing through the bookshelves at a thrift store yesterday I overheard a lady telling another one that they were not making any more books and that the publishers were all closing down.. 

That is not even funny..  

Could you imagine a world without books.. 
Just computer type things? 
 I don't even want to think about it myself.. 

Do you like to read real books the best?

I know that there are times that an ereader would come in handy but when I want to relax with a book I need to feel it in my hands and smell the paper and ink.. 
And I don't want to adjust if you know what I mean.. 
I have been in love with books my whole life.. 

Every room in this house has a stash somewhere in it.. 
On a bookshelf or closet space or in a suitcase under the bed or piled on the window seat or stashed in an old ottoman.. 
They are part of my decor.. smile.. 

When Terry and I first married we had a couch with a skirt on it.. 
Remember those? 

He had not met a bookworm before.. 
The poor man could not relate to it at all.. 

He thought it was a perfect waste of time and when you are  married with a couple of kids as far as he was concerned reading came at the bottom of the list.. 

I practically wore out the skirt of the couch from sweeping my books underneath it when I would hear him at the door.. grin..

The years passed by and he came to realize that me reading was almost the same as breathing and he came to grips with it.. smile..

Forty some years later he takes me to the books stores and buys me books and magazines..
Even suggests that we stop by the library.. 
Such a dear man.. smile... 

One of the most best feelings I have is when I have a stack of books waiting for me.. 
Are you like that?

Well, I have gone on long enough for this time.. 

As you can see I take book reading seriously.. 
How about you sweet ladies? 
Do you read and what is your favorite type of book? 

I love the Word of God and it blesses me daily.. 
I also love to read and learn... 

One of the blessings of my life I would say.. 

Thanks for your visit and can't wait to hear your comments on the book questions.. 

God bless...



  1. Good evening Faye, Love seeing your book display. I too love books. I prefer a book in hand, although I do have kindle on my tablet and always am reading a book on it as well. Usually when hubby is in Lowes and I am waiting in the car, or at the doctor's office. I do read it at night if I can't sleep to keep from turning on a light and waking the mister beside me. Other than the religious materials I read, I love Debbie Maccomber books. She is my favorite author. Her books are clean reading. I also love Richard Paul Evans, and Nicholas Sparks. Have a great evening.

  2. Horray, no crazy links on the laptop tonight :)Books... can't say that I'm a fan... I like magazines sometimes though, but I really love looking at cookbooks or craft books- it makes me feel creative (making the things I see is completely different though-LOL)

  3. I feel the same about books. We have two bookshelves in the living room, one with kids books and one with ours, there's wall of bookshelves in the grandkids room, two bookshelves in my craft room and a stack of books on both sides of our bed. My husband has a Kindle but I have not yet caved... I still need the feel of a book. Plus I have a whole collection of bookmarks that would have no use if I had an eReader!!

  4. I like all kinds of books like you I like the feel of a book in my hands . I cant imagine life with no more books of any kind . Our shelves are also stuffed with books and mags . I like Debbie Macomber , Fern Michaels and some times Dean Koontz . If the book keeps me wanting more after the first page it is a keeper ! Oh everything looks great there ! Sweet boy's they remind me of our boy's when they were that age ! It has been raining lots and thunderstorms galore today and to be raining tonight and tomorrow . April showers brings me May flowers lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  5. Oh, Faye. We are kindred spirits.

    I loathed reading growing up. As a firstborn, my parents didn't take the time to read to me as the little ones came fast and furiously. I struggled terribly with reading and made passable grades in school.

    But take one guess what I tested out of in my first (and only) year of college: English Comp and Grammar. My senior year I met a teacher who opened my world to writing and editing, and I've been hooked ever since. "Kelley, if you want to be a good writer, be a great reader."

    From then on, books became like food. Today, my first read is God's Word. I feel strongly that what we do in the first half-hour of the day sets the tone. Do we eat the Bread of Life first?

    Radio broadcasts like Focus on the Family and Family Life Today got me reading books about my anger issues, being a good wife, mother, and person, saving money, why I'm a persnickety perfectionist, and so much more. Unfortunately most of those books weren't read until I was married for two decades, but I always say, "As long as there's breath, it's not too late."

    It's presently on my "Self Do List" to organize all my books by author on my shelves, too. Your post just might've done the trick to help me cross that off the list and write DONE next to it!

    Happy week, and I will be trying that vinaigrette!

  6. Glad to know someone besides me has as many books as a library. I even have boxes of books in the garage. I will buy a book even when I have a whole bookcase that I still need to read. I do have a Nook. I use that when we travel. Since it has a light I can read it in the dark while my husband is driving. I would use it in bed at night. But my husband restricted me from reading in bed. I think staying up all night reading had something to do with that decision.

  7. Oh, I like books too. But after reading your post here I realized that my "love" for books has waned... sad to say. I never thought that could be true.

    I love to sit and read Cook books - but never really use them! (smile!)
    I love books by Emilie Barnes, Elizabeth George, Ann Voskamp, Gary Thomas...
    Books for HOME, Family, Creativity, Hospitality...
    Books on Christian Living and Encouragement...

    Very few Christian Fiction - anymore. If any... they have to be set in an old time, western-y era...etc.

    I used to work in a Christian Bookstore. We were encouraged there to read books, all the time, so that we could learn what was "available" for our customers. I loved that!! I found some dear friends (in books!) that way.

    My Bible is also one of my dearest friends... it's words are LIFE. And, If I ever lost that book - I would be so lost. All of the footnotes, and verses underlined and other notes plus the dog-eared and taped up pages... oh my! It truly really is falling apart - so bad... but it's so loved.

  8. I want a Kindle, but I do enjoy reading "real" books, I have a pile of paperbacks to get through, it is comforting to know they are there, waiting for home is too small for me to have a library of any size, so I tend to lend out books and never ask for them back! xo

  9. I love books, too! Your nook there with the bookshelf and chair looks so cozy. I am like you, I love to feel the book in my hands and really like to store them around the house. We have lots of books in boxes because we don't have any shelves for them at our new place yet. Hopefully this summer David will build me some :)

    Lately I'm reading informational books. The last one I read was "Beekeeping for Dummies" and I read one on food photography as well called "Plate to Pixel."

  10. Hi, Faye! Reading a book? I'm like Terry, it would be at the bottom of my list. A recipe book would be the absolute I enjoy my needlework & other hobbies! Always have a couple of projects on the go. Right now crocheting a mat for the gazebo & embroidering a tablecloth. Anyone that can relax & read,koodoos to them. But if everyone enjoyed the same things, it would be a very boring world. That's why we love people for who they are. Bless you for being such a loving person! PS

  11. Faye, reading books is wonderful!!! We are book people and have huge book shelves in our home...we have passed down the book gene to our 11 children. I love the smell of an old library book, and the sound of a crisp page turning. Reading can take you all over the world and open your mind and heart to things you other wise would never know. The Bible is tops with me, next would be history, and then cookbooks. Of course for the past 21 years I have read many a children's book, and more than I can count daily :)

    You have inspired me I may just have to do a book post on my blog. As I always say love coming for a visit here, I always leave encouraged:)

  12. Hi Faye, You know I love, love books. It used to be that I was reading many things that would educate me..but as I get older... I find it more relaxing to read fiction novels. My favorite has always been historical Christian fiction. I have many books just waiting to be read. We also read magazines such as Birds and Blooms, Adirondack Life and etc. Right now, Jim and I are reading the book called "God's Little Devotional Book" published by Honor Books. It is marvelous. I would really like a Kindle. My sister and my neighbor have them and love them..but really...I think I am like you and enjoy holding the whole story right there in my hands in a wonderful book. There is never a day that goes by that I do not read. I have many hobbies but reading is my #1. This was fun, Faye!


  13. I agree the Bible is my favorite book. That dressing sounds really good.

  14. I still like to real books and magazines. I have a kindle on my tablet for my upcoming trip south and air travel oa long and boring at times. I downloaded a Bible so I can take one with me as well. I love home made bread as well. I'm a baking dish and bowl buying person as well. Yea I remember the skirts on couches as well.

  15. Books~ nothing will replace them!
    I am in awe of your bread making!
    You always have the best posts.
    They are always uplifting and keep
    things in perspective.

  16. Love books and cannot imagine a world without them. My first book, Words of Encouragement for a Discouraged World: 52 Weekly Devotionals for Today's Woman was just published so I certainly hope that never happens! lol I love all different kinds of books. I'm very eclectic.

    Have a blessed day, Faye. Everything looks wonderful, as usual!

  17. HI Faye;

    I read a lot - I usually have several books on the go at once. There are books in most of the rooms in this house.

    Several years ago I organized the book case in our computer room by spine color. It looked very nice for a short while - until I accumulated more books than the case could hold. Now my nice book shelves have stacks in front! The thing about organizing by color is that it looks good, but is a little difficult to find a specific book when you want it.

    I laughed when I read about the skirt on your sofa - we have many things in common!


  18. Hi Faye. I love books and magazines too. I enjoy Christian fiction and historical fiction and I also enjoy home decorating magazines. I should belong to a library and borrow the mags as they are so expensive. I guess some are on line but I enjoy having the copy in my hands too. I have a fairly new sofa and it still has a skirt but nothing is hidden under it! When we had carpet I used to hide the extra leaf to the dining table under it. Now it's under our bed! ;) That is fun to find a deer antler in the garden. The grandsons sure enjoyed it! Have a great day. The sun is shining for now but the weekend doesn't sound very nice. Hugs, Pam

  19. hello faye,
    love books.....i read a lot and i love real books.
    your bread looks good and thanks for the recipe.
    wish you a nice weekend,
    love regina

  20. Hello dear Faye,
    I LOVE books, too. They add so much to a home's decor and feel. When I see a home without books, I wonder about the people. My husband and I are both bookworms, we've always read a lot, even as children.
    I still read my Bible that I can hold in my hands, but I also read it on my computer or even my IPhone. I don't have an e-reader, so I haven't begun to read books that way...yet, but I'm sure I will one day.
    Your little grandsons look pretty happy about that old shed, they are adorable.
    It was nice to see photos of your home, it always looks warm and welcoming.
    Have a good week and weekend, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Morning Faye, gasp from me too, cannot be true....I love my books, need my books......Your meals are always so good and comforting and the bread, oh my.....Great thrifty find, love bowls too......Blessings Francine.

  22. Real books for me all the way. I have never read a book any other way and do not plan to start! When I buy books that I plan to keep they have to have a certain feel and weight. I am looking for the perfect copy of Dickens' Bleak House. That pasta dish is an old stand by at our house too, always good and comforting.

  23. Books are important in our home too. Like your husband, Doug did not read books for years and years - not until just over a year ago and now when he sits down the book is in his hands...I like to see this as he also did not see sense in all my reading when I was younger. But my retort was 'you have your nose in the TV all the time so this is how I enjoy my time' - and he said no
    Now we are on even ground and he sees how great reading is.

  24. Kim from Saint JohnApril 11, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    Hello Faye:

    I just finished reading your blog. Such pleasure it brings...always the small things, eh? As for reading, I love it! I also love cooking/baking, and love reading cookbooks as if they are novels:) I also scout the internet all the time for recipes, and love reading Pinterest and trying new things from there.

    Thanks again for your blog:)


  25. We are definitely book people. Every weekend you'll find us at the bookstore or library. We could even open up our own library/bookstore. There is a resturant in Union, Connecticut that we would stop at when visiting relatives in MA that had books available or they did have it. The way of the books are going makes me think of the sci-fi book called Fahreinheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.


  26. I love to read! I do prefer real books but Dave and Jess got the girls a kindle for Christmas. I have downloaded a couple of books on it and I do like that as well. All my girls love to read but I think Grace is a readaholic. She loves to read anything. Once when she was about 7 we were in a bank waiting to see someone. I look over at Grace and she is reading the rules and regulations book that had on the end table. (lol) Enjoy your day and God bless.

  27. Your vinegarette dressing looks yummy as does your bread. I can almost smell it hot out of the oven. Love to read on a winter night when it is snowing and blowing outside.


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