Thursday, April 18, 2013

Farm Day and such..

Good Evening everyone.. 
I expect you wonder where on earth I have been.. smile.. 

Well, I must be honest and tell you.. 
Running the roads ... 
Do you ever have weeks like that? 
My Mom used to say that if you run on Monday then you run all week and I am beginning to believe it.

I will begin by showing you some pics of the old farm.. 
We haven't been up together yet this Spring until this trip.. 
Terry has gone up and made a fire and sometimes I sat in the truck and read as it was quite damp in the house.. 
We couldn't get in the driveway even until a couple of weeks ago.. 

As you can see there is still snow up high on the Kent hills.. 

The house warmed up quickly, though. 
I cleaned and made lunch.. 

Kind of fun doing this.. 
Everyone has their priorities, eh? 

Terry and I were talking about that on the way up .. 
Some like to go on trips or buy new all terrain vehicles or whatever.. 

We like going to an old farm and working.. grin.. 

Lunch was Tuna Pasta Salad.. 
I just cook as much pasta as needed. 
Cool off with cold water and drain well.. 
Mix in a large bowl a can of drained tuna, chopped white onion, celery, cucumber, green pepper and mushrooms to suit your taste.. 
Then mix up a bit of mayo with some Caesar salad dressing and fresh lemon juice.. 
Add pasta.. 
Stir together with some sea salt, freshly ground pepper and chopped parsley.. 
Serve over fresh lettuce leaves.. 

I added just a few little pics around the old farm house.. 

We also spent a day with our lovely daughter.. 
David (our fave son-in-law) had a birthday and we all went to Church Street Steak House for dinner.. 

Our grandsons were there, too but they do not like their pics on here very often.. 
The food was wonderful.. 

Shonda and Dave gave me a couple of nice surprises.. 
A dear little copper bird with a fern in it and Dave gave me a lovely leather journal and pen.. 
(That's why he is our favorite.. grin)

To be honest he is our only son-in-law but like I tell him I am sure he would be our fave, anyway.. smile.. 

Isn't that the sweetest planter?  
It will match my hanging copper pots.. 

Well, sweet ladies I am zonked tonight so I will sign off.. 
Thank you so much for your patience with me..

I plan on working on the tea towel things tomorrow and finishing them up.. 
Hopefully, I can post about that tomorrow night.. 
We will see.. 

So glad you visited and hope you come again and bring your friends.. smile.. 

Praying for all of the sadness in this old world.. 

May God bless and keep you...

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  1. oh, is that the trouble? LOL... road running on a was the first day this week that I was home- it was nice to stay home and clean, and do a bit of baking- I made 2 kinds of granola bars an rice kripie squares

    1. I will be glad when your school year is done but then you will be away.. I will miss you..

  2. It sounds like you have had a very busy week. I love the pretty dishes and the sweet placemats on your table at the farmhouse. What city is the Church St. steakhouse in, Moncton? I haven't heard of it. A sweet picture of your dear daughter and son-in-law. I hope you have a good weekend. Hugs, Pamela

    1. Hi Pam.. Thanks for the visit.. The restaurant is in St. John...
      Very beautiful building, too..

  3. Faye
    It's so nice to have a place to get away to and it looks so cozy.
    I like your sweet copper birdie, so unusual!
    Your daughter and SIL make a sweet couple.

  4. Hello Faye ! Glad to hear all is well . I think we all get busy from time to time lol . Your table and salad look wonderful I do like your cottage salt and pepper shakers also that brass bird plant holder very cute ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing with us . Have a wonderful evening !

  5. Oooh~ love the little birdie and the journal, Faye~ yes, Dave would be my favorite too. *grin*
    When James and I were first married we "run the roads" constantly, it seemed... now that we have more to take care of (animals, property, ourselves) we never go anywhere. But that's okay, it's cheaper that way... but sometimes I think I would like to strike out with no destination in mind and see where we wound up. (Probably right back home. *LOL*)

    1. I love staying home, too but it is nice once in awhile just to go... smile.. xo

  6. Hi Faye, I have been having some running around days too, and now I have been zonked. Love the little bird planter, so sweet. Looking forward to your tea towels. I am now in a mood for tuna mac. ;-) xo

  7. So good to hear from you Faye. I have been so out of touch with everyone lately. Good to see you are back visiting the farm for the season, sounds like a wonderful place. Lunch looks wonderful as always, my friend.


    1. So nice to hear from you Kendra.. Hope all is well.. xo

  8. Yes, that is how it is here....many like to do other things but Jim and I are just as content as we can be going on a back road drive ...looking at antiques...checking out the countryside....fixing up an old piece of furniture....working on our lawn and gardens...and being with the kids and our grandkids for picnics and Sunday night suppers. Each to his own..I guess! Everyone should do what makes them happy!

    Glad you were able to spend the day at the farm.

    Take care,

    1. Glad to hear from you, Sue.. I miss you when I don't.. grin. xo

  9. Here I am again, Faye! Our Todd is my favorite son-in-law, too. How could I fail to mention that. He loves it when I call him that. Mom used to call my husband that, too!

    Cute birdie.....sweet gift from a sweet girl!

  10. I love the idea of making place mats out of tea towels . I hope you don't mind but I am so stealing this idea!

    1. Don't mind at all, Michelle.. I am sure it is not my original one.. smile. xo

  11. Morning Faye Henry :)
    Oh I so love those dishes.
    Your supper looks super yummy too.
    What a sweet daughter and FAV son in law you have.
    Woolie Hugs

    1. We love our dishes, don't we, Trace? xo

  12. I LOVE your dinnerware pattern. Your tuna salad looks delicious! I'd make some myself, though I can't eat raw veggies anymore, ugh! :(

    Anyway, sounds like you had a delightful time at the old farm. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with family at the steak house. Your daughter and son-in-love (law) make a lovely couple. :)

    Blessings to you!

    1. I can't imagine not eating raw veggies.. Bless you, my friend..

  13. HI Faye;

    I love the pictures of your old farm and the stories you tell of your time there.

    Looks like Dave had a good birthday - I love your tradition where the mother in law receives the gifts! :o)


    1. LOL.. that is what I was thinking... grin..

  14. Wonderful pictures..thanks for sharing. Love your little birdie - so nice!

  15. I love the little bird planter!!! So cute. I know I say this every time but I do love the red dishes. I am in hopes of finding us some at thrift stores and yard sales this summer. I'm glad all is well with you. I was hoping nothing was wrong. Our Dave's birthday is today. Mine was Wednesday. We are going down this evening for a joint birthday party/cookout. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Thanks for caring, Donna.. Happy Birthday to you all, also.. xo

  16. I love farm stories! I have many fond memories of my Grandparents farm. The salad looks delish! Have a great day!

  17. Thank you, dear Sarah.. So glad you dropped by.. I always relate farm to my grandparents also..xo

  18. I love your old farm, it we owned it we would never leave there. loved seeing all the photos.
    so happy for your son in law and your daughter, they look cute together!
    I adore those dishes! they are on my "get me some "list for sure!
    the sweet little planter, love the little bird!
    have a wonderful weekend! hugs!

  19. That farm house looks so inviting. Love the placemats with the chickens. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  20. A lovely post. Enjoy a blessed week-end.

  21. I have been wondering about you! Sounds like you've been busy. I really like your table setting - the dishes are beautiful! And that copper bird is so cute :) Have a great weekend, Faye.

  22. Ummm yum,that tuna pasta salad sounds sooo good. Your fern planter is too cute Faye. Have a great weekend.


  23. thanks for sharing photos of you week. Love the old farm. I'd love going there as well. Do you still live there on occasion? Not sure what the story is on that. Fridays are my running around day since it's my day off from work and that's when I can get appts done and today had to visit my mom again, since I won't be able to with my trip coming up next week. And get some last minute stuff for me and food for family. I like the copper bird planter as well. Have a great weekend!

  24. Your table always looks so lovely. I love the copper planter... very unique.

  25. I love seeing photos of your old farm, how nice that you have the chance to get away like that. It's nice that you and your husband enjoy the same things.
    You have a very pretty place setting there.